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How To Be A 3% Man

How To Be A 3% Man


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Published by Corey Wayne Turner
How you can meet and date the type of women you've always wanted and have effortless relationships; how to get your wife or girlfriend back; how to get a girlfriend.

How you can master picking up, dating, and having effortless relationships with the type of women you've always wanted.
How you can meet and date the type of women you've always wanted and have effortless relationships; how to get your wife or girlfriend back; how to get a girlfriend.

How you can master picking up, dating, and having effortless relationships with the type of women you've always wanted.

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Published by: Corey Wayne Turner on Jun 22, 2010
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Getting back to what I said earlier, when a guy meets a woman, he
can instantly have a really high level of attraction to her. Women take
a lot longer to fall in love. A woman needs to trust a guy before she
will open herself up to even the possibility of committing her
emotions. A man is basically ready to make love at the drop of a hat,
and his emotions are instantly engaged. For a woman, romance is the
whole experience of the dating. It’s about the mysterious love story
unfolding just like in a book. Google “Corey Wayne Women Want To
Be In A Love Story” and “Corey Wayne What Women Are Attracted

Part III: The Art of Understanding


To In Men.” She never knows what’s going to happen next. It’s a
scientific fact that women are more attracted to men whose feelings
are unclear.

It’s the experience of the courtship that turns a woman on
emotionally. Part of that experience is the anticipation, wondering
where she stands, what’s going to happen next, or when you are going
to call. Some women will say they don’t like these things, but I have
found continuously that these things do have a positive effect on their
level of attraction. If they are starting to wonder about you, it is also
engaging their emotional input. Most women can’t involve themselves
in an intimate relationship until their emotions are engaged, which is
the exact opposite of men.

Because it is an important point to stress, I am going to say it
again: Women fall in love slower than men fall in love. The whole
experience for her involves how you ask her out, when you call her on
the phone, as well as the anticipation of what is going to happen on a
date. It is where you go on a date, how you handle yourself, how you
handle the others around you, and how you handle her.

Consciously or unconsciously, men and women both keep score
when they meet someone, are dating someone, or are with someone
they are interested in. It’s not an actual scoring system, but they do
keep track of the things the other person does to either raise or lower
their level of attraction. Let me give you an idea of how men and
women differ in their thoughts on a sample date. Women have their
own rating system that is totally separate from guys’ systems. Men
think: Okay. I bought her flowers – that’s worth a point. I took her out
to a nice dinner – there’s another point. I took her dancing afterward

How To Be A 3% Man


– that has to be worth another point. See how this all adds up so
quickly in a guy’s mind? Bribes for sex.

The same date from a woman’s point of view is going to go
something more like this: He took me out on a date. He was attentive
to me – that’s worth a point. He didn’t check out that beautiful
waitress, even when she was sort of flirty with him – there’s a BIG
point. He referred back to something earlier in the conversation. That
means he was actually listening to what I said – I’d give him 2 points
for that one. I felt so relaxed and comfortable with him. He even made
me laugh – That’s another 2 points in my book. I actually feel as
though I could trust him more, now that I’m getting to know him. He is
definitely doing the right things to raise my attraction level.

If you want to win a woman’s trust, gentleman, and ultimately her
heart, you have to understand how she thinks. You have to understand
what is important to her. A woman needs to feel safe to open her heart.
She needs to trust you. She needs to know that her heart will be
protected. The way you do that is to allow her to feel safe to be in her
feminine energy, by making sure that she can feel certain you are in
your masculine energy by being the leader and leading things to a
successful conclusion in the bedroom.

I like to meet out for a drink first. Why? If you decide you don’t
like her, it’s easy to leave. If things go well, then you can order
appetizers and maybe dinner. Have two or three places close by that
you can go to if things go well. Maybe go to a second place for darts,
to shoot pool, a wine bar, bowling, miniature golf, etc. If she has a
high level of comfort and you’re sure you really like her, you can pick
her up at her place like a gentleman. You open the car door. You take
her to some place fun. The higher her attraction and comfort, the more

Part III: The Art of Understanding


likely you’ll be able to simply go pick her up like a gentleman. The
lower her interest, the less she knows you, the more standoffish she
will be and the harder it will be to get to her front porch.

The key is to take her someplace fun and maybe a place she’s
never been before. With smartphones and a Google Maps App
installed, you should always be able to quickly find cool places to go
or things to see. If you take a woman to 2-3 different places in one
evening, it’s like the experience of multiple dates on one night. Why?
Most guys go to dinner and then take her home. The average woman
will sleep with a guy after 2-3 dates. Give them a fun experience at
multiple places close to one another in the same evening, and you will
dramatically increase your chances of scoring quickly.

Guys tend to dwell on all the physical attributes of the date, while
women focus on the emotional attributes. It’s the experience of having
a nice dinner, drinks, doing something fun, great conversation, and just
having a good time. Whatever it is that you are doing, it is the whole
experience of the date, not just what you do or where you take her.

It can’t be: I took her to dinner and great, now I’m ready to go
home and have sex
. Women don’t operate that way. They have to
warm up to you. You have to build a trust level with her, a level of
comfort. Their hearts open a lot slower, because it is all about the
whole emotional experience. The more comfortable they feel and the
higher their attraction, the sooner they will start touching your arm, sit
or stand too close where their body is touching yours, play with their
hair, etc.

When a woman bumps into you or starts touching you, it means
touching is okay. If you look at her lips and then into her eyes, then
down at her lips and then back into her eyes over the course of 4-5

How To Be A 3% Man


seconds when you are close, and she looks at your lips too… that
means she’s ready to be kissed. Kissing and making out lead to heavy
petting and affection. Then you can say, “Hey, let’s get out of here and
go back to my place. I’ve got a great bottle of wine we can enjoy (or
coffee, champagne, tea, espresso, etc. depending on your drink of
Google “Corey Wayne Successfully Deflowering Your
Virgin Girlfriend.” If she’s ready she will say yes. If not she will
suggest hanging where you are. Don’t get upset or you will blow it.
Just keep having fun and touching, etc. Ask her again in an hour or so
when the affection and making out gets heavy again.

When a guy meets a woman, often he starts coming on real heavy.
He starts talking about relationships. He starts talking about dating.
When a woman says to you: I’m not looking for a relationship. She’s
really saying: Whoa… slow down. I just want to have fun. I need to
trust you and feel comfortable with you before that option is even on
the table.

Again, that’s why you don’t need to say things like: Oh, you are
so beautiful. I had an incredible time the other night.
Coming from a
guy she barely knows, one that has not taken the time to get to know
her, these things mean little or nothing. Plus, they can come off as a
bribe for sex instead of an authentic compliment from the heart. They
do not work to raise her level of attraction. All it does is to make you
look like a guy who is needy, someone that is very insecure. Plus,
these are things women usually say. Be more of a man than her.

It will actually lower her level of attraction, and you either won’t
get a date at all, or you won’t get a second date. If you have been in a
relationship for a while, compliments without the other actions behind
them can even cause her to eventually dump you, because she sees no

Part III: The Art of Understanding


truth behind the words. She no longer feels emotionally safe, and she
will start looking for someone that can make her feel that way.

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