Body Quadrants and Regions -A scheme commonly used by medical personnel divides the abdominopelvic cavity into four or less equal regions called quadrants

FOUR ABDOMINAL QUADRANTS RIGHT UPPER QUADRANT • Liver • Gallbladder • Duodenum • Head of the pancreas • Right Adrenal gland • Upper lobe of right kidney • Hepatic flexure of colon • Section of ascending colon • Section of transverse colon RIGHT LOWER QUADRANT • Lower lobe of right kidney • Section of ascending colon • Right fallopian tube (female) • Right ovary (female) • Part of uterus (if enlarged) • Right spermatic cord (male) • Cecum • Appendix • Right ureter LEFT UPPER QUADRANT • Left lower part of liver • Upper lobe of left kidney • Splenic flexure of colon • Section of transverse colon • Section of descending colon • Stomach • Spleen • Pancreas • Left Adrenal gland LEFT LOWER QUADRANT • Lower lobe of left kidney • Section of descending colon • Left spermatic cord (male) • Part of uterus (if enlarged) • Sigmoid colon • Left ureter • Left ovary (female) • Left fallopian tube (female)

NINE ABDOMINAL REGIONS Umbilical- around the umbilicus Epigastric- located superior to the umbilical region (Epi = above, gastric = stomach) Hypogastric (Hypo = below, gastric = stomach). Left Lumbar and Right Lumbar- the lumbar region is the lower back (Lumbus-loin) Left Iliac and Right Iliac or inguinal (iliac=superior part of the hip bone) Left Hypochondriac and Right Hypochondriac- flank the epigastric region and contain the lower ribs (chondro = cartilage)

RIGHT HYPOCHONDRIAC • Right lobe of liver • Gallbladder • Part of duodenum • Hepatic flexure of colon • Upper half of right kidney • Suprarenal gland RIGHT LUMBAR • Ascending colon • Lower half of right kidney • Part of duodenum and jejunum RIGHT INGUINAL/ILIAC • Cecum • Appendix • Lower end of ileum • Right ureter • Right spermatic cord (male) • Right ovary (female)

EPIGASTRIC • Aorta • Pyloric end of stomach • Part of duodenum • Pancreas • Part of liver UMBILICAL • Omentum • Mesentery • Lower part of duodenum • Part of jejunum and ileum HYPOGASTRIC • Ileum • Bladder (if enlarged) • Uterus (if enlarged)

LEFT HYPOCHONDRIAC • Stomach • Spleen • Tail of pancreas • Splenic flexure of colon • Upper half of left kidney • Suprarenal gland LEFT LUMBAR • Descending colon • Lower half of left kidney • Part of jejunum and ileum LEFT INGUINAL/ILIAC • Sigmoid colon • Left ureter • Left spermatic cord (male) • Left ovary (female)

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