The Descendents of Edna Beatrice WOfford Charles Wesley Swann

August 7, [998

Dear Relatives,

In processing this book 1 hope {hat it is the w£ry you would like it to be shared with others. I really appreciate your cooperation and information, as it has given my family knowledge a/their family tree that will be helpful in years to come. 1ffor any reason 1 have said or typed something incorrectly, please forgive me. May God continue to bless you and all of our family.


Catherine Renee' Hunt-Strecker

7 I


+ 1 his bOt)k 1:-; dedk:lted to lJUT sr':';l(:or :ind pruyidt>L our TllOSI gT;KiGiU.;:-~ T .OJ'd.

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\!y Aunr ('ed! fOf te:iching me tha t ~\,.ou -..:~n :')tjJ] b<i..' :lCj" {'" in tift' ,-'ven when yo-u ~lr;2' 9N years old. ,\ 'Nomen ',YJ-W loY<!d her f:nnily :.w.d cared de<cply about others.

':4. '\ f" L - ,. I ' . I' 1

T .n.}' _-:>..ilj11 .fila lor .nways WnV211! me .mu settm_s iHl exampl'c" on

how to be a c;Lring person .

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......- 1-0 Ui! my r eianves '-';',10 contnoUTeu tu 1:; US {}OO]{~ 511:<1 tm~ dlt';_f

lives ,,;yiti-: others and for makinz This :J. personal f;}_m_il~- hook, addinz more ch;;m just facts,

Th ankyou,

Catherine Renee' Hunt-Srreclcer

"" "I."' "

" .

Swann 87amif~ ~ee

Edna Beatri ce Warford July27,1883

CharlesWesley Swann August19,1880


Charles Viesley S'liann was 7th child born to Barney Neil c.rid Cynthia Ann Warford ;,)~\'all on Aug.19, 1830 on West creek near Neal, Kan s as ,

Cn a.r Le c p a r e i, t c , B. Neil Swan 'lIDS born April 24, 1030 in Greene Co., Pa. to Jesse arid Elizabeth 0 'Neil Swan and Cynthia Ann Warford SW2Jl \',.as born Sept.S, 1343, Jel!llings Co., Indiana, to Adam J. and Amallcia Bo we n 'Iforford

with tile f a.o i Ly WUVil.:.g to Iowa in 1349. B. Neil d_.,d Cynthia Ann were married August 22, 1061, in Centerville, Aflpanoose Co., Lo wa , by Peleg Ba!,er, J.P., and 7 children st e i:« born to t n i s union: James (died at 2 yrs. and buried

William M., John W., Harriett, and Charles Wesley. The p a r-e n ts , 2.fter Ja."es death, Amanda and E"maline moved to Greenwood Co., Kansas in luG9, settlinG near Neal, Kansas.

It is no t i.c e d , by records, the 2nd ifNI! was not ad de d to the Sw an name until after B. Heil Swan returned to Appanooee Co, Iowa leaving his wife, Cynthia, wi til 4 0 f their Ii ving children (2 d au gh ters h av i n g married). Cynthia, the mother, e.d d e d the 2nd liNn and her d e s c e nd e i. ts have used this

form since.

B. Hell Wv,~ a !3ick m a n and d.i.e d of c o n t i.on Jan. 15, 1;.)90,

at 'lialnu t. Ci. ty, Appanaose Co., IOVla, and Ls cu r Le d in the Concord C'cmetery

near Cen t.c r vLl.Le . '1'he S\'Jun nam« in Iowa still use the one !lNII.


Ann rewained in Kallsas, dying Dec.29, 1923, at a daUGhter's home in strong City, Kansas, and is buried at Neal, Kansas.

Edna Beatrice V,orford was born July 2'1, 1i..5oj, near Haail.ton to ·(;il1iam B. and Sarah Jane Harman Warford. Ld na v,as the 2nd child of 1 (I children, Jame::-, Bowen, Edna Beatrice, Buell A., Blanche Hay, Ad am Burton, Eenjauin i'l., Robert Bri tley, Barney Isaac, Lewis Babe, Frank Blaine, and 4 children dy~ng in infancy.

Charles Wesley Swann and Edna beatrice ~orford were wed Nov.2j, 1397.

To this union eleve:n children were born, Carl Adrian, Cecile Alberta,

Charles Lar L, '''iola Blanche, Opal Sarah, Jessie E'ay,Lola Edna, Marjorie

Catherine, Cynthia Alma, YliL1a Adean and Edw i.n 0' Neal.

Both Edna and Charles were baptized and united with the UEited 13rethern


On Feb, i • 1919, Edna Swann died of the influenza leaving 11 children

f1:1i.O t.n e r-Le s s p . Carl was serving in World War I and the remaining 10 children

were at home with their ages ranging from 19 years to 15 ~onths of age.

Charlie, as he was fondly called, kept his "motherless" family together,

acting as both ~other and father as he maintained a home for them. The

older ones helping the smaller ones, as did Charlie's in-laws during times

of c r-Ls.i s , always showing family love and s t abj.La t.y ,

Charlie worked as a

farmer and in the oil fields when the oil fields opened up.

After all his c n.i Ld z-e n we ; e gone from h cme , he lived wi th his son,

Larl, or daUGhter, Viola, often visiting ill each of his other children's

hom.e s ,

On Jl~ne 27, 1940, Charles W. Swann and Ruth White were married and La.v e d

ne~r Caney, Kansas, on Ruth's farm. They resided in Chautauqua County

for about 20 years.

Charles died May 22, 1961 in Sedan, Kansas, with burial

at Neal Cemetery by his previous wife, Edna Beatrice.

0<. J.,_,_",..._Li:_J ~:

..,. . .,. . t1 L

0~Y>........., 1<-""~-·-·~"~"'-' rn L~- ~'--'

I,_ J - c >

J1\._(>_~l-J[u_..t,\4_") c.L,._J__._._, Cl--L t.1,~ ... ~

'rr)a~~ If, 17 r r,_

Lses ceruleru-; OJ Edna Beatrice wort cri!

r t _l.~ _,t l :!---r 1"J I~'i 1-"' I ~-}~~ .Trl-,7ly =\""' 1 ~~1. '1 1.~1 ~ 11 '[§ ;.-~ ~/1

,';'ii!lf,5.,.,t ~ 1..].· L-t.-j ,:t . .r......~.1' f' ~ ~_ ... r s i.,....._t- .:......J,~ r" i....:t.:illi.

1. (_ "arl . 1 druin ,)'WlVVJ and J !a_nw-' A .. l iaroia S;VWtf1 and Ju.mius

I. lfidwd una J-/ct_'.i-· '3;I-'WJ.7

7. (;j~-:!./.;.g end ~~I.Lr! l....~}L So; ~·~l1I!;: ,~~';';~!i!Jl B. Car! Jr. Sivonn ilfUi Pur

t, Cc'!t!SH ')',\,dli!f! Ki-'Jfer ;iIU) '.arrv

JfillT SH-'{}}ltl JVilSUfl IDij L},1/J,-·jL.,·

I. Churma t) 'ilson i_!.ui.'taity and l.arr:

_ L C}If.r:'L:s Jfii1:!T £111J rJI)(}j

I. (_/11:7\.'1 jiiH!!!" ,wti ! iC,N Duvid _~fiila Jon a!}} W1 . '- Jill er rho}:j



Lawrence _tfitJel' an d C/uriLI


3. ROD;,;JT _1Jiilr!r

8. Lillian JIilla rVdl.:;s dnd 1:.."i!.!.W


3. Charies ...f~ ~ -~jb::!.rtu .51 Lonnie

o. Ldlian Joyce C {Jal"r"dI Pettijohn and Clur» J7iT;!c J·{)Jt~}'

-/. Duroivn .nui Ijifw}!!

D. Irma Pettijohn Carmichae! !.'JId :":ob,c:rr 1. JL:s

-"' K-!!t'Zr dnJ Bill William Rabert


j Iutthcw S.:rh

Dommie I::. ,'?id'e/,·J Pettijoh n find Thelma

i. Sue

-:I B~cA}'
" . J 1::T.',
-I. Pinllip F Jim e'.'Ttljoh.'1- and .Vilma

.5. Ch aries Eur! Swann and Luciile

r" . l)l !'-' 7' .•. ,

~, 7 ioca Dane 1<! .)'VilIiR Li;n;nt;;T,:nw~ tuu: rret:

L HI~nl'imti Zimmerman and Pautin.

B. J.'lC,~ Zunmersnan :111d £?i:/1

r : \:m'ma Zimi11<!J'11Wn '\fc'._·,);juu~~;j" .mu I,L';, t. J Iurceelu tu: J :),li-!

-",. jje7<:rinh ai!d Iientu»

('" 'n ! (~ r» r: ' Q' I 'r: -

.j, .pru .)W·1[d »wan« rutn.nn rix ,rna !.,_[C'7{U·.-t:,,:'i_·'i

"J. :F.v:J.ludI.: PUi1Ulm,

8. D!)r;'}[/u Purnun: B,;l1 ,')"ur:i:J'i1j:;

D, Luciii« Ptunum _1-/os:)(:. "nd.11mL:o 1:". Earicn : Pumcm Roue» Spc:;_':!

i. Lu+nn i(();tc/l Losee t> lr-il?jred Putnam

I;. J-!.')"si<! Faye Swann Crane fY Deil and Scm: /?()/)en _1. ;fJt~~sit!!, Crane

-r- • rd" 11 i .~

Loia s: inn 0,Y;}/lf?JI _,' ayes dill f;{uy

-L Jfdvu jfrlyes Sanson and ,Dafe 8 .. J;'_

l. j,4ft<r Stinson and Christine Zuch ary Stinson

., l"·

J an »anson

Dal<! B. Srinsonlll

3. ,1fdis.Yfl Stinson Licsuenh eid an« _';!;irhiw-; Toscu Lichrenh eld

Sumac! Lichienh ei»!

-4. Brndiord Ch arles Stinson

/J. _l_'{iIr1JJld _~fii.~~r:s and Helen

J~ Ronaid r)I(::r.f1{!:r )fares and {_{ur \r.!:!il.!

+Iichoe! J-ficil.:ile

? F( athieen J[I~l'e\' U'itabu n r ;m:} _-i.-"r1 n i:!h .~ _ Sreplumi« _lJiiyes Clutmber: tin d S';;"v,,' Ciar« Lynn


4. Daniel Mayes

5. Thomas Mayes

C atka Carol Mayes Day and Vernon

1. Douglas Day

2. Michael Day

8. Marjorie Catherine Swann Jones and Ray A. Shirley Jones Hunt and Arthur

1. Larry Hunt

Lisa and son Alex Kristi Hunt Serena Hunt Parry Hunt Francis Hunt

2. Bobby Hunt

3. Catherine Hunt Strecker and L}fonty Jacob Strecker

Nicklaus Strecker

Rachel Strecker

Rebecca Strecker

B. Jerry Jones and Nelta

1. Mitch. Jones and Angie Lyle Jones

Amber Jones

2. Candace Jones Suitor and Dru Jacob Suitor

3. Tony Jones and Stacy

9. Cynthia Alma Swann Smith and Paul

A. Jack Smith

B. Marlene S11'1iIh Adkins and Robert

1. Robert Adkins

2. Cindy Adkins

C Arlene Smith Johnson and Ralph

10. WIlma Adean Swann Millett and Edgar

A. Edgar Wayne }lfJlett and Marie

1. Eddie Joe MIllett and Gina

2. Johnnie Mzllett and Roberta

3. Michael Milleu

B. Phillip Earl Millet: and Becky

1. Tammy Millet: Reeves and Frank

2. Eim lrit11et:t Griebling and Brent

3. Michelle Afrlktt Donze and Scott C John Clair foFiIlett and Doris

11. Edwin O'Neil Swann and Blanca

A. Charles Swann

B. Cynthia Swann Morgan and Anis C Blanche Swann

D. Eddie Swann

Marriage Affidavit and License Record, 0


.----.....:...-.---~ _ .......... :.... --- .. _ .. --....:..."..".--__.....-"'-~---~,. - _.- -- ~..........-.--~


The 8tate of Kansas) Chautauqua County, ss.


G, G{L J'j 16 ClJ,__.A, /)/]/1 hereby applies for 3 MA RRfAGE LICENSE

n~y minlsr", o~ by law to uni:,::; 1~~~trd,"",12",,",~ _

and being duly Sworn . ~ .~

1 _'r


·1 I . !

_______ --"~ycJrs of age. Jnd that

___ ~ ~ __ ~is ;'\g~d Y z.__YClrS; that Lh~y have

-Iivorccd wIthin ,1:< monr!», I~>L pasr.

rclarcd to c3d) other ill any or the J.:grc~s. (l,,,!,,['il"" by l.lw. \lamely: parent and child. brother and sister of the whole Or lui r blood, uncle or niece, aunt or nephew, nor first

cousms .

'That neither of sa it! parries is or 13JS eve, been epileptic, i rnbec i ic. fteL ie- rni ndcd, or ; nSJM: OL if ei rher is or has ever been so Jfflja"J. tben that the woman is man: than [ort y-Iivc years of asc,

And tlldt neither party was born subsequent to the insanity of either of his Or her parents; or, if so, that the woman about to be married is more th~n Ioety-Iive y~:Jr~ of ~gl:.

Subscribed ;"1(1 sworn to before me. rhiL~2____Jay oL _


Fi1~d ~~-=-----.::2.~7'---.:-, _19~. ~ No.~-

Probute J"'/!ll!.

Marriage License Record, 0

B, No.H.-:Z-2l2..5 <n C; ;7;1

P. J. No.(___LL



In the Probate Court of Chanrnnqua County. Sedan, KJn,,,,~.~_~,,,z_1 !01{Q_.

IDn AI1!J llJrniUlI Aut!lud"dl 11\! ilium ru tI crfuru: tIp: fii{uniu!}£ (!l rn'IlUl\1!J. (J_jn?li1tg::

with rhe consent of ~ . _


and of this license. dilly indorsed, you will \1):J,}.~ return to my office at Sedan, Kansas, with-

i II ten ,lJ ys J frer perform illg the ccrcrnon y.


Probate Judge.

----- --- _--_-_ ... __ . - - --~-

.--'. .-:"_;

'"- .. --


r ~ , c,.' ~ .. "l-:;....

, ',..;

. '~~~~:-;~1~~,j, :

... ::::r (to .... (to

o ~c

Q t::. ..... :::r-

~ ~

.- j;;'

, f ~

1*[ ~

ftR~ ~ ~

, 0 ....

: s· 0

: 5' ~

~ c§ ~ ~

F"p.~ Ei


G,il :;.

~ ~


: (II

, tb






: r~

?> '~

,_. co


- ..,"



o 1---+;1

I-d ~ o I:::"P ~-


~ ~ P-a





~. $


o o



~ "'l) "1) ~ "i) ~ ." if =2 ~ ::E 9 ::E :-.: :::0 ~ =E =E () =E U>
, 30~
" _I '""'g~;r~~.g- !Ii ;- ...... ;.:;r" cs- ".. ".. ".. ttl
~~~ '" ~ "' "' m ::1- "' ;to
, " ":I -c ::> ::> ~ ::0 ~ ;=1- ..... ~ ::0 ::> (h ::> :;:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a. -;: CQ 0 g t:O :;:: o ~:f tJ ;; o:! C!
-- r..-r' ;to 5- ';1' :;;:: ttl
-. t...J ~ ~ C _. 0 0 f; _, ::I " U>
. to.:> - ~ ~~-~Q_3 8 '" ~ Q "' '" :;
M """ ..... 3. iii Q_ Q_ :;:
~ ~, r- r ~ f ~ f::: ~ ~ Q_ :2 Q_ ;to
0 - ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 3:
........ = I- l ~ '--. 1; I"'l
~ ~ to •
~ ~= ;:. '" ~ "t-, lo:;:: ~ ~~ ,
foo.. ~ ~
~ . ~ . ~" ~ '" 0
e f ~ r- ~ ;J; l"1~ ""F- r1I ~ ~~ rr ~ ~
f- ~ . s- "- ".
~ , s;
to" ~ r- t- ~ ~f ~<
~ r- ;0 0
~ ~ ~ Q_CJ V
"" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ '" '. ",Il' -
r ;:) ~ f - '" r ~~ ~ ? ~~~ otl ~
~ F :', 9 "- >- ~ ~ ="z
~ ~ ~ ~ i'-c:> ft- [ ... ~.L..! U r t, ...... s.....J.... ~
~ ~ ji- ~ ~ ... 1ft >-' _ ~
f'. ~ - . ~_. ~~ ~
. I"-- ro
'- ......
~ E .._ ~? ~ ..... r- t:-
~ ....0 '-l)~~ r--.-~
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)l-> t; ~ CJ ...D ~~ ~ I ~~ ...... ~~
w ;;-.... :-I' v,. ~ JL. -.0 W .. ~
c- -e f ~ c:- p_ ~
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r :t t :t r ~ ~~ t r I;!.Y 'W 3:ir I' :... .
l g " ... \, L, ;; ~ ;; ;; t>.."
::r ~ :;;: :;;: =E
-:,' ~ ::0 :;, ~ ~ ~ - C; " ;;:- ::r
~ ~ ~ ~ :>" ".. ".. ".. ;;;'
~ of <; "' '" "' (b m ro- o!lI rD
t:; ~ ~ ~ 5 ~ <::> ~ ~ !: 3:: ;0 ., ~ E .. f?P"' ~ ~ ~ ., ...
fort "'" ~ ~ 0 o '" '" @ {tJ iD (tJ {l:I
s- 5- ~.~~~ I ~
~ ~ r- ~ ~ -i ~ t ~ Il" rio ~
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~ F" ;; ~ '" ~ ",-
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I"- "- - :- ,~ :: . ~ 3:: ~ ""' 3:: ~~I~~ ljt,.~
~. ~ - Q r 9.
r-- ~ a: ~ 0..
~ ~ \ i- -e "' ~ ~ (II ~ F='&~ ~-).
I ~:E ::> :>
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.. z ~ ~' ~ z
V ~ Q Q ~" ~', "
'" ~ ~ V 3 ~ t:':r ~
~ (, '" ~
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~ 0 ~ ~
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-:. t " ~ .. ~ .~
:- "; ~ :;" 0 t
'" ~ " r ~
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J, .; :- . ~I r ~ ~.
~o t .. ;;i' ~ ~ J ~ ..._ ~. ;;-
t ~ ~ ~ '-; ;:--.- ..,
~ ~ ~- 1 "1 ~ • ~ ;, .. , ~ ~ ~
t r- ~. ~ ~ \?
t. to ~ ~ ~ :... "'" ~ L ;,. .... r ~
. " .. :?> ~ ~ . .. ~ ~ f '- ~ ...
~ f ~ 't ~ 1"-
t; I-> ~ ~~ c. ~l
10- ~ ~
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II ~ It'" too t- o
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fp ':::: ,-. r; E.
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a l- ll.
) ~ ~ ,._,... ~:: ..z:;:,- - .... to.. ,.. ,._, ~Ca.o CJ ;;:
It< .0 ..
- <oCl ..c. ~ «""" 0' - ~ ""'- '" :I
'_;Y ~ ?r r~ ry " wi 1 r f fOtP J 1~ r :r
~ ~ . ~t t r 0
. - - CJ
:r _.
:Q ~ "- .... .... - r- -.. "" :.- () "
rei ~ ~i :0::0 -- -.. ~~ - Q
k' :t -"l 0(1 -n "<' .... ~~ ~ a. " Q
~ ~ - ::~ ~ .c. _, '""" .:.:: Q_ 8 -
": I..l- ~ -<l ;! W ..... -- ;; 1:j l))
m ~
f I.t ~'. ~ t '" '"
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fj ~ 0 L
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r- " 'i
""t- r ~ ~ .§
:t t7 c:
~ F>-- t '"
I:. ~~ :'!:E ;n 0-
t '" Q
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-.--.- - - ~.: - ;
- I I I
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I ,
: • § llL+4++t±J1++





A TRIBUTE published in the pages of


HAY 22 1961

vtl)rp ,lrt not lost lui) 0 fillb

. 'tlJf lil]1)1 of sun !lnb stars IInb i5ob.


Y")Q['" &ell;lc Face and patient smile With sadness W~ recall

You had a kindly word foe each Am' died beloved t:y all.

T:le voice I:!. mute and stilled 1QI: lhcatt, That 'ovW us will and true

A \, bitttT W3$ the trial to pan.

F rom one so good as you.

Y<.iU :an n-ot Icrgutten 'iov ed One No r- wilJ 'YtJu ever be

As 10 "g a. life and mom? "y last We will remember- thee.

We m iss you now 1 oUJ" h .... er ts are SORt ru lime goes by woe. you more,

A P':''Tlanent Reeor J of the OhitUMY and Fulled Def"ils


by Cecile Swann Pettijohn

CHARLES SWANN had 8 girls and 3 bOYSi Carl, Cecile, Earl, Viola, Opal, Faye, Lola, Marjorie, Cynthia, Wilma and Edwin.

Carl and Edwin, both in service, Carl was in France, Edwin joined Uncle Sam in Colorado, and got to be an officer, also got to go on a Mission-secretfor the President in Europe.

God took girls by ages from youngest girl, Wilma. Just three older girls left--Cecile, Viola and Opal.

CHARLES SWANN worked hard, he and son, Earl, 'till all children had homes of their own and then finally found a wife. He was truly an awful good Daddy, so we had birthday gatherings on his birthday and after many years, have turned it into a reunion, nearest Sunday close to August 19, his birthday.

He worked good many years in oil field and followed up his families.

Had good many he never got to see. He lived on a farm on West Creek and had good horses and oil field wagon-fIat-long, and the one son, Earl, helped from 16 years Old, till Earl married.

Cecile got married 1922, helped Daddy till she had two children, Charles and Lillian, was left by husband and remarried in 1925, had Darrel, Erma,

Richard and Jim.

Murel Pettijohn, an oil field worker, who got to be a Boss.

We traveled lots, had 2 weeks vacation every year, paid by Oil Boss higher

up, even houses furnished us. Children all got good schooling and care. Charles Miller is a football player, a full back and in service for Uncle Sam. He has twin boys by eldest girl, lives in Portland, Oregon, after getting out of service. Darrel was in service later years, over seas, met wife, Clara, after getting out. All children got good schooling, boys sent service check home. Richard and Jim were good in their schooling and played foot and

basket ball. All sons picking good wives. I have a host of grandchildren, have some nurses, teachers, football coaches. All attended Sunday School and church no matter where we lived. Some grew up to be oil field workers and a barber. Never had any trouble with our children. I lost my husband in 1971, so I'm still here at 97 yearsold and God gave me a wonderful daughter-in-law, Richard's wife, Thelma. Mighty good nurse, cook and all to me. May God always bless her.

copied from letter

to niece, Norma-----1997

Family History of Charles W. Miller & Opal Cox Miller

Page 2

1952 Lawrence (Larry) Charles 11iller 'Nas born on August 1st. Mom and Murel were visiting us in Portland from Kansas when Larry was born. ivlore work at home so Opal spent her time being a mother and wife Q

1953 Purchased a Service Station in Septembero Began long working hours from 6:30 AM to 10 PM - 7 days a week. It was a tough year out everything went well~

195h Business got better - purchased a new car - watched the children grew up ,

1955 No d Ls app o i.n tment - everything r:oing very welL

1956 Robert (Bob) Leonard Miller was born April 14, 1956. Cheryl started first Grade. New home in Beaverton, Ore~on on 14th Street.

1957 On April luth I became a Christian and was Bantized at Eegverton Christian Church, so I began to view things differently such as not working on Sunday and taking off three evenings per week and coming home by 6:00 PM. Seemed ~o have just as much money~ Sold the Serv ic e Station in Dc tober and pur-e hased a Glove ',vholesale Business from a friend who had become a very good customer in the Service StationG

1958 Worked very hard in the Glove business and it paid good dividends.

Became an Elder at the Beaverton Christian Church on January lst~ Larry started Firs~ Grade~

1959 Church and the Lo r-d l s work-took a lot of time but the Glove Business continued to do very well and took less time. Cecile and Murel

came to visit us - we lived on Moss St. in Portland, Oregon.

1960 Church and work went together very good and we all drove to Kansas for a two week visit~

1961 Started a new Church Building on a 6 acre piece of land.

1962 Moved into new Church Building and the membership was doubled

that year. Robert started First Grade. Began planning on buildin~ a new house in the Beaverton suburb. Purchased a lot 125 x 135~

~e all drove to Kansas.

1963 Bought another truck and gave my nephew a job selling Gloves in

a large territory. He made his salary but was not very profitable for me. We all drove to Kansas.

1964 Worked harder trying to make the business do better. The Portland area did very well but Salem and South as well as East territory didn't do well at all. Darrel, Clara and family came from Kansas to visit us at our home on Moss St~

Family History of Charles ~. Miller and Opal Cox Miller

Page 3

1965 Sold the Route and the Truck my Ne p hew "Was werking to him and he did well~ I still had all of my. t e r r Lt o r-y , Erma, Robert arid family visi ted us f'rom Kansas a t our home on .Hoss St~

1966 Selected a builder and started our new home in Beaverton& Church work continued. Opal started a pre-school at the Church beginning with 4 students. Purchased four houses for rentals. We all drcve to Kansas& Visited Yellowstone.

1967 Purchased more rental property which was an added detail to take care at' & Cheryl gradua ted from \Vilson High School. Trip to the Hawaiian Islands '"Ii th close friend s of curs who '.-Jere c elebra ting t~eir 25th Anniversary.

1968 i10ved in to our neTd home in Be av e r bo n , Soen t far mor-e money than I thought of doing when I started.








Sold the Glove bUsiness. Purchased a ho unit ~cbi1e Home Park and a Carpet Store in dowrrt ow n Portland. Fr.ur- of us drove to Kan3as~ Larry was in Montana with a friern wcrking~ Flew to San Francisco to visit some friends~ Drove to Vancouver B. C. and Victoria B. C. over the 4th of July.

Again worked a 11 the time.

Ooened oUr Carnet Store and it did wel1~ Flew ~o Kansas as

}'Lurel Fe tt i jo hn pass ed away. In ~'iarc h we t.o ok a two week

t.rI p to I1exico and enjoyed it very much. Opal flew to San Diego to attend Larry's graduation :from Marine 'I'r a tn Ing ,

Sold the Carpet Store - didn't get a very good price but didn1t loose money.

Repurchased the Glave Business e 'I'he fellow who purchased it went fishing and died of a heart attacko He still owed money, therefore it bedsme mine again. In November we went to Arizona to visit Larry for Thanksgiving time-he was st$ioned there in the Marines. Act~ally ~e flew to L. A9 and rented a car and drove to Yuma and visited Palm Springs and Disneyland~ Returned rental Car and flew back home~ Cheryl went to Northwest Christian College in Eugene, Cregon for two years t.h sn to Oregon College ef Educa tien for her teaching certificate for four yearsQ

Cheryl taught sc hc.c I at Valsetz, Oregon. Rebert went into the

Army and later we Hent to see him at Fort Ord. Opal's mother passed away age 76. Charles and Opal flew to Kansas in August~ Larry

and Gloria were married in Yuma, Arizona~

Purchased Duplex. Cheryl lives en one side and Larry & Gloria

on the other as Larry is home from the Marinels. Bob also home frem the Army. Charle s and Cheryl flew to Kansas in August. On September 6th, Larry and Gloria's daughter Janice is born. Opal opened a private Preschool at another ChUTCh and Cheryl is helping teach there also~

Family History of Charles ',oJ. Miller and Opal Cox Miller

Page 4

1976 Cha rle s and Opal drove to Kansas for the Reunien ~ :tien t by Colorado Springs, Utah9 Airforcs Academy.

1977 Erma & Robert came from Kansas to see uSa

1978 Drove to Kansas in August~ Best year ever had in Glove Business.

1979 Con~inue to be very interested in Church activities. Bought a lot in Lincoln City, Oregon to put our trailer on for vacation times ttere~ Charles and Bob flew to Kansas for the Reunion in Augusto

1980 Visited Europe, Egypt and the Holy Land and Rome witt a Church Group and Bib 1 e Co lIege Stud en t s , Larry, G ler ia an d Jan ic e moved to their new home in Metzger near Beaverton. Bob reoved inte the Duplex Larry and Gloria moved out of. Cheryl still lives in the other Duplex" Charle sane I d rove to Se a ttle for the North fu~erican Christian Convention.

1981 Charles Flew ~o Kansas for the August Reunion

1982 Began to sell rental properties as I would retire in 1985~ Charles went to Kansas for slx days fer his Scheol Re-unionQ

1983 Cheryl and Victor's wedding in Aprilo Charles and Opal drove down the Coast #101 highway into Northern Californiao We flew tc Los Angeles in December tc attend Vicccrts Sister's wedding and al so v is i ted Disneyland 0

1984 Charles preached at Church Retirement Centers. Erma & Eob1s daughter Kelly and husband Bill ane son Travis visited us fro~ Kansas. In June Charles and Opal flew to Kansas - had a picnic with some of the family in Great Bend Park then Charles helped our Church I s new min ister to drive vans etc. -mov Lng here from Medicine Lodge, Kansas~ Opal flew back homeo

1985 'wins were born to ehe ryl and Vic tor on July 28th - named Dav Ld and Jona than. Opal c lased he r Pre sc hool in May 0 In Augus t Charles flew to the family Reunion in Kansas~ Charles sold his Glove Route in Augusto Charles had 3 by-pass heart surgery.

1986 Charles joined the staff at BeaveY'ton Christian Church to pastor Senior Members etc. Church now has 6 ministers and S Secretaries. Sold our home on 31st St. and moved into our Duplex on 31st St. 'we rented the other duplex to Church friends. Charles and Opal ar~ grandaughter Janice drove to Kansas in August.

1987 Charles, Cpal and Janice flew to Disneyland in June and in Sept/ Oc tober Cha rle s & Opal flew to New York and N e14 England. Our Church c los e to Boo members I en joy th e challenge.--

1988 ~ent to New Zealand and Australia in Octcber/Nove~ber with a Group from our Church and other travelors. Drove to California, Nevada and Arizona in Feb/March and an Air Tour of the Grand Canyon ~

Family History of Charles W. & Opal Cox Miller

Page 5

1989 Took Church Senior Group on many trips for overnight in Cregon.

In Hay Charles and Opal drove to Montana and returned in early June via Leavenworth, ~1/ashingten~

1990 Volunteered at St. Vincent Hospital every Monday and in February took a Church Groun to Hawaii. Then in June went to New Zealand with three others from the Church to visit ~he Pruitt's - a

Hi s s ionary family who had been tc r-me r-Ly on our Church Staff.

1991 February took our Church Senior Gro~p en a lour through the Caribbean - on the MS Westerdam - F • LaUderdale, Florida, Nassau, San Juan, St. Thomas, Tortola and the Virgin Is lane s , In Oc tober Charles & Opal drove to Ashland, Reno, Lake Tahoe ane Klamath Falls.

1992 Took Church Senior Group on Holland P~erica Cruise Ship to Alaska TNi th stops at Ke tichikan, Juneau, boa t c r-u i S8 into Glac ie T' Bay and back through Sitka and a stop coming home at Victoria B. C. I resigned from the Church starf in 1991. Church built a new worship Center that holds 1500 people at a time (two morning servic8s) We are at 1100 members. Charles spends a lot of time in Church work - inside and outside. 'de have 5 Grandchildren : Larry's daughter Janice ~ow to be 22 in September; Cheryl and Victor's twin boys David and Jonathan who will be 12 yrs old July 28; plus a boy

(age 17) and a girl (age 20) from a former marriage of Victor's. Charles went to Haiti with a group from Church. In September

Cha r Le sane Opal drove to Kansas ~

1993 Charles and Opal drove to Kansas.

1994 Dedication of our new Church Building - Cost 4.6 million plus.

Charles and Opal celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary there in September - 300 or so guests. Erma and Robert and Darrel, Clara and Rick came from Kansas.

1995 Charles and Opal trip to Kansas - drove. ~dork harder nO'N then when I was drawing a pay check.

1996 Charles drove to Kansas alone in his new Buick Park Avenue - 16

day trip and family Reunion. Charles still volunteering at St. Vincent Hospi tal. Opal had Colon Surgery in January/96 - cancercus. Hand Chemo injections for a year.

1997 Another operation in April for Opal - not cancerous and no Chemo or Radiation. On January 1, 1998 it will be Cha r-Le a ' s 40th year as an Elder at the Church. I plan to retire then iT~ the Lord should tarry.

Wallace 0_ Miller Cecile S,vann children:

Charles W

Lillian J

Lillian J viller Ernest R Walters


_-- -_

Marriec Nov. 1922


Sept 9 1923 Dec 24 192L1


Separated Sept 1924 Divorced 1926

Hamilton Ks

Married Jan. 21 19J7 @ Lyons Ks.

Sharlane Ray horn Jan. 20 1943
Margaret Jane " " 28 1944
Charles Ernest t r Apr. 29 1945
Alberta Ann " Jun 5 1946
Lonnie J M " Mar 20 1949
Lillian Joyce " Jan 31 1951 deceasec Jan 25 199~ San Diego Calif.

Lv on s Ks

@ Lyons Ks

@ Great Bend Ks.

" n

Sharlane R Walters MarLied Jan. 9 1971 @ Lyons Ks

C'1a r 1 es N Thee 1 C1ioct a ,>1 I nd ian

children: vanesi";tALynn Toloa/Dawn

Toloa' Dawn Theel ~

~ 'Jeff Faulkner


Jordan Austin

born Sept 17 1971

" " 13 1974

@ Lyons KS

@ Dodge City Ks

Married 199? Colo.

born Mar 1995 "July 1996

Margaret Peggy) Walters

Robert L. Olds




Sha'm o i c s Julie Jeffrey


Tyler Hunter

Married Jun 29 1961 @ Lyons Ks

born in colo?

born Apr. 25 1962

" May 28 1963

" Jun 8 1964

" Nov 10 1965 "Sept 28 1967

Married April 25

born Jan 30 1985 " Feb 16 1987 Married Aug 1988

born Mar.

24 1989 13 1993

Darren Leroy Sh awn Wade Russell Allen Emory Ray Robert

Darren L Olos Joyce J Carter


Joshua Dean born Sept 2 1981 @ Garden City Ks

Jennifer " May 27 1983 "

Michelle " Feb 23 1987 " "

Nickolas " Sept 4 1991 Wichita Ks

Shawn W Olas Married Feb 2 1984 Iowa

Shelley Richards Divorced June 1988



@' LYons Ks


Horton Ks. Lyons Ks Wichita Ks

1981 @ Ulysses

deceased July 25 199~

" :€' birth


Garden City Ks @ Scott City KS Tenn.

Memphis Tenn.

Oak Harbor Wash.

Russell A Olds Janice Allmon No children:

C~arles E Walters Glenda Sneath


Charles Eric Robert Dean David Tracy Charles E Talbot Jean Johnson


Alex (adoptee by Eric)

Derrick Chelsea

, J~ 1- ~ e

David T '-, C' -\ e,_ 'j -

Jessica Talbot

--- - ------.....

Married July 25 1987 @ Ulysses Ks

Married Aug 15 1963 ~ Lyons Ks
Divorced Dec 1971
born Feb 13 1963 ~ Lyons Ks
" Mar 13 1964 " Deceased Nov 26 1989
" Apr 10 1965 "
Married Oct 1986 @ Hutchinson Ks born Apr 9 1982 " May 10 1989 " Apr 8 1991

born May? 1993

Married July 28 1973

Charles E Walters Bonnie Anderson children:

Baby Boy Stillborn @ Ulysses Ks May 1987

Bradley Ernest born Sept 17 1976 & Lakin Ks

~ Heather Dawn U Jun 20 1982

~ Lonnie J M Walters Married Oct 15 1972

Deborah Proctor


Delona Jolene Delona J Walters Justin Clair

L Joyce Walters Gregory L Kirkland


Gregory Lynn

Brian Scott

Alicia Joyce Christopher David

Lonnie J WAlters Alice Steele


Levi Adam

Bradley E Walters Patricia Jennings


Her Daughter? '- . /

Glasco Mont.

Divorced 1983

born Mar 20 1978 Ulysses Ks

Married Feb 23 1997 Ulysses Ks

Married Jan 30 1971 Vidor Texas

born Oct 11 1974 " Jan 8 1977 " Feb 26 1978 " Mar 19 1991

Married July 15

New Orleans La Houston Texas Denver Colo Kingwood Texas

1994 Ulysses Ks

born Jan 30 1981

" July 25 1987

Married July 12

To be adopted ~ 'I t. " ;v


@' Ulysses Ks

-;, -\


_·1 -r




, 1--.

_~ ( I ......

, ,,' ~ ~ (f

_... .......... )



Ell i nwoo d Ks ,J Ar-' Lj 1

Sal ina ,,\ c: r L 4 ;L

Oct 62 til May 1943 San Diego Calif.

Chase ,5' /"') c:

Great Bend til Feb 1944 Raymond

Susank July 46 til Aug 1949

Z k _- ,( I 1'- :;;-,;

a 0 ~ ~~ < - '../ .oj L-t.._~ -'"'::J s s, \j '...... I r

Larned ,I r- ',/ ~" 1<1 OJ I

'\_.I r.c /"-- "t:" _''':- ,.... ,~ 1 - ...... r

Grea t Bend ," .i .; 'J! c.t "t": ~,

Larned :,/ LI :5,",01-5J-

,_' r .: , I ,,. "'-1

HOlyrood ,_, . 1_- i ~)_ /,--j +r '--'

Ell i n woo d I -- "'. &._) ~- ,~,.- -:_, ,;

S~_/I:J_c. } J 1,-:;;;7

And rews Texas i..' c .; :) t z-;' - ,..1 A'

? c:

Lyons Ks I ,~_j J c. l '/

"-' ",u :; 7 ".

Ulysses Ks -.J,,:' 'i 7' c l,,'f j'-'''' -.' "

Married 52 yrs,352 days 20 grand children

15 great grand children

! c! -i '1

1}~"\!'1~i~r: } )0"'0.)"= J~i.1.~.\~ \ ~"""r~~ ~= ;.r~(~ "'):

.!/A ....... ::I,.-'..~O{":1t ....... 'l.../I.:. .... __ 1.1.JiJ.U ........ 'J./·,JIAI

~\ 1 ~.! r r1~?fj ,j ,)"1. , __ .. f: .~' ~l r t\_:L r: _ \t~ ~'i1 :: 3 ~ ~~)'5 ~

T.~~-~ .... ~ .... P: ~"'\..:!;;.~)o~.... ~. "l. ...... r- --. ~~ ~"'"'!

t; J 'l,J.:)-1I il lit-a!. _U,-..... ~Il! i ~Jt:}J l. • ...,... ... L ·.)"!..

JermJY:"'l- ·,kJ(~r"-' \1 :1:' 27, t lB.]

.., r- ~ j){1 ,'"".

,;i:;I( ~,]lli ..... _j, \..~..:..

;") __ .~_. ,~'J J • ;_~ t:":;;,~~ 'l...JJtl::'

Thrt';,:' SmJs:

Sh,1PlYI1 and wife Julie children:

St2"Yd1. 1 D T .. :jO",· '(~

...... .r,. ..... ~ _..

Hunter -4

-"\ \.4'~c{"'

t{:·:.>'!-, ""

.,:? :,f) ;~~




~+lyn Kcl_v'ln arCl Ten·l Osier-buh,

I 0/q~

Cheryl Diane IvIiller Cas tillo


".~ ->.

" Robert

.. -..::::...,;_.::- .. ' )~~"'" f -. " ·,·c----·c·.-n._""""""~c~,,:


r: '-. - .... _ .".~

Charles (Dad) and

-r ,

Lawrence Charles

.' '":-'


, .....

& Gloria

~. -

- -w. _' , _"_


Family History of Charles W. Miller & Opal Cox Miller

Page 1

Cha r-Le s is the oldest Son of Cec ile Pettijohn. Fa ther was Wallace O. Miller of Hamilton, Kansas. I was born at fiedmon~, Kansas September 9, 1923. I will not include any of the early family history except to say Cecile had additional childrenq Lillian. whoTs father was also Wallace Hiller, then came Darrel of Stafford, Kansas; ri:rma, PIa Lnv l Lj e , Kansas; RiChard, Eucha, Oklahoma, and Jim of Great Bend, Kansas, I was a student at Ellinwood High School 1938 - 1942~

1942 Left Ellimwod, Nay 25, 1942 and l'\lent to Denver, Colorado. Worked fer Remington Arms - a De fense Fac tory. In Dec ember took phys ie a1 exam of induction into U.S~ Army at Denver, Colorado and was sent to ~ampa, Florida.

1943 Spent the year in US Army Air Force. ~{as transfered from Florida to Seaside, Oregcn arriving there by troop train July 4, 1943.

_[IIle t Opal at Ses side 0 She 'Nas on vac a tion there from ne r- job

in Portland, Oregon.

1944 Spent until May 19U4 at Seaside, Oregon then was transfered

back to Tampa, Florida. Was married to Opal at Elli~wood. ~ansas. She returnee to Port13nd, Oregon and I to Tampa, Florida after seven days together~

1945 February,I was cn the move again headed fer Fresno, Califcrnia to attend anether scheol on Radaro Opal was able to jcin me in Fresno where we '..Jere staioned until October, 1945. Then I was sent to

Se at t Le , w"a sh ington to teac h w ha t I had learned. 'l'he W ar .~j as over, we had won, so began waiting period when I could be discharged.

1946 February 17th was discharged at Fort Lewis, dashington. Opal already had an apartment in Portland~ I went to work for American Lumber Company - a lumber ya~d where Opal had formerly worked as Secretary, and Bo okk ee p e r-,

1947 Worked every day and also took another job for 3 to 4 hours .. 6 days a week. 'N"as delighted to be over wi th my duty to the Country and

do what Opal and I enjoyed~


~orked every day. Equipment CompanY3

Opal also worked in the office of a Bakery We enjoyed our lives~


Bought our first house. A new 2 bedroom, 1 bath with full basement fer $g,SOO.OO on FHA 3~% interest. Cheryl Diane Miller was born on June 26, 1949.

Just the ordinary, work and more work.

Some more work but we did spend two weeks in Kansas on vacation~ Mabel Gilmore, my father's mother, visited about a month from Lost Sprin€s] Kansas. That is five miles South of Herrington, Kansas


Gov. ~ON\O

~~<""\SO,\ s:'\o\''-j .

,1\ ~\ose._c,;J


~:-s fa \ q_,\ \s:.

~0-v\<.L~, \\~

'''e ~<),.\ ij.N\(\ ~Ou._<;,e... f\\\Oo.\{\'j i \\lew io~

l\lS~ - \\'1D

:0", 'i~<'€y ~~~ ('_"'r:"\~ ~nJ.:o.lf\ Q_ ~o \ ; ~ G\"'~-

'<Y\..:2.I'-\;;- \~ <;501 ~ ~1'63

\'p. \e w: -\-n :Z_u..G~'1 S~;t,SO\)

~ :'e~~\'e.\ of C\M"b~l"\e

~"So\'\S ~CV\"le._. \-\ e.\'\\ ~ ell \ \1 ~ \'~ ~ 1\ ~ Cl.

\\~~ -

,'"\ \ ~;I

'-1\';'" S~y\C. S.

i\ "

,1~ '. c.:.:;.._ .,.", "-!

,{ \

"'-I'~ ,- ;::-'

I ~ ------

\Jo. \~ ~\ ~c. \o.e \


c...~" ~ Q,o-~,

\\0 \', ~a_1 \ \ ,\,\0,

Q~1- ~O'-'.~ \a.S ~j

I:=-\C\~~ ~ (_~\~s\vnc\"s.

I i

f1-.o.~ Sin .. "'\So{) \l Ou.\--s\-a..r.,~,' n~ C:;, \:; he..(\ 'I '\N ~ c..-"",.\:-c.. ~ -'\-1 ~vy\ 1"Y\: -Ss: 0(\

\\9, (~o~ V<\:~~~) \Mu'i 0\

\N~,,\e_. \\OlLSe.. ~~'t0,-\e(-s QeCe\~otll

Q.,~~"'S~\\e_, \ 1!\,~C;;,~e_\,\\ C:__\:,,\.e,\ \\'\Q\'() ie~~'e/


'J\; '<.- 6 2,: "~ 1. c:;_ I '

\':._ "'-s J..., \ ,',; \ " ~ '\ -e "

'("- , " '_",:: ~.

c: \~ \ \ I:J \ G: '

"<, '

\,:;,0::. .... II 2...

~ ,

, :;' '::0. ~ ':..:0 -:--c:j,


..... :---/"__.,_, ~ 125- \ \


'-I _jJ




....... ,''\ "~~ ~- \

.<.~- '1

<":. '-, :b ;-s(.;._-...

\ ~.)..::-::. C. 0... r-

' -. :=::: ~ c. ~._)

~ 1 ~ I

y-..... _:_ "\ -\..;........., ........ \ ........ -:::>_ -::....~

. .

<~-~,.... ;::. C'-.::.......:::. ~1, ~ \..

· ". '(\,cJe. e {'0, d. \\ " ~ , 1; n ~ \\)\, ~~ : s-:.---£\

\\1\<01. \ ... \\ ~ c"S o, \,\ ~ '\ Q Sc:.c.. c_ T .\- ~S

~d_s"I~>::'C4J.I\e_. "<:\.),,,eG l,\~'-i

'. -:: ~ ..::::.:. \ _.,

,', q

<: ,," ''',

/' ' ..... -\--1.-1"\. 1\ I

o (j - :-,. '\ !','A~, \

\\ ';

\ 'J \ ~_

r--. - I

~~-'\S.O;-" s


I_'",!\ ~ 0"2,,~a'~ "'I

""\ Q vJ-e ,-'S,

C, "

- , ............ - .... _-.._



Guy Mayes ( Aug. S, 1902 - Mar. 22, 1991 ) Buffalo, Ks.

Lola Edna Swann, ( June 9. 1927 - Sept. 23, 1987 ) Hamilton, Ks.

Married June 2, 1926, ElDorado, Ks.

Melva Delore Mayes ( May 23, 1927 ) Kenbro, Ks

Dale Bernard Stinson, Jr. ( Sept. 27, 1926 ) Wichita, Ks Married August 6, 1949, Madison, Ks.

Jeffrey Stephen Stinson (Nov. 18, 1941) Bartlesville, OK. Christine Sue Stevens (Feb. 24, 1952) Wichita, Ks.

Married June 24, 1978, Wichita, Ks.

Zachary Stevens Stinson (Jan. 9, 1982) Indianapolis,Ks. Ian Christian Stinson (Oct.18, 1986) Albany, N.Y.

Dale Bernard Stinson, III (Oct.4, 1954) Wichita, Ks.

Melissa LoAnn Stinson, (Oct.22, 1956) Wichita, Ks. Mathias Georg Lichtenheld (Mar. 20, 1959) Wesbadern, Ger.


Tasca Ann Lichtenheld (Oct. IS, 1991) Miami, Fl. Samuel Georg (July 28, 1994) Miami,Fl.

Bradford Charles Stinson (April 28, 1958) Wichita, Ks.

* i< *

Ronald Wayne Mayes (April 9, 1928) Kenbro, Ks.

Helen Margaret O'Grady (Jan. 27, 1929) New York, NY Married, June 2, 1954, washington, D.C.

Ronald O'Grady Mayes (Jan.29, 1955) Washington, D.C. Gaynelle Eileen Miner (May 10, 1955) Lincoln, NE.

Married, Oct 16, 1976, Wichita, Ks.

Michael Allen Mayes (June 17, 1983) Wichita, Ks. Michelle Kathleen (March 9, 1986) Wichita, Ks.

Kathleen Margaret Mayes (Aug. 16, 1956) Washington, D.C. John Kengle Osterbuhr (Sept. 8, 1954) Wichita, Ks.

Married, July 1, 1983 Wichita, Ks.

Kelsi Kathleen Osterbuhr (Dec. 28, 1996) Wichita, Ks.

Kevin John Osterbuhr(prior marriage-March 6,1967 Wichita,Ks Tonya Marie Smith (Sept.22, 1972) Wichita, Ks.

Married, June I, 1996 Wichita, Ks.

Katlyn McKenzie Osterbuhr( May 15, 1995) K.C., Mo.

Stephanie Joy Mayes (Sept. 10, 1957) Washington, D.C. Sephen Mark Chambers (Sept. 14, 1957) ?

Married Nov. 19, 1977, Wichita, Ks.

Ciara Lynn (Mar. 13, 1994) Wichita, Ks.

Daniel wayne Mayes (Nov. 10, 1958) Cleveland, Ohio

Thomas Harmon Mayes (July 16, 1960) Hatboro, PA

* * *

Otha Carol Mayes (Feb. 21, 1930-Apr. 14, 1984) Kenbro, Ks. Vernon Eugene Day (Oct. 1, 1926) Admire, Ks.

Married, June 2, 1950, Wichita, Ks.

Douglas Guy (Jan. 14, 1951) Wichita, Ks.

Michael Joel (Sept. 16, 1954) Wichita, Ks.

Penny Turner Woods ( ) Fl.

Married, May 16, 1986, Wichita, Ks.



Ronald Wayne Mayes met Helen University Law School in 1953. Patent Office in Washington D.C.

O'Grady at George Washington Ronald was working at the U. S.

They were married on June 2, 1954 and Ronald O'Grady was born on Jan 29, 1955. At the time Ronald went to work for General Motors living in Alexandria, Virginia, then movlng to Springfield, Virginia.

Of course Virginia is right outside of Washington, D.C. and along came Kathleen Margaret August 16, 1956 and Stephanie Joy was born September la, 1957. All three children were born in D.C. at George washington University Hospital. Along came Daniel Wayne on November 10, 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio, where Ronald worked for a private law firm. Thomas Harmon was born on September 16, 1960, he almost made it to warminster, Pennsylvania Hospital however he appeared going around the bend in Hatboro, PA!!, by the fifth child Ronald didn't move as quickly and just knew it was a false alarm.

By this time Ronald was homesick so he took a job for BOEING Military Airplane Co. as a patent attorney, which was located in Wichita, Kansas. The move put us a block west of his sister Melva Stinson on 3rd Street in the Westlink area along with Otha Carol Day, who lived in Benjamin Hills. The kids went to Peterson Elementary.

With a promotion Ronald and family were transferred to the Seattle, washington Boeing office. Before the move Helen, with the five children and a german shepard dog drove to Ft. Lauderdale, FL then back to Seattle, Washington for their summer vacation. The house was not ready to move into yet, so we then went to Canada for a visit. We finally settled in Mount Lake Terrace, Washington and went to school at Melody Hill Elementary.

In 1966 Ronald quit BOEING and began his private law practice in Wichita, Kansas. We were back for good on the west side of town, going to Kensler Elementary, Hadley Junior High and West High.

Dan & Tom got to go to the new Wilbur Junior High when it changed from Madonna All Girls School and the new Northwest High School that was built.

All the children were involved in many activities. The girls took ballet, tap dancing, piano lessons, violin, string bass and also were involved in Brownies and Girl Scouts. The boys were in Boy Scouts and all three achieved high awards. Ron received Eagle with double palms, Daniel received Life and Thomas received Star.

· .


Soli c~ lola WnaSLCClhn a~'1d

60'1 - )~l A-\[ ES



Kathleen Margaret Mayes (3-16-56) met John Kengle Osterbuhr in the summer of 1931 in wi c hi ta , Kansas. He wa s the Best Man and Kathleen was the Maid of Honor in a wedding of good friends. Ken ( his nickname ) was an iron worker for the Local Union 606. Ka thl een worked at General Communi cat ions, Inc. as a superv i so r fo r paging and telephone answering service. Ken quit iron working and went to work for the Kansas Air National Guard as an aircraft technician on the F-4 fighter jets.

On July 1, 1983 Kathleen & Ken were married in Wichita, Kansas. Ken's son, Kevin, moved in with them so they moved to a bigger house in Andover, Kansas. Kathleen was given the nickname of 11 Kathy all and went through an acquisition to Interlink Communications of Kansas, Inc. owned by Daniels & Associates.

In 1987 "Kathy A" and Ken decided they had had enough fun in Andover and moved to Derby, Kansas. Again in 1989 the company that Kathy worked for sold & Ansercom, Inc. acquired the telephone answering service division. Services for alarm monitoring, paging & equipment for the hearing impaired was added. In 1992 it sold again and Kathy went to work full time for Advantage Communications, Inc. which involved paging, cellular & PCS phones, two way radios, voice mail, long distance services & Internet.

Kenny's SOD, Kevin, went to work at Advantage Communications and relocated to the Kansas City, Kansas office In 1994 and married Tonya Marie Smith and a granddaughter, Katlyn McKenzie Osterbuhr was born in 1995.

Then on Kathy and Ken1s 14th wedding anniversary Kathy found out she was 4 1/2 months pregnant. So at age 40, on December 28, 1996, Kathy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Kelsi Kathleen.

Meanwhile, Ken went from F-4 to F-16 fighter jets and as of 1997 works on the B-1 bomber. He also thought in 1999, at the age of 55, he would retire from McConnell APE. However, their little miracle child, Kelsi, would only be 2 years old (and they count

their blessings every day) so .

Stay tuned for their next adventure!!

Ron and Kathleen both were involved in Distributive Education Clubs of America. Ron won third place in the nation, in the PetroleumManager's level. Kathleen took first place in the state, in both Apparel & Accessories Management level and Chapter yearbook. Ron was in the Wichita Chapter Demoley.

Ron worked at Phillip's 66 and then worked for General Communications. Kathleen was involved in the menswear retail business, then also went to work for General Communications. While Stephanie the creative one, worked in the food industry, then went to work in the aircraft industry. Daniel was the outdoorsman and handyman, he worked for Texas Instruments, NCR and the Mariatt Hotels. Tom was the thinker, he joined the US Marine Corp, and was stationed in California. Tom moved back to Wichita and worked for the aircraft industry.

Tom and Dan are currently both lD Florida in the security business.




Ernest !{, "Ernie" W;d!ers. 70,

died Jan uarv K, 1995, ;\( t be Western Prairie Car~ Home or Ulysses. Kansas, after a lengthy ill ness. He was' horn July], 1924 in Florence, Kansas, (he son o t J acoh S _ and Hazel H - Jones

Walters. He was :l retired !!:l 11 " torerna n I'm A III (lCO Produc (ion ~C()~1pan y ofUly.,-,cs, Kanx.i». He wax a member of the Shellon Memorial Christian Church ,)j Ulysscs, Kansas.

He rnarncd Lillian Mi llcr on January ~ I, 1941\ in Lyons, Kansas. She survi ves _ .:t_

. Olhersurv] vors include two sons, Lonnie and Charles Walters of Ulysses. Kansas: four daughters. Peggy Oids of Ulysses. Kansas. Sharlane Theel of Kimball, Michigan, Ann Walters of Penrose. Colorado. and Joyce Kirkland of Kingwood, Texas; 16 grandchi ldrcn: ::md 12 great-grandchildren

Fur.erat services were held Thursday, Jan. 12. 1995. at Phillips Mortuary Chapel in Ulysses. Kansas with Rev.erend Bill Harrold officiating.

Ina! was HJ the Ulysses Cemeterv, Jiysses. Kansas_ The family sugge;t memonaJ gilb 10 the donors Own .c~Ojce. Arrangements were under the I direction or Phillips Mortuary. Inc. or

Ulysses. Kansas. ' _)

c -, :' s ~'. C I A r" {'" I

Emory Ray Olds

ULYSSES - Emory Ray Olds, 28, died July 25, 1994, at SL Catherine Hospital. Garden City, as the result of a motorcycle accident.

He was born Nov. 10, 1965, at Lyons. the son of Peggy Olds. He was employed by Danco, Ulysses.

Survivors include: three brothers, Darren. Wichita. Russell. Leawood. and Shawn. U.S. Navy; mother, Ulysses; and grandparents. Ernie and Lillian Walters, Ulysses.

Funeral will be at 10 a.m. Friday at Phillips Mortuary Chapel, Ulysses, with the Rev. Bill Harrold presiding. Friends may call from 10 a.rn. to 8 p.m, Thursday at the mortuary. Burial will be in Ulysses Cemetery, Ulysses.

Memorials mav be sent to the Emory Olds Memorial Fund in care of Gr~nt County Bank, Ulysses.

Robert D. Talbot

Services for Robert "Robbie" D.

Talbot, 26, have been scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday in Sillin Funeral Home. The Rev. Gary Brooks will officiate, and burial will be in the Lyons Municipal Cemetery.

The son of Terry L. and Glenda S.

Sneath Talbot of Hutchinson died Saturday at Winfield State Hospital.

Born March 13, 1964, in Lyons, he had been a resident of the hospital in Winfield for 19 years.

Survivors in addition to his parents arc two brothers, Charles Eric and David T., of Hutchinson; two sisters. Susan and Terenda, of Hutchinson; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, Robert Sneath of Lyons, 'Mr. and 'Mrs. Robert Talbot of Haven and Mr. and Mrs, Ernest Walters of Ulysses; and a great-grandmother, Anna Talbot of Haven.

Friends may call at the funeral home from 3 until 8 p.m. Tuesday.

A memorial fund has been started for Winfield State Hospital and Training Center, in care of the funeral home.

;" J


1 0 '


Sharlane Ray Theel, 54, died January 25, 1997, at her home in Kimball. Michigan. She was born January 25,1943, in San Diego. California the da ughter of Ernest R. and Lillian Miller Walters. She was a member of tile Baptist Church in Port Huron, Michigan. She married

'Charles N. Theel on January 9,1971 in Lyons, Kansas. He survives.

Other survivors include two daughters: Vanessa Lynn Theel of

~ Yellowstone, Wyoming and Toloa Dawn Theel of Ohio, two brothers:

Charles E. Walters and Lonnie J.

, Walters both of Ulysses, three sis-

ters: Peggy Olds of Ulysses, Ann Walters of Penrose, Colorado, and Joyce Kirkland of Kingwood,

, Texas, her mother: Lillian Walters of Ulysses and one grandson.

Funeral services were held F riday January 31, 1997 at Phillips Chapel in Ulysses with Rev. Bill Harrold officiating. Burial was in the Ulysses Cemetery, Ulysses.


My family life as I remember it. by

Darrel Alvin Pettijohnoldest son of Murel Pettijohn

and Cecile Alberta Swann

When MUTel and Cecile married they each had two children by previous marriages. So there were eight children in ail:

George Pettijohn Elsie Pettijohn Charles j\Iillcr Lillian Miller Darell Pettijohn Erma Pettijohn Richard Pettijohn Jim Pettijohn


1926 Home in Tetersville

I was born in a lease house on the twenty-eighth of December. Charles, Lillian and myself with my mom and dad lived in here.

Dad was a pumper, pumping several wells from one engine which was called a power house. One time I went over to visit him while he was working I was only three years.

1931 Home in Galva

I was six years old when we moved to Galva. This is where I started school. Dad was tool dressing while we lived there. Mom, Dad, Charles, lillian, Darrell, and Erma lived here. One day Erma and I were fighting over the butcher knife (we used the knife handle to crack walnuts.) I grabbed it and cut the end of her finger off. Boy! was I in trouble. Dad built a croquet court in the back yard along with using gas flames for lights. Our neighbors came over to play with mom and dad. They really had some high times. Sometimes they would play until

1 :00 or 2:00 a.m. in the morning. All of kids had fun listening to them play.

1933 Home in Inman

Richard was born in a farm house where we lived, we now had five children in our family. Dad worked for Lario Oil Company. That's the nlace where mom found dad's beer bottles under the old ice box. (Me 0'

iVIY!!!! I was in the second grade while living there. This is where Charles tried to get coal oil out of a barrel for our new refrigerator.

He was trying to siphon it He had seen dad do it and tried it, boy did he get sick.

VVe had a church house in our yard, we had fun playing the old organ in it. That is where I got stuck in the foundation of the church trying to crawl through, boy was I scared.

Mom rented one of the bedrooms out to a man that needed a place to stay. We had a grave yard not far from the house. The first night he stayed there he heard me groaning in my sleep; The next day he was gone!! ghosts!!

1934 Home :in Alden

We lived in town at Alden, I was in the Third grade. Dad was still a pumper for Lario Oil Co. This is where Charles got his arm broke. Dr. Meir set the arm, Dr. had a trash barrel out behind his office, that is where we would find money. (I think he put it there on purpose.)

That is where my mother had breast cancer and was sick for quite a while. Dad was promised a lease house west of Raymond, so we loaded our furniture and off we went. We backed up to the lease farm and the boss wouldn't let us unload. He was something else.

1934 Home in Raymond

We moved into a farm house west of Raymond. We all slept in the same bedroom. All of us kids slept in the same bed. The boys at the foot and girls at the head. Charles was staying with his grandmother Gilmore in Lost Springs. I was still in the Third grade. We went to a country school, the teacher's name was Mr. Brinkman, He was the one that put me back in the second grade. That's not funny!! We had to walk over a mile and a half to school. Boy! that was a cold winter, sometimes a colored man would come and pick us up and give us a ride in the back of the pick up. Richard wandered off one day with his little rat ter rior dog whose name was Wimpy. Mom couldn't find him so the bachelor crawled up to the top of the windmill, and found Richard and the dog there.

1936 Home Southwest of Alden

Dad was working for Tatlock Oil Co. He was night watch man Oil the lease where the Company was drilling. They drilled 32 wells on that one-half section. I was in the Third grade. ha!ha! We had two miles to walk to school regardless if it rained or shined. Mom had to heat the wash water on a fire outside. We had a good old May Tag Washing Machine, I helned mom with the washinz and heatinz of the water.

Dad applied for a pumping job for j\Hci Continent uti Co., but he didn't pass their physical. Times were tough, but we made it. Then we moved to a big house on a hill, East of Chase.

1943 Home in Chase

Dad got a pumping job lor an oil company west of Raymond, I went to school in Chase for three years. I went out for football, basketball, and track. I didn't get to play football my freshman or sophmore year due to a rupture. So by my Junior year I was ready for sports. I didn't have any girlfriends because I had so many other things -to do. Mom washed dishes in a cafe in Chase for several months. I didn't take advantage of school, but I did have a lot of fun and enjoyed it. My mom and dad moved us to a farm house northwest of Raymond. I didn't want to move so I quit school and waited for the Army to call me.

1945 Home Northwest of Raymond

Dad still worked for the same oil company. I went into the Army in March at Leavenworth. While I was there getting ready to be shipped out for basic training, dad got hurt cranking a motor and was hit in the head and nose. He didn't know what was going on for a while. I came home to see him in the Lyon's Hospital. I was home for about seven days then went to camp Robinson for basic training. I was there from April Ist to July 1st. Then I got a furlough for a weekend and went horne. I really enjoyed that week at home. Especially mom's cooking. Then I went to Fort Riley to be shipped over seas. Then about three weeks we were loaded on the boat named "The Sea Barb. II I lost my bananas on that trrpll! OUl' ship had engine trouble so we got to stop at Honalulu for at least eleven days. We had a lot of fun in Honolulu.

Next we went to Korea, we had no idea where we were going. We about froze to death that first "winter. I did a lot of guard duty those first few months. Then I got on a small boat which we hauled supplies from big ships into the harbor. We had to cook our own meals and lived mostly on chicken, eggs, and bread. I lived on this boat for several months. Then I got transferred to a Heavy Equipment Co. I drove a big six ton truck and unloaded cargo from the little boats and hauled them into the warehouses. Sometimes I hauled coal to the capital of Korea. One time I had a load of coal on when one of the tires went flat and caught the other tire on fire. Mel! 0' I\ly!!! The town we lived in was named Inchon. It wasn't to bad of a town. After getting my paycheck, one time I went and lost my wristwatch shooting dice. I bought a war bond every month so it wasn't a total loss. I learned a great lesson thai: day. Then nne dav I Q"ot infection in mv knee. T W:1S in the hosnital for ~J hour

-, "'

three weeks. During that time the company pictures were taken, I missed out because I was still in the hospital. Then one day we were told we were going home. We went home by the North route. We stopped in the Harbor at Japan and then on to Seattle. Boy was that ever a rough trip.

From Seattle we went by train to Fortord, California (quite a trip to get un-armied.) I caught a bus out of San Francisco for home. While I was overseas Mom and Dad moved to Ellinwood. I wouldn't take any amount of money for the country I saw and the experience that I received while I was in the Army that one and a half years.

1946 Home in Ellinwood

My dad got a job pumping for Hartman Oil Co. He pumped wells west of Ellinwood on the Panning Lease. When I came home from the Army on the bus, as the bus pulled up to the bus stop, I saw my dad corning across the street. Boy! was I ever glad to see him!!!

He took me home where I S.HY mom and the rest of the family. Boy! what a happy moment in my life. I cashed my bonds and bought me a 1934 Ford over at St. John. Boy! I was living in tall cotton. It was the first car I ever owned. Dad helped me get a job with BS&B, which was a company that built wooden tanks for oilfield companies. Then, one Saturday night Dorumy best friend) and I went to Lyons to see what we could see and 'we did. We got several girls to ride in with us around the square and also went over to Ellinwood to eat a hamburger. There were four girls, Clara, Eileen, and two others with us then we took them home. I asked Clara for a date for Monday night. We hit it off from the start and had many fun times together. We 'were married May 23rd, 1948. We started our life together in Plainville, Kansas. It was not all easy, but 'lye had a good life together. As I leave my home and life with Morn and Dad. I thank each one for the discipline) for their love, and also for the traditions we had as a family. NIy dad has gone on to be with the Lord. I loved him very much, he wasn't perfect, but he's the only dad I'll ever have. IHy mother was still living until she turned 98 years young. I love her very much and always "ill bless you mom.

I left my parents home in Plainville in 1948 to make my own home with Clara. We have lived together for 50 years and have raised OUi' children. We ha-ve nine grandchildren. I asked the Lord to be my savior in March 1969.

Darrel Pettijohn

/C' tf £; - v:1.C/" ',~ c '- ._f'v:a ~J


\ ---------\





The History' of Erma :\Iaxme Carmicheal

I 'was born Erma \Iaxine on July 9, r929 10 Cecile .\iherta Swann ~"lillt'J:'

puTrij".', . nd ""1 "~ D'~1-h' L.

, >v,,. .. 1.1:t_,fL,,"1 ;J..,... "",, til e.< 1. tA.UjOiill.

I have several sister and brothers.

~ :1:1: r • l'ill' 1 D ' 7' ",-v, ~

Luuan <5 ane tv.!.. ~ er ,,"as nor n ' 'ecem ber ... -}, L.l..:.-'I.

Darrel Alvin was born. December 27, 1926. Richard t\leh'm was born \[ay 9, J933.

Jim Murel was born December 5, 1938.

! l.. '3",,,,,,, .~ "'''''';''<'''<' E 'S'" "n~~ .~ brorher [".' ,"~ ,<>(,'" 1)4~:en' jJ" e» , .. ",,,,1

1. t~~"1" '"'"' !..4 0.11:.~13..".;,.. ~ 1.!.!".J.... ~4 i\"-o!:.. 4 v~ ~.lI;:k"", '5.. ......JI-"'_ ~J":.I ~"'!I.. • / 1. :I. _t ........ ~'i-... ~.~.~ ............ ~ ..

"l gT3dua.ted from 8th. grade from Ch'IS.c1 hansa::-:, I graduated from {llgh School at Ellinwood, Kansas, ! attended Sec1".;'tar!:'J.l School 1..'1 Kansas Citv, Ytlo. While I wus ;H school Ln. Kansas City, my folks moved to Plainville, Kansas. I came home in October to C.B.'€.' for my mother and while there I met Robert Curmicheal.

Robert and I were married. October 2, 19-1.9. Robert joined the Air Foree for -t years. Spent time in \: allejo, California, Iceland and. S~m

B .. .-... l~C •

errunuo, Caworrua.

n "" t !-.~l J ,)",o b t ~;, \. r j • 4"'

v ur nrs cruru .ves 'was ' on} a ~ vorton .-':: .. 11' l' orcc .);131." m >."Jim

Bernardino, California on F ebruarv 21st 1955. 'VY-er.eturned to Plainville, Kansas 6'"1 November of 1955. Robert 'i'nr-nt back to work

at his father« store. The store was then the :\Iarshall Auto Store and later became th,: Coast to Coast Store. \,Ye bouaht t!!1t' store in 1966 and later opened another Coast to Coast Srore ~"1 Stockton, r":'ansas in. 1969.

i,eiJ)-" Daane was born J unuary 18~ 1958. Robvn Renee! was born October 2~;, 1961.

In 1991, Wescarne back home to be in the store with his Dad and became part owner. He has never married and lives hen: in Plainville,

We were active members of the Cniterl .vierhodisr Church and I VI~lS secretarv for the church for several vears .. -\1so treasurer of the

." ' .. :

Church for about 27 years.

I became a horn again Christinn in 1969. (;"od has been ;;11 part of our

marriage and life all these years. He has truly blessed us with a wonderful family and much happiness and good health. We are

a dose family and have enjoyed our relationships through the years. Ow, Son-in-Laws are like sons to us. We really enjoy our visits to their homes. My folks lived a couple blocks from us and I was blessed with wonderful in- Laws.

In 1983 \Viliiam Travis was born January 7th. Our first grandchiid.

Robart Allen ---..,~ bo .... - Februarv o ........ 1£\06 T7 J:>IJ~. ~_.J D~l1 rv.,; __ -,,~ ~ ... -1 H"a:') .lH vU.l a.lJ' OlH, L70 • n..vlly ilHU UW .l.JIC<!n il-1"t:

their parents. They presently live in Topeka, Kansas.

Robyn and Arthur were married 8-8-88 and 'with that marriage we gamed novo more grandchildren: Krysten Michele and Matthew Allen, In January 10,1996. Seth Tanner was born and In December 18, :1996 Dominic Ryan was born.


Erma, 'we s_, Kelly Eas_ter

Erma - Kansas City 1954

My family 1948

Cecile ,MH,el , Charles, J~rrel Lillian, .c.rma, Iii chari and Jim.



Cecile Alberta Swann

Robert and Erma 40th 198Q

FROM M. and M. Llchtenheld

PHONE NO. 305 365 0250

Aug. 06 1997 03:21PM P]



Charles Wesley Swann (Aug, 19, 1860 - June 30. 1966) and Edna Beatrice Warford (Jul~ 27, 1883 - Feb. 13, 1919) ~ere married Nov. 25, 18971 in the towh of HQ~ilton, Green~ood Co., Kansas. Eleven chi Idren ~ere born to their union. The seventh) lola Edna, is the lineage which follows,

Lola Edna was born June 9. 1909, at home on the Rpplegate Farm near Eureko, Ken. She ~as a sickly chIld, Ihich ~Q~ to be the thorn in her side 01 I her long fife. She PQ~~ed a~Qy at age 7B on Sept. 20, 196?J at the home of her daughter, Melva.

She loued her mother dearly and was to 3uffer her los9 when she wa! 9 years old. She said 3he did not get ouer being ~ithout hep lother until her oldest grandchild was born. She loved her family, embracing brothers and 51ster~ who visited, and always wanted to be at the Swann Reunions, tieddingsj 9~aduation3 and ~ocial occQ~ions of her chi Idren, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and an~one el~e connected to he~ feally. She had a keen Intellect, reading everything she could get her honds on. She wrote for the local new8pape~~ ~her6ver she lived. She had high Ideal~ .ith priority on church, Eastern Sta~, cultupej ~upporting the Republican party as a committee wo.on ond serving a~ officer In many civic clubs.

Lola met Guy Mayes (Aug. 5, 1902 - March 22, 1991) at Kenbroj Ken. She las hanging laundry out to dry on a clothes I ine when Guy come stroll Ing b~ looking dapper in his cap. He ;a3 returning a hunting gun borrowed froe a neighbor. Kenb~o was an oi I boo~ town that sprang up on the prairie at the Broening Ranch, 13 ~I les mest of nadlson, Kon. Chorlea Smann .a3 a team~ter ~hQ worked his teoma of matched hor8e~, d(gglng 3lu~h ponds for the oil companie~ and ~[Id cotters. Later, eith his 30n6 Earl and Edein, Charies worked the oj I fields of western Kanaas during the 1930~. I remeaber driving in a dust ~tor~ with ay famlty to visit the~. It wa~ frightening.

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Guy's first love ~as auto.obl les) until he aet Lola. He had a Starr coupe, considered quite sport~J with .hlch he courted Lola. They were .arriad June 2) 19261 by the probate Judgo in EI Dorado, Kon, Their first child, Melva Oelores! wos born May 23, 1927, at their prairie ho.e in Kenbro, attended by a ald.ife and Or, Lose of Madison, Kan. They alao attended the births of Ronald Wayne on April 9, 1928, and Otha Carolan Feb, 21/ 1930,

Lola kept the children ~6ticulously clean, changing their clothing twice a day, A gaeoline "aylag moaher was used dally to ua~h diapers that aere hung to dry on the clothes line, The winds were so 3trong at timea the diaper heas were .hipped apart. In .Inter, the hanging clothes would freeze as ~tiff Q~ boards. Lola ironed everything, nuch atarch and bluing were used to keep ~uer~ ite~ looking 1 ike new.

The General Sto~e was the ~eeting center for the co.cunity of Kenbro. People would gather around the pot-bellied stove for the late~t ne.~ and activities. The toan architecture ~Q~ prilitJve, with oil field ~hocks, co.pony houses and wooden $ldewolk~, when there wa~ a side.aIK. At tho community building. people would co.e from all around for the pot {ucK 8uppers, meetings, quilting bees and dQnce~ - square and round. The Sine/air -gasoline plant was nearby. Its to!! plpe$ reached high In the sky) topped by a constant fla~e burning off excess 9Q$ fro~ tne oil field8, Melvo attended flr3t grade at a ons-rool school house filled with children from grade 1 to 6, life was si.ple, neighbor helping neighbor. Neighbor3 ~topped by to see if one needed anything frOM nadl~on or for social calls, Radio and te!evi~ion were nonexistent. Instead there ~os ~uch conve~satlon and singIng around the piano or li~tening to the Uictrola or playing ga~e8 of every type.

FROM M. and M. Llchtenheld

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Aug. 06 1997 03:23PM P5

Lola and Guy moved their fa.ily to the Barbaro 0[1 Company leo36 6a~t of La~ont, Kan., on the Peter Fankhauser form in 1933. Guy Gas the only employee who could keep the plant gasoline englna running. The huge .ochine DOS housed In a long building .ode of tin that covered Quite an area. If part3 .ereo't available, Guy made thee. Ulth hi~ aechanical mind. he could .eke any engine run. He knew eve~y part of on auto~obile and hom It ~orked. In loter year~. he helped hie grand~on~ Jeffrey and Dale Stinson III rebuild their sporta car engine they had di s.ant led.

85 their chi Idren 9re~, Guy and Lola 30W that they had .u~lc 16s~on~, musical Instruments, and belonged to the 4-H Club, entering county and atote contest3, They participated in ~chool plays, operetta3, baaketball, church activities and anything el,e that wa~ offered.

nelua, Ronald and Otha Carol graduated from nadl~on High School. The family had returned to the Kenbro Barbara lease as Meluo left for Emporia Stote Teachers College In 1945, Ronald en~olled there In 1946, the yoar the Uorld Uar fl veterans returned fro~ the ~eruice. nel~a's sorority, happy to ~ee fresh ~aie foce8 on campu~, held an open hOU86 dance for tho fraternltie3. She .et En,ign Dale Stin80n (born Sept. 27, 1926, E.porlo, Kan.) They .arried after Melvo'e graduation three years later on Aug. 61 1949, at the first Pre~byterian Church, nedlson, Ken. Dale, mho graduated In 19~B .ith a degree in .Qthe.Qtlc~, had entered the U03hburn School of Law in Topoka, Kon, They lived there until Dale received his lam degree. Melua taught ele.entary school,

The couple .oved in ~ay 1951 to BQrt[e~vllle, Ok.) where Dole had taken a Job In the land department of PhillIps Petrafeu. Company. Jeffrey Stephen, their fir~t son, mas born Nov. 18, 1951, In January 1953, the~ moved to Wichita, Kan" .here Oala had joined the lo~ firm of former governor Payne Ratner. Melua was happy to be in Ulchita as Otho Carol and her hu~band Uernon Oay ~ere I iuing there. They were happy to be I iving near one another.

"elva and Dale moved into the Gardn~r Aportment3 on East 13th Street,

feel log fortunate to have a place to live. They con&idered the monthly rent of $80 to be very expensIve. In those day~} they budgeted $20 for t~o ~eek, of grocerie" Jearning to cut a roast several ~ays to stretch Into three .eaI3. Dale 6e~nard II I ~aa born Oct. 1, 1954. nelva and Dole ~oved to their first home at 9624 Uest Third Straet, in Septemb~r 1956, a month before their daughter Mel ISSG LoAnn was born Oct. 22} 1956. Their third son} Bradford Charles mas born Rprll 2B, '1958. Ouring lhesa years, Dale ~as ~orklng until midnight every week night and on Saturday ~ornings and Sunday afternoon3. It ~a$ either ~ink or awl. ahen it coee to the I~gal profassion. To this day, he stilI puts in long hours for Q aan hi~ ago. He was told in law school that ·The La. is Q Jealous M!stre,e,~ He certainly prov6d it,

neon~h[le, Guy and Lola had been transferred by Barbara OJ I Co. to Canton, Kan. They lived in an old Sear~ pre-fab farm house, which nelva and Dale's children coiled the HBarn House." It mas Q breeze to taka Ridge Road in Wichita ~tralght into Canton. The children loved to go there for Ea~ter egg hunts, and holidays there were vory good tlmc3 with ~LaIQ and Papa.ft

The chi Idren .ere involved [n Sunday ~chool) choir, plano le~8ons, Scouting,, baseball, bond and school activltes. Jeffrey, Dale II and Melissa ottended Paterson Elementary School. nelva drove Brad to the Institute of Logopedics thre~ times Q week for speech therapy, The older children learned to do ~any things on their oln because Brad took a great amount of care. They were always loving and kind to hiM and treated him a~ their ~Qual.

In 1966, the fa.ily Moved to 150 South Oellrose. A home wa~ needed to acco.~odQte the children, who attended four difforent $ChODI~. They had to be within ~alking dl~tance or able to use public tran&portotion for school, aU$ic lesson3, orthodontists, etc. Jeffrey becQ~o an Eagle SCDut, attended Boys State and served as a page In the ~ansae legIslature. Dole III and nellssa were in Scouts and the Ulchita V~uth 5y&phony. Bradford attended ~pecial education and job training programs and orgQnlzed the Neighborhood Uotch prograM on the block. He i~ strl I the captain and faithfully attends ceetlng~ and organizes block parties.

FROM M. and M. Llchtenheld

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Joffroy was the first to go off to col lege. He 9roduat~d in 1975 ~ith a B.S. degree from the Uililam AI len Uhlte School of Journall~m at the University of Kansas. Ouring his collage yeQrs, he traveled throughout Europe ~ith his cou~in, Oouglos Day. For three .onth! the~ COle close to living on $l-a-day expenses, especially since their "aotelsft were the night traln& they rode to their next destination. Uhen they returned. their fa.i I ies and country rated on their !Ist~ aa the best In the world. Jeffrey aet his wife Christine Sue Stevens {t. Feb. 24, 1952} during their teen years mhen they both lorked as life guard~ for the Ulchita Public Park System. She also attended KU, Including a so.ester of study in Denmark, and graduated ~ith a B.S. degree in journallsa.

Jeffrey and Ch~i8tine were ~orrled June 24, 1978, in WichIta, KGn. Chri3~y had made her career in aduertising publ ic relations at a firm in Wichita. Jeffrey had ~ta~tBd his os a reporter for The Uichita Eagle and Beacon then MQved on to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. They started their lIves together in Sioux Falls, S.O,/ before aoving to Pierre, $,0 .• ~here he was the new5papor'~ Legislature correspondent. In all, Jeffrey hQ~ covered six atate legl~lotu~es - Kansas, South Dakota, Indiana, Hew ~ork, New Jer8e~. Arkansos - as a political reporter.

In 1990, Jeffrey become the Washington, D.C., bureau chief for the Rrkansas Gazette, covering the Uhite House and the presidential co.palgn of Bil I Clinton, He is now the ~anaging editor of Gannett NelS Servlco in Arlington, Ua, His fQ~lly Ilve~ in Herndon, Va.

Their son, ZaChary Stevens, was born Jan. 11, 1962, In Indianapolis, Ind., on the coldeat night of the Hoar, Ian Chri~tiQn, thei~ ,econd ~on, woe born Oct. 10, 1987, in Albany, N.Y. Christine ha~ reeu~ed her career after chasing to stay ho~e to nurture her famil~ and train her sons In tho way they should go. Zachary is a sophoeore at Oakton HIgh School, taking honor classes. He has participated in the ~ubaer~ive Japane,e language progrQ~ aince eecond grade. A natural artist, he has received special training and recognition for his work. A ~e~ber of the awi. tea~. he also ;0 in the Rorching band dru. line and is active in his church. lao, in the fifth grade! has been in the Japanese language prograa since first grade. He playo the piano and the ~axophone. He has a newspaper route, i~ an ~xcA!16nt, enjoy~ pla~ln9 all $po~ts - 8speclally hockey and kopate - and 81n9~ in chu~ch en*e.ble8.

FROM M. and M. LlchtEnheld

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Rug. 06 1937 03:25PM P8

nellssQ graduated in 1915 with a B,S, degree fro~ the Will lam Al len White School of Journal is& at KU, She ~tudied a ~e~e~ter in Ireland in 1976 .ith c[Q$se~ at Gal~ay Unio~rsity and the i~land of loishbofin. Melja~a took her violin and ca~e home playing the Irish fiddle. In 1981 she returned to ~ork as an nup~tairs ~anager~ at the Day's Hotel, [n[shbofin. The lifestyle there may have been as primitiue as on the Kansa~ Prairie In the 19303, as the only electricity on the island wa~ from a 903 generator turned on at night for a fe. hours (to cool down the pub bre~),'

Upon her return, neli330 went to ~ork with Aunt Otha Corol to set up and later operate a doctor's cl inic in Rndover, Kan. The _onder fever tlared up again, this ti~e to help move Jeffrey's fami Iy fro~ Indionapol Is to Albany In 198~. Melissa ~taysd in Rlban~J returning to journari~~ as an editorial clerk for The Knickerbocker Hews, After a ~tlnt a~ a reporter for The Tile~ Record in Troy! H,Y,! she Moved doenstate to ~hlte PIQln~. She ~orked up fro. coPY editor to bureau chief for Gannett Westchester Rockland New~poper3. While at a gathering of reporters in 1967 at a house on Mohegan lake, ~he .et Mathias Georg Lichtenheld (b, March 20, 1959), He mas a medlcol doctor fro~ Ule~bQden, Germany, on a ferro.ship in cancer r6search at He_ York MedIcal College in Valhalla. A month later he ~oved to nia.i, Fla., mlth the laboratory, launching a long-distance court~hjp,

Melva, Dale and 8rad got acquainted with Mathia~ In February 1966 in Hew York City, ent~rtoinjng hiM the first night at F. l, Uebber'~ .u~icQI "Star lite ExprsssH on Broadway. Plans were ~ade for a June 25, 1988, ~edd!ng tn Wichita. "elva organized all, making three trip~ to Hel York that spping, Mathia5' mother Ingrid, his 5i~ter Claudia and four friends fle~ into Wichita from Germany for the leddlng.

nel!3~a was a copy editor for The Miami Herald untl I the birth of their daughter, To~ca Rnn, on Oct. 15, 1991, Samuel Georg wa~ born July 281 \991, The fa.ily ~oved to their oem home on Key 6i3cayne In 1996 fro. their condominium at The Tower~ of Key 6i,cayne. nathloe, a~~lstQnt profe~8or at The University of Miami School of Medicine, focus,e, an cancer research at the molecular leuel. Tosca, ~ho begln~ kindergarten, read "llltle House on the PrQirie~ thi~ eu.~er ~hl[e in Ulchlta, She loves mu~Jc, playe tennl, and ~wl~3, adores jewelry and ~onts to draw and write bOOKS when ~he grows up. Samuel, who begins pre~chool, l~ .echanlcally minded, favoring heavy con~truction vehlcl68. They learn German fro. their fother and .11 I attend the German language progro. In the public ~chools.

FROM M. and M. Llchtenheld


31215 365 12125121

Aug. 06 1997 L213:25PM P9

Dale II I, the professIonal musician In the fami Iy, attended Frr~nd3 University and Horth Texas State University, His love for the trumpet seduced him to leave school twice before finishing. The fjr~t uae In 1974/ when he went on the road s8veral years with South~rn Flavor. The band played popular dance music In clubs and hotels acroes the United States, Canada, Alaska, and Hamali. The advent of dieco and MOJsW In night club~ made the band a dinosaur, Dale returned to school at NTSU, but left once again in t983 before fln[3hlng to Join the Roncolli Circu~ band, a high class European clrcu~. Dale locked three hours to obtain his dBgree.

But music won over academics! ~ith Dale! iving in Geraany for the !a~l 1~ year~. For about 12 years, Dale has Jived in Uissbaden/ the home town of Melissa's husband Mathias and his mother Ingrid. HIs career Inc!ude~ touring Europe with the Roby Bear Band, In ~hich he was the director, arranger and lru~pet player. He a130 free-lances with European entertainers, Big Band orch~~trQ~, Jazz en~embI6&J stage musicals, teleuision shams and commercials. He has a new jazz Quartet that Is making a name for it~erf. His reputation for Jazz i.provisatlon attracts a number of talented 8tudent~.

Dale III manoges to visit the United State~ b~t~~en his heavy schedule, ~hether to Wichita, Key BI3cayne or Herndon, Un. The fa.ily al~ay~ ~eet8 up with hi. one ~ay or another. Once, nslva~ Dale and Brad vl~ited him in G6rmany, Later, In 1991, Melva and Dale set up a rendez-vou8 in Pari~, Dale's mind-boggling adventures could fill a vo[u~e, Perhap~ one day hia journalistic sib! lngs ~i II .rite hl~ 5tory, Jeffrey also could ~r[te Q fa~cjnatjng autobiography. He sa~ Dale I I I in Ger~any ahen covering the

fat t 0 f the Ber 1 in Un [I In 1989, He met up .Ii t h h 1 III aga i n a~ he headed for Mosco~ to cover the trip of Hew York Gov. Morlo Cuomo at the end of the Cold Uar mhen he spoke at Moscow University. Jeff had hoped Oale could work as his interpreter, but their schedule~ conflicted.

Oale III is 0 beloved uncle to his niece and n6pho~8, ~ho are captivated by his presence. A born showman, Dale 1 II attract~ people to him in a natural way, His advocation is food, and he Is an exc~!lent chef. He p03ses along secrets and wine tip~ to his sib! Ings ~henever they get together. DurIng hoi idays and specioJ occasion~. he entertains his

~xpat f"' lot f r- ! ende II it h cu I i nary de I i gh t e 1 conver-a at j on and downhorne ho~pital ity. They al~cy8 comA back for aore,

FROrl M. and M. Lr c t-, tEnr.e 1 d

PHONE NO. 305 ]65 0250

Rug. 06 1937 03:25PM P10

6radford ho~ a uariety of interests, including publi~hing the neighborhood ne~3letter -- The Oel Irose 2-Blts. He hoe worked on nuaerou, political campaigns at the local) state and national leve18, He .oe r&cognlzed by Wichita noyor Bob Knight as an out~tandlng cltl~en and e~corted him to the Clty Comm13~ion meeting where he eos Int~oduced. Ho rode .ith the commissioners to the Airport Authority special ~eetlng and lunched .Ith them. Brad fol lo~~ po! ~tics on all levels) olway~ voting on Election Day,

Brad loues to travel, He ha~ worked on ~any church youth .i~sion trips, going by car to Tenne~see, Ua~hingtonJ South Dakota and Colorado to help those in great need. He IQue~ hia family dearly and to Ul3it hl~ siblings hoe traveled alone b~ air or with his parents by air and by cor. His grandmother, Lola/ said he loved her the ao~t of all and is the Lord's best witness.

Brad has worked for the Wichita Public Schools sInce 1980. Teacner3 and fello~ worker5 have said repeatedly how much they appreciate his

~j Ilingness, loyalty and hard work. Some years have gone b~ ahere he never missed Q dQ~ of .ark. He IS the recipient of the Schools' "Good Rpple~ a.ard. He is Innovative and interested In many thing~ and people. nelvo and Dole wouldn't have their home co~puter if Brad hadn't per$uaded them to get it. He {3 a joy in our faml ly'~ j iue~,

Dale and Melva hQv~ had a fulfilled life ~ith QPportunitie~ they never dreo~ed of .hi Ie growIng up on the prairie, ~here I ife WQ~ centered ~Ithjn the radius of a few miles, We hove had the opportunity to t~QVBl to many places, ~hich haa broadened our vie~ of the world. ~e have Q beautiful, God-fearing fami Iy In which each take3 rS3Ponsibilltl~~ ~eriou8Iy. Dale has received nu~erou~ honora and aWQrd~ in the civic and regal co~.unitJ8~ and ha~ been honored by hi~ fellow \ow~er$. Ue believe Chriet's church de5eruBa our first fruit3. Oale and Meluo have ssrued the Lord in many capacities. Melua's prioritie, are her husband, children~ grandch!ldren, church, the orts and civic rssonsibilitiss, We are entering the last phose of our I ivee together with Oale becoming of Ccunee l in hi, la, fIrm. It 13 an exciting ti~e in our lives.

9u1. th. pi m'"IS of U\I lot"d b<t~fl .... f~, The;, ptlI""p~U of h I a: f'Ia.Qro t fN.<.otJ9h ~I r ~tion._

- P=lw 33: "

CPOM M. and M. Llchtenheld

PHON~ NO. 305 355 0250

Hug. 06 1997 03:27PM P11

Otha Carol attended Emporia State Teachers Coll~ge and entered the School of Business. She and MelvQ lived at the Oelta Zeta Sorority hOU30, She wa~ a tWirler in the col lege ~arching band. She met Uernon Eugene Ooy (b. Oct. I, 1926) who also ~as Q bu~!ne33 ~ajor. They were .orrled June 2, 1950, by the probate judge in WichIta, Uernon went to lork at the KubIk Recounting flr~ where he became a partner, retiring in 1996. Dougla~ Guy .08 born Jan. 14, 1952. Michael Joel .03 born Sept. 16, 1954. SInce Otha Carol'~ 30n& were'QPproxl~Qtely the same age as Melva's, th6Y spent a lot of tIme together, There .as baby sitting, holidays, and morning coffees and outing~ together by the two sisters, As the chIldren grew olderl they went their 3eparate waY3, Otha Carol W03 PTA president at O.K. Elementary School, served as an officer in the Uo~ens Ruxiliary of the Ulchlta SyaphonYI ~a8 CPR Ui~es pre8ident and an avid golfer. She loved to laugh and chi Id~en loved her.

Douglas graduated $ith a degree in fine apts from the Unlversjt~ of Kansas and a wood~orking degree from Pitt~burgh State College, Doug can do anything with his hands and ha3 a broad kno¥!edge on a lot of 3ubjecta, He no~ resides and ~ork& in Wichita after .orklng in Orlando. Fla. He Is a tar anted art! st .

Michael graduated from ths University of Kon$os School of BU3(nes3. He had been int8re~ted in the medical field, in ~hich he volunteered and studied for a lime, He ~ork6d at Boeing Aircraft in Wichita and ~a5 rapidly advanced in co~puter programming, He then took a JOb ~!th Martin-Marietta in Orlando, Fla., shere he worked for about five years Q3 a co&puler progralmer, He beca.e the head of the department and traueied exten3lvely for the co.panys including to Thailand, He married Penny Turner Woods on May 161 19861 in Wichita, They bui It a home in Orlando and mere divorced in 19Q4. Michael then moved to Thailand, where he now resides, He traveled the Far East extensively and nom teaches Eng! ish for the Schools.

Otha Corol passed Quay Apri I 141 198~, in WIchita, Kan" of cancer after a three-.ooth i! Iness, Uernon re~arrled a fee year~ later to PatricIa Marks.

ell.piied fly /kIiul1 /Myc'!:3 _<;t /n.~(1n

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;- ~€.- 'E_:, 3 b, *' S vJ GL \\ \\ 'S >;; ~e IS



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Lo \0.. \ ~-e.\\jo.. \ ~C{)O- \J.

o f\ -\- \'\ e.. S\--Q (' \' -%Z Q~'S \-e \" ('u_,,(\:q~ \:'0o..\~,

0 .. "1' ~ W\e\ Va. i

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T"'-e... \\Ao.... ~ ISO" \\->_ ~6,_ ~("""€...>

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\J\e\ \10. b. C-o- '''~ po.. La \0..

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\JJ:L\"_',.\--o._ \(s, 1'1610-1,;.&

'0 ~ >:;'~n~-'j , CJD'-'-~ lo..s \ \J\~\~~ VJ, \-~ \)G..\~ ~u \~:,,~ ~"6..~

'0e.~~el I ~A"€.. \:"6 ~L>.._

Un ~ e" \-\'\e- _ w-e:-~ ~ V\ ~ W ~ \ \.0 \.iU

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\<, .",).;. c e, ON> e " ~ \-\.C m-e.._ 3.1..~ S, \.JJ, 6\\j~.

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;:; bu.~ .l- 1--0\0... S

b 0. +h \\J\ c\. W~.-rS:>. '1 t.e \..e. \0 c-ea. ~ 0 <\

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~ e V'Y\ e: a. ~ \ :::; 0 Sou...l..::- "" ~ \. \fUSe..,.

\,\ ~t.. - ~""'-\-

LYIa:rg~e Catherine Swann Jon.c~ D:_Y

Shidey Jones Hunt-daushter

...... .:: ~

" If • r= L • S -s- <....- • r: 19 ~ 1

lV.t,,~rg1e Catncrme 'iO/"~H.1.,.'"1 J{mes "'iY~1S )}U,rn J1H_}' o , r 1 at

"01" ("'''~ m,qn i 'K-~ ""'i1'.~~' "y;\/}- "'n -i; h'~ ",".-q~' 4-"::..,,:_" 'F'<"-1 -:r'" ,,~.<,~ ..... ~)~ io h"o.t'·' ""'" !.'-

.J.. _~u.a~ ~ .... ~~<l--, . ~4-J.~~~~..J_d·J;o '_.::='="4....'-.::. _.1 ~:;;.~ 11 &~.L-; 11. ~ ",,~f ~4<- :, ~jj:;,_'l,...1.. lJ"i: jy~ _~.!:J..;tJ.i! ,_

a detr-iment ill her Jife,

A chiroprneror toid m.}' gran{U~!thcr t.hat he ;,Y~)uld g:h'~ her treatments. It weuld cosr mv ~l'andf~~ther .5 LBO ne r treatment

.... ....._: a

If he cured her to walk ~~gain she 'Yfc{)uid receive .ct pair {}f skates.

The treatments -rreT€ so painful that my mother \)))~1id crv when

"-'h ';:j l'::O S ",:r.~ "l l i e ::J'ol.J

rnev y~'~'1iCeilet! ner 111. 10/1'1,' motner rccerve« ne r ~K,aH':S:~:

, .

. , 'I . 1" 0' • ~" • '1 L ~ l' l'

1.'1' .anZie uveu UUl'm~ rne nO{)mln.2" Olil. onase ,;.1JTIh !I]Yt:H JD

... _ , ~ .- • - :=:

whar was re'fcn'ed to as, Dilfield shacks. The nicer gids tuok

care 01' the VOQi11gel children. Mom told abDut her sister .Iessie

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cOfrlHng rice. bne user • .a cup 10r "'~:'H~ ;L pe rson ;lnd rw,~_ ~t ill

everv CUD that thev owned,

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1" ,'1 ~> , - • - ~ , h - , -

vflkDu:iatner- ran a grocer:',' lJilI ,kfa1 sne 'f'V{~tiIH g'o uown

l' . , ~"" f'l ,', • .. " , '~

aria nuv oananas ov tile DUIH.:nes..t'Y nen th.e 2;:[flS g<Oit uhler mev

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wousu Cal~llge ror rnreu' nyHH1S. Yo/ fH.'J] Lrlarg}1£ gO! ow~.-:r sne

." It _l A. ':'I! it":Io ~ -I."".J.- G I ~~ . J"""" 4".;'"

rC2.H2t:u rnat Iil. must ot cesr : ranutatner ,::,1TiHlil a rorrune, Dut

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rnar nc never 3~ua an:y·tnmg to tnern a;t wnas hle:' 'Zna:rg'Ct~.

\.1 . i· l! • +il ..., +' ..

l/~argu~ nveu tiur~ng zne rnalli!;; twenties as a te~n~lger,

One TI'ould. mig:ht 'thL:"1k she looke,;_i lil«oi: :l tlaDDer. "'",'Hh her h:fdr

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booueu anti ::;lUK't§ ano. an:S3€S anove toe xnees. '!; newsne

liked to dance rhe Cbarleston. She <-2"\.eiil mstilkd ihlndng in Shlricv ,1UO .Ie rrv.

~ .

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t.,WAcanon F<l:'1 .d ma.J~H· pJ:lrr 1H ~Har;!k ~ HIe. A-t~Hierrne?)

and arts were her aSS(2t.') ahH12 with her ,sister C~'l1thin .. TiH;Y

~ -:-;0 .JI-;"

11''':roe :,_ tl...." ,"" ill" '''-r''''' .L:-, ." ""':(' t..." l~ 1". ik .",.~ .,,,,,._ ,,*' j..~ .. , ... "~L, .. ,,~.,.., .. ,."", ; ~~ = 11;:;:" ,- Ul s {it: ,J ~'l.ii·.lil. ~ .• !,:i.1U~. P ~,j ~Jld,~l ~.~ u't .... ""i.ur.~<,;:: '.) 1 \,1,,;:,;·1... ;:U"'L u:,_;: ,,,)."} ,) ~

t~..".P; It'' '.7l crps

1l.:!l.~!.:1. :':";'!.~_~'~

'f c • r ' F 'l' ; D 'l .~"" ."..... l'

-Lin'C'~e ",-an Dr ncipeu 'an nu!~d ;;}_ House 111 l";,'iJ:':SIt'li-,

t~;i~:'" is ...,-h",,<"l'> I 1.,1C'~<;; 1--'~~"n ,1,.'-1' N;~'<-i_:.n~h"'r 1;;;' w·,,::~

h.i."'} ;:; ~"t"-~~ •• ,, •• ",,'1." HtJ~ _,< ,pH !. ."~ ~·,~1., ',,_ ~"; 1;;~·~,' •

.- . P > f '" 'T ' h' .,_ 4-~ 0 , • ,

,acr-;J}l:d.y- 1. )~,' as iOG rn 1I'l. 1"'1 UiCuL""'1SfH1 H iL nBS iHID t::)

,;rAm" <;cr-'~y",;{_i .~"" J, "~'!- u~n~}r!;: until ,-d-C'''l,'r:'-'; ":""P"'.Hj -l'"i"(,~~(d1 t'1

~ 1 i.,j'.:!:! ~ ~.,. ':l"'?~ V {!, ,~.L ..L ll..J...;A!]. ~ : .... e.::"'~'2. .:J u~;1 _:! i .:;1 ~t.~ ~ .,..-~~.;F ")..,....:l '.Ji,::s,~ ~ j ,4!:.....:;.~:.!. .........

go home. T)~-H )"e2.TS later my brother was born n[1 D,t';::ernJ}::r 1 ~ W~'f

_.v.., ;iJ ......... !"I"

if 1 ' 0, ~ 1 ., • ,

~ remernoer a:s ~). ~hli{ii. aDO!]! h,"-o or rnrec D3.t1h:m:!! nlU4~

ni",.;. for :tho flf>;nhh .... ".. ;:;,{'3'0,-,h' :rhp street E- 'J' ·1-:-~·,P,HJ.'.d l)rqt tl",q-;,--, in

i)' ;::i.').,..,-,..J. -~ ""~ .... ~\..- ,.J."_".:...~J~,L;·;t.F!a. -t~""=-'"..... .;-.') >Vl'l..G.. ..... ~~ ........ ;t. ~.... _ .,.... ,; t.,J, .~YI :a '..-.I', .:l:.J'C;,... -l.~ l. -'::_:l

his lunch box befor-e he 'ivcnt to work.

LVlo'a1D. saill I l~yve to run off lind 'df'iH tlLt a ym .. U1g a~ge,

r ... , _0. rV{>'::--'''~ 'ft·., rte d (:<11. H~n 0' no ,>. t~ ... .;:. "fh.~ 5-';"1'21 g-H :L-1' ,,..~ ",;' '" '"';, m "_">', "";

;.t.......... :;:'" !J,..-' ..:,.' y~ i.'IlI"..- ~ - <'-.:!.!:.. . ~-\. .. ~~..l...Ji!;l..:i.::!~ _~::r. .... ~ "]o:15...s.~ __ ~~."1 .: T', :p;. !!.,' 'f,..:,', ~.;' J.;';.,I'~ .. ~.~_, ,~'I ;.., ... ~,

_1 'Ii!;nt t-i;ry .... in Cunton ~['~""~')" "'lffV i~'H~-'" l ... ;r<,-)t~ ... "q·l,;;: -'"-';'iJ'-'-~ '1-

...... .l. T..,\_i.I,:' '" A... .:A...litjJi,ii A.A....... ~ ::I,.9,.,,"::1~ l.-')..,_.,l._.;J.;l~:.t~."}<Jo .... ' "0" .... ~G._l...i"7 t~ "l" .J.-l:;l ""-'.... ,) '! _ ::: ~~.;.

r emembe I' i' r",,'~lnq h'<'C'l~l«,u ~'"\. aunt n.'IL""k_"").i~ T~1,-:n/ -, r('"~ ,q i' 1-" '-.

L A"(~ __ ........ '-' ........ ,,} ll.ll.~ -....5' ~_.... 4- _-..s ...... .ll!!;1./r.; ,1. ~3~"" 1' ..... ..::. .,_ ~ -.~ J:., ~~ ..... "", z a t_ .~'" ·.-I;o..L· .... ) ......

had and w'Hu!d not tet me YH~:ir it again. Ahn mv aunt 'n;2.htin~

, i-.(~ ~~ ~ ., ~ ~.1--':l:j- .0 ~ . ..o:~ j_~;O" .; j ... h - - '1: _._ 1 ..... ~ L.~ c» ~-<\ ~.-- .. ~ - , .-' ~:0'~ ... ,,~,

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