The Color of Heaven > > By > > pamela Brickmann > > > Can i see beyond the scars > Into that golden glow?

> Without the human eyelash bars > To colors only Heaven knows. > > The thoughts inspire me to awe. > i cannot take it in. > My weakened mind is way too small > And murky, dirty with sin. > > No greater loss can have a man > Than to turn a back to Him > Hugging darkness (he thinks he can) > Withstanding a future grim. > > Peace has a different hue, > Love, we know here as red > There add in just a few: > Dogwood brown, clay red, and what Jesus bled. > > Do you see a river flow > Of blood from off the Cross? > With outstretched arms to us below, > Humanity was His albatross. > > My stunted, stuttered, and sloppy soul > From Him gains undeserved release. > With me relinquishing self-convinced out-of-control > To Him, the Prince of Peace. > > Yes, Heaven has gold, crystal, and gems > There are gardens of flowers and semi-precious stones > Truth, Faith, and Salvation come from a prism's rims > Bought for a price in the color, Pure-White Atones.

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