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How To Be A 3% Man

How To Be A 3% Man


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Published by Corey Wayne Turner
How you can meet and date the type of women you've always wanted and have effortless relationships; how to get your wife or girlfriend back; how to get a girlfriend.

How you can master picking up, dating, and having effortless relationships with the type of women you've always wanted.
How you can meet and date the type of women you've always wanted and have effortless relationships; how to get your wife or girlfriend back; how to get a girlfriend.

How you can master picking up, dating, and having effortless relationships with the type of women you've always wanted.

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Published by: Corey Wayne Turner on Jun 22, 2010
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Women are like the ocean, and guys have these little rowboats or
canoes. A guy will be just cruising along and it’s a nice, sunny,
beautiful day, and he’s thinking: Wow. This is great.

The ocean is flat, then all the sudden, from out of nowhere it
becomes like a hurricane. There are ten-foot waves everywhere. The
guy, no matter what his lady is doing, has to remain centered. In other
words, he can’t let her capsize his boat. He can’t let her sink him. He
can’t let her get him off his path and his purpose in life. And he can’t –
no matter what – let her get him out of his masculine.

If she does capsize your boat and you sink? First, you have to bail
it out and bring it back to the surface. Now she will make it twice as
hard, the storm will get twice as bad, until she sees that no matter what
she does, she can’t sway you from your path. It doesn’t matter if she’s
yelling, cussing at you, or saying: I hate your guts.

The movie, Cinderella Man, is a great example of how a woman
tests the purpose of her man, and tests his strength and masculinity.
Based on a true story, Jim Braddock, the boxer, had been out of boxing
for two years due to an injury. A promoter friend comes to him and
says: Hey, I’ve got a fight. It’s a one-time shot. I need you to fight
tomorrow night
. He had one day’s notice without training and ends up
beating the guy. So with zero training and no fights for two years, he

Part VIII: Solving the Mystery


takes a fight, beating a potential championship contender. He was
never expected to win. They had basically needed a warm body in the

In a nutshell, he goes all the way to the heavyweight
championship bout, and the guy he is fighting for the heavyweight
championship has previously killed two guys. He’s really young, and
an amazing fighter. His wife tells him not to fight because he’ll get
hurt, or worse, he will die.

However, masculine energy demands that he fight and go live his
purpose, no matter how much his wife protests. If he were to quit, or to
not fight, or shrink in the face of the challenge, then he would be
weak. He is a hero that everyone can believe in. Even when his wife
protests, and tests, he still fights, even if it means losing everything.
Even if it means that she is not going to support him. This is masculine

His wife, at one point in the movie, goes into the church to pray
for him before the fight. The church is full. She goes to the priest:
What’s everybody in here for? I’m coming to pray for Jimmy. He tells
her: Everyone in here is praying for him. They’re praying that he’s
going to win and that he’s going to be okay

At the time, during the Depression, he was a guy that had been
down and out, and completely out of boxing, but he managed to get a
second chance at his dream. Now he is fighting for the championship.
Even though he shouldn’t have won all these fights, he was winning
because he had a reason to win. He was doing it to provide for his
family. They needed the money, and he did not want his family to get
split up.

How To Be A 3% Man


He almost lost his whole family. At one point he and his wife sent
their kids away to live with relatives because they didn’t have the
money to feed them properly. Their power had been turned off, it was
cold, the kids were getting sick, and his circumstances created so much
pain inside of him that he was not going to let this happen.

So he was out there fighting a boxing match and he was fighting
for his family, for their survival and well-being. His wife, needless to
say, was stunned that everybody in the church was praying for him.
Everybody in that church wanted a hero to believe in, especially
during the Great Depression. They wanted someone to give them hope
that things would turn out for the best, even when they looked at their
worst. You can imagine what the Great Depression was like.

The people thought he was fighting for them. This made them feel
safe. He gave them hope and certainty, which is exactly what
masculine energy does when it is in its core. It also has the same effect
on a woman’s feminine heart. Her feminine heart opens to receive his
presence when he passes her test, and tests of his manhood.

At one point in the movie his wife told him: I’m not coming to the
fight. I don’t want you to fight. I’m not happy that you’re fighting. I’m
not going to listen to it on the radio. I’m not supporting you in this, at

Regardless, he told her: This is what I do. I’m a fighter. I’m
fighting for you, and I’m fighting for the kids. I’m going to do this.
essence, he was telling her: I don’t care how much you protest. I have
to do this. This is my purpose.

His wife bluffed saying: I don’t support this at all. He leaves,
calling her bluff. Right before the fight, she shows up at the locker
room and gives him a hug and kiss, basically letting him know that she

Part VIII: Solving the Mystery


is submissive at that point. She goes along with what he’s saying, and
supports him. He called her bluff and she backed down, accepting that
he was in his masculine. I think it is a really great example of
masculine and feminine energy, because again, feminine energy will
sometimes bluff to test.

His wife had come to him before the fight, and says she would not
support it. In other words, she threatened to walk, or not support him if
he fights. He, again, remains indifferent. He goes anyway, because he
has to. Because that’s his purpose, that’s his mission, because that’s
what he must do, as a strong, masculine man.

He is a superior man who will give everything for his purpose.
That included his life. That is why men go off to war, and will die
willingly. It’s because that is just what masculine energy does. You
must be this way for your lady, or she will never trust your core.

He is the first of the boxers to walk into the arena. It is completely
silent, which is something that has never happened before. Everybody
in the crowd really wants him to win, because he is such an underdog.
Someone shouts out in the crowd: You can do it, Jimmy! Then the
whole crowd cheers and goes nuts.

This is what happens to your lady when you don’t shrink in the
face of her storm. No matter what she throws at you, she can’t rock
your boat. She can’t dump you in the water. She can’t knock you over.
You have to be her rock.

In the end, Jim wins the fight and he owns his lady’s heart. He
told her it would be okay and it was. At the end of the movie, they
rolled the credits. In WWII, he was called to duty, and went to serve
his country. He served honorably. I’m sure that not only his wife, but

How To Be A 3% Man


any other woman will tell her man: Stay here where it is safe. I don’t
want anything to happen to you.

But again, masculine energy when it is in its core has to go. Even
though she would have rather he hadn’t gone off to war, she loved him
more because he did. He was willing to sacrifice his life and
everything for his family, and for his country. That makes the feminine
woman feel safe. He is willing to sacrifice everything to protect her, to
make sure that she’s okay. He takes all her pain and worry upon
himself, so she doesn’t have to experience those emotions.

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