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Cv of Adalat Training- Brief

Cv of Adalat Training- Brief

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Published by: Adalat Khan on Jun 22, 2010
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Dr Adalat Khan is the founder and President of Mina Resources Sdn Bhd, a leading Malaysian accredited training organization. He is a foremost authority, leader and speaker in the fields of management, leadership, customer service, and train the trainer subjects. He is a visiting professor to the Open

University Malaysia and American Central University, USA and have taught various courses such as management, leadership, communication, law etc. He has provided consultancies to Medtronics International (Holland) the biggest pace making company in the world in their switch over to Japanese style of management, German Agency for development Co-operation (GTZ) for designing and conducting Entrepreneurship training, the Swiss Government for developing policy for the promotion of small and medium scale industries. He is the director of MINA MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE, a leading Malaysian Management consultancy and educational organisation. He is an internationally renowned trainer and consultant, registered on the roasters of ILO United Nations, The founder member of Pakistan Environmental Protection Foundation, The Asian Development Bank and The Commonwealth Secretariat.

Senior expert introducing Training Needs Analysis for Entrepreneurs for a GTZ Germany Project involving 1000 persons. The project culminated in identifying the training needs of prospective Youth Entrepreneurs and the training staff the Entrepreneurship Program of the GTZ. Developed TNA questionnaires and methodologies, trained managers and human resource staff, supervised TNA teams and analysed results. Writer of TNA Handbook distributed and implemented throughout his TNA training Programs.
Dr. Adalat has also helped many companies in their improvement programmes like, BPR, OD, Business revivals and has also conducted training programmes for many organisations and trained hundreds of people both in Malaysia and overseas. He has conducted many programmes for Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), and International Youth Centre (IYC). He has also spoken to international conferences like Trainers Meets Trainers 95, organised by SMR. The response and feed back received confirms his excellent and results oriented training approaches. His focus on achieving both qualitative and quantitative results has helped many organisations save and earn huge financial gains. Additionally he has also attended various prestigious short terms training programmes, ISO Lead Assessors course conducted by NEVILLE CLARK, Project appraisal techniques by World Bank, Entrepreneurship development by MSI USA starting your own business, USAID, Certified trainer by GTZ Germany, certified trainer by The Institute for Supervision and Management (ISM) UK, and numerous other organisations. During the past 13 years he has worked, trained and consulted with manufacturers, Government agencies, Banks, Insurance companies, and International agencies.

o Doctor OF Business Administration-DBA, American University of Hawaii-USA. o M.B.A. Peshawar University, Pakistan. o Post graduate diploma in Management Holland.

He is a member of United States Distance Learning Association-USDLA, o Registered Affiliate, The Knowbrainer USA. o

o o o o o o

Registered Selfgrowth.com expert. The Planning Forum USA. MALAYSIAN SOCIETY FOR TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT, NED United Nations. Able Toast Masters, Toast Masters International-USA. Written several publications, which are published in United Nation's publications, international magazines, WORLD EXECUTIVE DIGEST, and Management Times etc.

Dr. Khan’s diverse background includes extensive work with over 100 CEOs and keynote presentations delivered to over 1,000 CEOs. The following is the partial list of some of the training programs conducted by Dr. Khan:

Safeskin Corporation Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Asia-Pacific Institute for broadcasting Dev. SI conferences The Asian Business Form, Malaysia Hualon Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd Balda Thong Fook, Malaysia Belton Sdn Bhad, Malaysia British American Tobacco Co. Malaysia Syuen Group Malaysia Orient Star Lumut, Malaysia. Sapura Telecommunication Berhad, Malaysia Malaysian Institute of Accountants International Youth Centre, Malaysia MIM Malaysia ILO, United Nation Nordlys Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Taiko Plantation, KL Kepong Group, Malaysia Hitachi Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Yamaha Electroncis Malaysia Jasa Megah Industries, Malaysia WCT Engineering, Malaysia University Teknologi Malaysia NEC Electronics Malaysia UAC Berhad Malaysia Mattel Berhad Malaysia Mapa, Total France Group. Mega Square Malaysia MABUCHI MOTORS, Malaysia Classita, Malaysia SIRIM Malaysia Astra Pharmaceutical

TNA Project Brief Description
Conducted TNA for two of the sites of the company and developed an Annual Training Plan as per the attached report.


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