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description OF THE SILVER K

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tURING a recent visit to park city of the four compartments of the shipping vezin samplers in regular
regula orderr on the next
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aly utah amongst other things of inter- bins the head of this elevator discharges the rolls and crusher next and the elevator
est the surface works of the silver into a deflecting spout which can be operated boots in a very ample basement where every-
king mine were visited and as their opera- from any one of the different floors to divert thing is get ab
at able
tions are extensive and their designs and con- the rejections into their proper bins indi- 5 successive samplingg in concu
struction strictly up to date it is thought a cated in sketch 2 with successive crushing down to the last cut
short ddeescription
seripti0n 6 A liberal use of
from an engineerengineers
point of view may be
ineer Q

of interest to others
aw friction clutches and
heavy shafting
the first three
the ore from the samplers each cutout
cut out
tram medby
mine is crammed by 20 per cent the last
hand at present to or fourth sampler has
the receiving bins double cones each
where it is ia switched tiDO out 20 per
into the ab appin bins
shipping 7 cent which may be
at the head of the used as duplicates or
sampling mill or fur- run together at will
alono into the
ther along f
thence the sample
mill ore bins as the I1
goes to a small bin
case may be n and from there to the
the sampling mill 1I
sample grinder
consists of machinery on the ii nes of a tip-
arranged as indicated ping launder cut-
in diagram 1 the ting0 50 per cent
tin benc
operations are all au- making a final cut
tomatic from the en- amounting to 1I
try of the ore till the or 65 pounds for a 20
cuttingr out of the fin- ton lot
thee as-
aal1 sample for th
4- 1 i

the upper term termi-
sayer 47
4 nal of the tramway is
T h e special f e a
ssituated bebelow
1I 0 w the

tures of the plant ssampled ore bin and
are is connected with the
1 vertical eleva-
ele v a IN
6 gear of the
runningg gear
tors with sheet steel 8sampler
am ale r wb ich gerves
which serves
housings double leglet the double purpose
pattern cast iron boots with bottom pulley 3 the use of plungerfeeders at each ore of governingf the speed of the tramway and of
adjustment bin gate for feeding the 24 belt conveyor contributing something to the power requi-
2 the running of all rejections from the indicated in sketch 3 site for running the plant the tramway is
samplers to one centrally situated elevator 4 arrangement
the arrano ement of the machinery on Finla sons patent with automatic loading and
which is used solely for that purpose which strictly symmetrical lines and the division of unloading buckets the bin gate for loa loading
a good one shown
raises them to a sufficient height so that they the mill into separate and distinct floors all buckets it n
is in sketch 4

either one
bi spouting to either
can be distributed by terminating on the upper level the
elevators te th
the0 con
concentrates from mill are brought ht
upun incline to sampler hud
and go through prac- sands and to send them to tanks used for no 5 or sand jigs T be fe
tically the same process of sampling as the feadin
edin 0of 11

from which they are discharged by opeti the Wilfleys with a thicker and more care-
thin 1

shipping ore spigots into two filter presses which turn out fully classified product and the use of per-
the concentrating mill is in two unit a about five tons of cake per day each carrying ipheral settlers instead of long tanks for
nominal capacity of tons each see dia- 20 percent
per cent moisture aling slimes affecting set
effecting a great economy of
gram 2 the process is coarse concen
concentrating arrangements are beinbeing made to dry these space and giving an even clearer overflow
on jigs re slime cakes to-
crushing jig
gether with all kal

tails after de concentrates
watering them before amp
ssampl- fl A I1tc

first with rolls rex in v
ing and ship-
follo wed by

N 5 ping
Hunting tons to
24 mesh 13 y thehe special
features of the y
the amo c L

mill are
ed tails after cruh ap 1 plenty of alt v

a rough class- room and good 3
fi are light
treated partly it is possible too th at the use
JUs of lime
on Wilfleys and
V a 2 the di- as a coagulant for the slimes would be profit-
partly on brues tra oy
vision of the able

Q mill into two
for other descriptions of this plant
the former ap- distinct units H steele E M in E i
see J
parent ly doing one of which is ber al jou
journal nov em
anal novem
the better berdth
ath 1901 the scientific press march
work ag samner
er tiny always held in
1900 and june 11st
ast 1901
the ore is for the most part a cube ga- which repairs are made whilst the other half
lena no zinc a little iron and a quartz is running a most commendable arrange-
gpLugue but carries considerable lead carbon- ment which many others might adopt to ad-
ate the slimes therefore run high and at vantage
every opportunity in the mill occasion is 3 the sizing
of all material for the jigs
taken to throw them off from the coarser down to 21 al al round holes the use of only
one hydraulic viz for no 5 jig and the feed-
ing of the Wilfleys with only a very roughly
classified pulp
4 filter pressing the slimes
if improvements mightt be suggested they the writers desire
to acknowledge their
obliga tiong
would be A better type of hydraulic sizer obligations to the manager mr M J dailey
forno taig one that would effect a more for the courtesies extended to them and for
complete elimination of slimes the use of an- the facilities given for acquiring information
mr stephens
other such instead of the Spitz kasten now struction stepheng superintendent
su eident of con-
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