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Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union

(ACSSU) of Canada

ACSSU presents the Assyrian Heritage Fine Arts Scholarship, sponsored by Assyrian
Heritage. This scholarship is offered to an Assyrian (also known as Chaldean or Syriac)
student who best combines academic achievement and their natural talent to preserve the
Assyrian heritage. It is granted to a student entering or continuing a post-secondary
program in the Arts, Design, Drama, or Performance in a Canadian institute. ACSSU and
Assyrian Heritage share a common vision of promoting higher education and a
nationalistic pride. We believe these are the only means of preserving our heritage and
mobilizing our Assyrian humanitarian needs. This scholarship is to honour and aid one
student who shares this same vision as ACSSU and Assyrian Heritage.

• One $ 250 scholarship to be given to an Assyrian student entering or continuing post-
secondary education in a Canadian institute.
• At least one parent of Assyrian descent.
• Must be a permanent Canadian resident, Canadian citizen, or possess appropriate
paperwork indicating eligibility to study in Canada.
• Application form with all applicable fields must be completed.
• 1 original official transcript in sealed envelope to be submitted with application
• 1 original reference letter from a non-related professional (e.g. teacher, doctor, etc.) in a
sealed envelope to be submitted with application.
• Must be enrolled in full time studies

Selection Process
• Grades (60%)
• Extracurricular Activities, e.g. volunteer work, sports teams, club memberships, etc.
• Essay (10%)
• Reference Letter (5%)
• Potential Interview (Bonus 5%)

• September 15, 2010 – Final Date for
Application Submission
• September 1 – September 20, 2010 – Evaluation of
• October 5, 2010 – Recipient is Notified
Applications will be reviewed by the ACSSU Executive Committee and will be evaluated
based on a weighted average system. The applicant with the highest percentage will be
awarded the scholarship.
The scholarship will be forwarded directly to the educational institution to be used as a
tuition payment. The payment will be made the day after the deadline to drop courses set
by the educational institution.