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STEVE GOODMAN SONIC TS AN | SOUND, AFFECT, AND aie 1 e@ Ree) gee Na) ea Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear Seer Sound can be deployed to produce discomfort, Ce ee a Ce en a ou amr Fe eae ea GR ea ae Seen acre a ney Ce eee ie eee ee ed ee eo ee te Ce ee ey ‘and musicians generate intense frequencies in the Sy Ce ee en ue Soa a at eee cet tas Cree ee octet rs CRU Cu ORURe e eu ee etd See ans ‘of sound systems in the modulation of affect. Be ee Mee CO MU RC rears See ye i) Oe Se mL and the intense sonic encounters of sound art Eee ee on ead Tee ey Se ee the unactualzed nexus of rhythms and frequencies: Res : Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England