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work commenced today

on the silver king consoli-

dated concentrating mill

the big work has commenced for tor and modern tunnel machinery can
the silver king consolidated and push it thothe toot
foot aerial
blast from the mines of 0 that section
tramway will be built as aa soon as the
material arrives from tho the factory
at this end as well as the mmine in and will be in readiness to convey
lend thursday a force ol of men were I

ore to the mill when the latter Is

put to work on the preliminary work ready to receive it the contract for or
of the new concentrating mill for tor the construction otof this tramway has
this big property A great deal of the been let to R D seymour ot of salt
grassellell mill will be used after be-
Grassel lake the capacity
apa city will be twenty
ing re modelled
modeller and added ton per hour the road to the king
to and equipped with the last word con has been shoveled out arid and haul-
in milling machinery this morning ing from the mine has commenced
a force of men were put to work on and regular and big shipments will
the tunnel site and the big bore continue from now on for bad
which will tap the lower workings roads will no longer interfere with
of the king consolidated and un- the marketing ot of the ores surely
doubtedly open up vast ore reserves there Is a bright future tor
for the king
in the canyon section is con and grat Is the credit due
really under way and will bo be pushed harry lee
I ee its able consulting en-
to completion as fast as skilled men gineer and superintendent