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returning from a recent two days trip
of inspection to the silver king consoli-
dated mine at park city utah
litah solon spiro
of isalt lake president and general man-
ager of the company had the following to
say regarding conditions there
1 I was entirely unprepared by my
visit in july for the wonderful expansion
which has taken place ill in the carbonate ore
body instead of one bedding as before
there are two distinct beddings exposed
which swell out at intervals into large
chambers the carbonate ore blocked above
the 1625 foot level is estimated to be ten
times the amount shipped during develop-
ment and there is every indication that
larger will be found in the virgin
ground into which the ore is making the
product of this is of the highest grade
the blocks of sulphide ore which were
standing in the main fissure at the time of
my last visit are still untouched we have
shipped a great many cars of sulphide but
all of it has been taken out in development
of the northeast bedding the rolling and
fracturing of the black lime hanging wall
leave cavities filled with ore which beds out
into the foot as far as we have gone and
evidently for hundreds of feet beyond our
present faces
the mechanical improvements at the
property are ideal in their simplicity and
economy the aerial tramway is going like
a clock the mill is running smoothly with
mall labor expense and should soon be up
to its rated capacity
1 I1 have watched the construction of all
the big tunnels at park city and I1 can say
that 1I have seen nothing to compare in
workmanship speed and economy with ours
it is in about 1300 feet four fissures al-
ready cut prove that we are in a mineral
aich promises great things when
formation which
the better known veins are reached
1 I take particular pride in the efficiency
of our improvements because they were
planned and executed under the direction
of our regular engineering staff 1I am sat-
isfied that the results would have been no
better a nd might not have been so good if
we had had thousands of dollars worth of
special talent employed