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Intelligence Bulletin ~ Nov 1944

Intelligence Bulletin ~ Nov 1944


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One of the attempted enemy ruses involved sending an indi
vidual Jap to move about in front of our defensive perimeter,
so as to draw the fire of our automatic weapons. Next, two or
three enemy riflemen would fire tracer at the automatic weapons.

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Japanese mortars then would direct their fire on the weapon
The Japanese called out to the men in

Troop, which

was commanded by a Captain Frank

, "The regiment's fall
ing back. Retreat, Frank!" and used similar colloquial phrases*
However, the U. S. soldiers did not leave their positions. In
many instances, the Japanese yelled, "Move over, Joe! I'm
coming in!"

Such enemy ruses are of long standing. In every campaign
since Guadalcanal, the Japanese have tried methods like these
in an attempt to create confusion. Nor is the use of bayonets
on long poles unprecedented. Australian forces reported en
countering the same type of improvised weapon during the
Finschhafen campaign on New Guinea.

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