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Published by Hardi Wijaya VI
If you want free link, read up this article. I just wrote it. I don't think this is mentioned anywhere on the Internet. Please take the idea and create a great venture for you. Success!
If you want free link, read up this article. I just wrote it. I don't think this is mentioned anywhere on the Internet. Please take the idea and create a great venture for you. Success!

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Published by: Hardi Wijaya VI on Jun 23, 2010
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"I don't care if it's a white cat or a black cat. It's a good cat so long as it catches mice." the most famous quotation by Deng Xiaoping, a former leader in China, in 1961. Interestingly, this political view spurred China into deep economic reform. The essence is to ignore political incorrectness for the sake of achieving a goal. If Google were to adopt such political stance in business, they would proclaim in a similar manner -- “We don’t care if it’s white hat or black hat. It’s a good hat so long as it makes us ad money.” The truth is, Google is secretly playing ‘good cop, bad cop’ for their own purpose. They will never bring this matter to conflict their own interest. This is an open secret, yet they deny. Google touts how SEO specialists should morally run their businesses. Certain white-hatters flock in like gangbuster. They have opportunities to interview famous mouthpiece (puppet). This free publicity is worth million bucks. They push beyond to carry favors with Google. They openly label aggressive SEO specialists as black-hatters and preach sermons on SEO morality. This seemingly matches with Google’s philosophy -- “Don’t be evil”. Unfortunately, the company that advertizes to the world about superior morality shows every second that evil is in their DNA. This ironically matches with a sentence in their ‘Code of Conduct’ statement -- “But ‘Don't be evil’ is much more than that.” Google was caught selling high PageRank links repeatedly. Yet they are asking webmasters to police paid links. Google warns Adsense publishers not to manipulate website visitors into clicking the ads. Yet they are suggesting vital keywords to people while using their search engine. These keywords in fact lead people into search listings where Adwords advertisers want their ads to appear. This is amazing! Google is claiming to be the moral police of the web. However, they knowingly sold ads to advertisers that were defrauding consumers. They further lied about cleaning it up after questioned by authorities. They give people such user experience for money. The real meaning by Google is that, search is never about relevancy or the users. It is about making profits and maintaining the perception of control. If a person who deals poorly in SEO has little or no money, he or she is likely as a spammer or black-hatter. Such is arbitrary abuse of power! Nevertheless, it is better for one not to be emotional at Google’s arbitrary behavior in their playground. To be fair, Google is silently acknowledging “practical hypocrisy”. They are exaggerating good image to encourage usage of their search engine. At the same time, they are responding to the demand of shareholders for the sake of money. This is a necessary evil and typical in corporate world. On the other hand, turning around the table is easy. The arbitrary use of power can be in any SEO specialist’s hand!

It is possible that the following idea is the first to be mentioned on the Internet. This does not deserve to be label as white, black, or grey hat as SEO bears no color. Besides, one should never forget the online atrocity committed by Google. Therefore, let this be satirically coined as “G-Hat”! Without much ado, here is the main story. One of the recent trends to build backlinks is through profiles at High PageRank forums. It is like a winning black horse of a race. However, people without deep knowledge, especially the ‘SEO kiddies’, tend to abuse it. They resort to spamming, and provoke anger of many forum owners. Thus, it is naturally that Google is paying attention to this. A recent study in an experimental site shows some truth that Google is ignoring such links from their index. One easy way is to list a website in Google’s Webmaster Tools account. Around 90% of such links do not show up by their crawler. Another site reveals a better result. About 60% of links do not appear. These studies may not offer a concrete proof. However, they show that the search algorithm can filter certain kind of link even if it is indexed in the first place. It looks like this black horse is dying now. Empires that use such backlinks for SEO campaigns are crumbling in the process! Here is one remedy. It gets better if understand and apply this properly.

First, use the search engine. Find out the profile backlinks of high PageRank forums that Google love. For example, type in ‘site:forum.com/profile/user?’. Take note of the number in the listing -the more the better. Next, negotiate with a forum owner. Ask for permission to send 2-way non-reciprocal link via profile. The starting point comes from a high PageRank page. The profile page is at the middle. The flow ends at the targeted page by powerful 2-way linkage. By using this way, link juice from high PR page flows to the forum. The webmaster can take advantage of it. Alternatively, it is fine to request the webmaster to create a specific high-content profile. The content can be in the form of non-abusive advertisement or article related to the niche. This will help to strengthen the link, and it eliminates the chance of being removed from Google’s index. If the forum owner refuses at first, entice a better offer such as paying for a VIP profile. It is perfectly fine in the eye of Google, as this is not buying link. However, the foremost important task is to educate the benefits of this link connection, because most forum owners lack SEO knowledge. This type of arrangement is a win-win venture! The forum owner gets high PR link to his or her site in addition of other incentives. The final connection goes to money site in the form of 2-way, which helps to boost search ranking. This black horse is kicking and alive, and stronger than before! If the forum owner were to duplicate this idea and provide others the same offer, it would mean more income to him or her. Nonetheless, anyone who has no SEO knowledge could negotiate a deal with a dozen of forum owners, and sell to SEO specialists who want a high-end service.

There is no limit, because the arbitrary use of power to make money only favors people who seek it!

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