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Published by: INdiana Writing Project on Jun 21, 2010
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One dark day there was a little, white rabbit looking at the twinkling stars. “Look, a meteor,” said the bunny to himself. He was in a pine forest. Then, the meteor was going at the bunny! The bunny jumped into its very deep hole in the ground, but the meteor fit just right and darted through the hole. The bunny turned, and jumped in another tunnel. Good thing meteors can’t turn. It hit a gas pipe in the tunnel it was in so hard, it almost hit the Earth’s core! The gas seeped to the lava that is in the Earths core, which got to the tunnel the meteor went through. The lava was rising up the tunnel closer and closer to the poor, little bunny. The bunny jumped on the rocks in the lava that was not hot, while the gas was burning making a new chemical. A scientist, wearing a lab coat, with brown hair came to see the meteor, but tripped on a rock, and his soda-pop fell in the hole. ”Noooooo,” yelled the scientist in slow motion. The soda fell in the lava, and mixed with the smoke. The lava, gas, and soda gave the bunny, super powers! The bunny flew out, and saved the scientist before he got hit with the lava. “You saved me,” said the scientist. “I did,” said the bunny, with a face close up, and flew away. “You talk, and then flew away,” yelled the freaking out scientist. The bunny flew back.

The Beginning
“Hey, this is a new show called 1 out of 24. I am your host Michael. We are going to have 24 people come to this place to compete for $1,000,000! Who will win? Find out by reading all 24 books in the series,” excitedly said the host with brown, smooth hair. “Here is the first person, Skyla, a base player in a band,” yelled Michael, excitedly. Skyla had fiery, red hair, wore glasses, and had a white base. “ Hi mom,” said Skyla, waving at the camera. She was dropped off by a white limo that was dropping everyone off. They were in Chicago, Illinois. She was led to her hotel room after words. It was awesome! “Looks like James is here. He plays the drums in the same band as Skyla,” yelled Michael again. James always wears shorts, had midnight black hair, and has white drums with golden like rings around them. They all were shown to a hotel room to shorten it. “Here come a Browns’ cheerleader, Olivia. She can do flips,” the hoist yelled excited for everyone to shorten that. She had sand, yellow hair, wore glasses with fake diamonds, and has a brother on the team she cheers for. “Hey, it is an Iron Chef Champion, Eli. Iron Chef is a hard to win cooking show,” said Michael. Eli had long, brown hair, wore hats daily, and made a mean steak.

“ Time for a nurse, and her name is Julie. She works over time, and barley gets paid for a job like that.” said Michael. Julie had beautiful brown hair, wore a SpongeBob uniform, and had an adopted…

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