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Long ‘U’

Listen for the long u vowel sound as you say each of the following words:

mule bugle fuel

1. From the word list, answer the riddles.

A) I am a summer month. _______________________________

B) Toothpaste usually comes in me. ___________________________

C) It is very big. _______________________________

D) A jacket and pants set. ______________________________

E) Apples and oranges. _______________________________________

F) What policemen and firemen wear. ___________________________

G) Another word for student. ___________________________________

H) Men and women, boys and girls. _____________________________

I) Dinosaurs can be seen here. _________________________________

J) A six-sided box. __________________________________________

Word List
pupil June tubes uniform fruit
museum cube humans huge suit
2. Write the vowel ‘u’ on each blank space. Listen for the long u sound as you
say each word.

fl __ te r __ ler

gn __ c __ e

c __ pid c __ cumber