Thinking in Scientific Ways

Progress indicators Key aspects of learning Level 2 Level 3 Suggests explanations supported by some evidence. Level 4 Suggests an explanation and considers others linked to the evidence.

Suggesting explanations Suggests cause-effect links for observations or events. Comparing and Prefers one explanation. evaluating explanations Accepts that their ideas may change if someone suggests a better idea. Evaluating the quality of evidence and accepting uncertainty Recognises that "we" are uncertain about an explanation.

Explains why they changed or did not Attempts to eliminate or support change their ideas, referring to the evidence. explanations using evidence. With support, clarifies or changes their ideas Clarifies or changes their ideas after in the light of the evidence. considering the evidence and argument. Accepts there is not enough evidence to choose an explanation. Recognises that scientists develop new ideas, building on previous science ideas. Explains that scientists seek out evidence to support or refute ideas. Is aware of the need to assess the quality of evidence. Recognises that scientists debate their ideas with others in the scientific community. Explains that acceptance of an idea depends on evidence and argument.

Understanding how the Recognises that scientists test their ideas to science community select the best explanations. operates

Developing and Communicating Scientific Understanding
Key aspects of learning Progress indicators Level 2 Level 3 Constructs a plausible explanation for an experience using some scientific ideas. Level 4 Constructs an explanation for an experience, using appropriate scientific ideas. Uses a range of scientific terms and symbols appropriately. Correctly distinguishes between scientific and everyday meanings for terms used. Helps an audience to understand a scientific explanation with the help of aids. With support, evaluates their own explanations and scientific understanding.

Using scientific ideas in Offers explanations for experiences, using constructing explanations some scientific ideas. Using scientific vocabulary

Experiments with vocabulary and uses correct labels to describe experiences.

Develops and uses scientific vocabulary and symbols. Recognises that some words have special scientific meanings.

Communicates explanations using aids Reflecting on their understanding

Begins to explain with the help of simple aids. Describes changes in their own understanding.

Communicates scientific ideas with the help of aids. Discusses the changes in their own scientific ideas.

Evidence of Learning during the Erosion Unit
What have you learnt?
I have learnt what erosion is I have learnt what types of rocks there are. I have learnt about how the size and shape differ.

How do you know?
I know this because it has been explained. I also have seen it when we went down to the river. I learnt this when Miss Thompson showed the class the animations and the rockhounds website. I found it out when we went down to ann street and when we looked online and also when Miss Thompson explained it

What e-learning tools helped you to learn this?
The blog helped me with the videos and the internet has helped with searching. The animations online and the rockhounds website showed me the types of rocks and how they get around. The internet and Google earth.