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Sap Solution Manager - Installation Guide - Post-installation activity guide

Sap Solution Manager - Installation Guide - Post-installation activity guide


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Sap Solution Manager Post installation Activities.
Sap Solution Manager Post installation Activities.

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Published by: http://wlacaze.googlepages.com/home on Jun 13, 2008
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Installation Guide

Post-Installation Activity’s
SAP Solution Manager
h t t p : / / w w w l i n ! e d i n c o " / i n / s o l u t i o n " a n a g e r
#e n c e s l a o $ a c a % e
#e n c e s l a o $ a c a % e
Table of Contents
Author &io '
Initial (as! )
(ransport *outes +
Pro,ile 8
-reate .peration Modes 8
-reate $ogon group /
0e,ine &ac!ground 1o2s /
Initiali%ation the $ogs 30
')'/834doc Page 4 o, 30
Author Bio
My na"e is Wenceslao Lacaze and I’ve 2een wor!ing as a SAP
2asis Ad"inistrator and Solution Manager -onsultant ,or the last 8
I’" a (echno-5unctional SAP Solution Manager Su26ect Matter
78pert 9SM7:; I 0esign; &uild and I"ple"ent the product using <*un
Sap= Methodology
I have developed a very extended experience with "ediu" and
large scaled SAP installations in several 9"ulti:national
I a" 2ased in Argentina; 2ut wor! all around the #orld
I wor! directly ,or clients or via an agency
I do spea! Spanish; Italian and 7nglish ,luently
>ou can contact "e at:
7"ail: wlaca%e?g"ailco"
')'/834doc Page ' o, 30
Initial Task
$ogon in windows environ"ent whit the Sap Ad"inistrator user@SI0AA0M
Bpdate Statistics
*un the co""andA
02"cli Cd @SI0A -u @-ontrol userna"eA;@passwordA sDlEupdatestat
-hec! the A2ap $ogon
-hec! the 1ava $ogon
')'/834doc Page ) o, 30
*un the (8code SI-G in a2ap

*un the (8code :S70H
And run the Per,or" Post-Installation Actions
Transport Routes
*un the (8code:S(MS
-reate a new 0o"ain
')'/834doc Page + o, 30
-reate a -o"pany Ia"e
')'/834doc Page H o, 30
SAP Syste"s-reateJirtual Syste"
Assign a SI0
In Main screen .verview(ransport *outes
-on,igurationStandard -on,iguration0evelop"ent and Production Syste"
Select the 4 Syste"s
')'/834doc Page K o, 30
I"port the Active pro,iles and Modi,y
(8code (L30
BtilitiesI"port Pro,iles., Active Servers
Add the para"eter login/syste"Eclient
Create Operation Modes
In (8code: *L0)
-reate a Iew .PM
')'/834doc Page 8 o, 30
Create Logon group
In (8code:SM$G
-reate a new $ogon Group
Define Background Jobs
In (8code: SM'H
-lic! in Standar 1o2s
-lic! in 0e,ault Scheduling to schedule the standard 6o2s
')'/834doc Page / o, 30
Initialization the Logs.
In (8code:SM43
-lic! -ontinue
')'/834doc Page 30 o, 30

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