New Photo Beam Enclosures: Timing Ireland recently installed new internally heated metal box enclosures to protect

the Photo Beams from weathering to prolong their life span, and to increase their effectiveness. These protective boxes are strongly recommended by the Manufacturers for Beams that are exposed on a year round basis, and are proving to be very successful to date. These New boxes can be seen in Drumbo Park & Waterford Greyhound Track. They can be made in two different sizes to accommodate tracks with Single Beams installed and Treble beams installed. (See images below).

Drumbo Park (single beam)

Waterford Greyhound Track (Treble beam)

Advantages of New Enclosures: • • • • • • • Water Proof & spray proof. Keeps sand away from instrument and reflector. Stainless steel and Aluminum Rust Proof Design. Internal Heater & circulating fan Whole structure is insulated Increases life span of and dependability of Photo Beams More reliable operation in all weathers.

Waterford Greyhound Track E-mail: Phone: (01) 846 2409

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