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Carter Complaint Part 1 (061810)

Carter Complaint Part 1 (061810)

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Published by: jose_duran4969 on Jun 24, 2010
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name, was infringed upon and violated by Defendant William Leonard Roberts,

II, who trades as, did business as and performed as the ex-drug dealing rapper

named Rick Ross, fraudulently with intent to knowingly deceive the public

about his true non-drug correctional and law enforcement background, and

Defendants joined the scheme by bankrolling him using Roberts‟ false Rick

Ross name and image in commerce, which name was well known in criminal,

drug and law enforcement circles that Defendant Roberts either knew of, worked

in, or could have learned about while in college, in the rap music culture that

emulates and idolizes urban criminals and dealers, in the Black community, or

from his correctional officer employment in 1996, or any time thereafter when

Plaintiff was in prison, but his name was in the news.

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