he OrComSoc Junior ExeCom Program is the organization’s way of equipping its current members with training to prepare them in taking greater roles as they become the future leaders of the organization. The JEs will be selected on a merit basis after going through the Junior ExeCom Application Process. Once selected, they will be effective until the end of the second semester of the current academic year.

 serves as the managing editor of the OrCom  
newsletter (gives assignments, sets deadlines, monitors performance of staff) delegates tasks to members of event relations and documentation units keeps and maintains all template files of the organization and members' database

Junior VP for Internals
 supervises the publicity members in posting  
announcements and/or updates in OrComSoc's social networking sites, text and/or e-mail blasts organizes the Socials arm members in preparing food for events heads the Socials arm members in conceptualizing games, icebreakers, and raffles

Junior VP for Externals
 

 responsible in updating production of event
collaterals contacts and maintains good relationship with sponsors and updates sponsor database assists in managing publicity of the organization through online sites and text presides over when VP is not present affiliates

Junior VP for Finance
  

 functions as the assistant head of all activities
headed by the Finance Committee (e.g. income generating projects) presides over Finance committee/sub-unit meetings when the VP for Finance is not present collects, secures and disburses all the revenues of the organization maintains a system of the organization’s accounts and ledgers

  attends meetings concerning OrComSoc



 one year residence in OrComSoc  sophomore or junior standing  good academic standing


Accomplish the form & upload requirements!
 http://knackout.tk or get forms from
DAC bulletin board

 Beat the deadline on June 30, 2010!

For queries, contact Luigi Crespo at 0926 6710656 or e-mail orcomsoc@yahoo.com

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