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Formation Signals

Doubles right= two fist above head

Double left= two fist out from hips
Pro right=1fist above head
Pro left= 1 fist out from hips
Heavy right=curl motion w/both arms followed by right arm out at side
Heavy left=" left "
Spread right=both arms pointing out from body with right arm making a muscle
Spread left=" left "

Play signals
Oregon= duck mouth with hands
Baylor= Bear with arms extended above head with claws
Tulane=wave with one hand
Virginia= make Z with sword like Zorro
Nevada=both hand on mout like howling
Iowa=cover eyes with both hands
Florida=Gator mouth with arms
Alabama=Rolltide with right arm above head in circular motion
Texas=both hands making horns on head
Playaction=give signal followed by taking picture with camera
Toledo=both arms above head like rocket or A as in YMCA
Reverse=give signal followed by right arm counter clockwise hitting on back of leg
Throwback=pat self on back
Pitch=like pitcher in baseball making pitch

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