I circle my opponent. He had an evil gleam in his eye. The moon was full and the crowed roared for their favourite fighter. I took a deep breath and charged towards him. He was a vampire like me and was just as fast. I swung my sword but it hit of his shield. I swung again this time hitting his leg. He screamed in pain and dropped his sword. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to his feet. I lay my sword across his neck and look at the emperor. He smiled back at me and raised his hand and put his thumb down. This meant that I had to kill the other vampire. I pressed my sword against his throat and then drew back quickly. Blood poured freely out from his neck. It made me sick to kill one of my own kind. I walked back slowly. The gate to the barracks was now open. I walked in and washed up. I was covered in blood. I was a slave for the humans. Most vampires and were-wolves were. I dried my self and walked back to my mat and waited for my next match.

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