Replacing the Printed Circuit Board

Model 120 / UBB

Tools needed to replace the Mother Board:
Side cutters Needle nose pliers Cable Ties • • • • • • Unplug the Stove. Remove the left side screw and panel. Mark ALL the Plugs on the PCB with their "Jxx" location. Unplug all the wire connectors paying close attention to where the wires are plugged in on the circuit board. (See Figure 1). DO NOT PULL ON THE WIRES OF THE PLUGS TO REMOVE THEM All connectors use one way plugs so they can not be installed incorrectly. NOTE: Unplug ONLY the connecters on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) leaving all other plugs intact. • • • • • • • Remove all six knobs and the three wing nuts at the base of the PCB bracket and remove from the stove. Remove the Printed Circuit Board from the six (6) plastic clips (Figure 1). Install the new Printed Circuit Board. Install the PCB back into the stove; reinstall the wing nuts and the knobs. Set the Fuel to type A or B and all other knobs to the detent. Replace all wire connections on the board. NOTE: Several connecters can be put on so one or more pins may not go onto the plug. Carefully inspect all plugs for this condition and correct if necessary. • • • • Replace all wire ties that were removed with new wire ties. Plug in the stove. Check for proper operation. Replace the left side panel and screw.

Return Instructions: This part is to be returned in the original box, with the RMA tag fully filled out and the RMA sticker attached to the outside of the box.
P/N 4001541_I-A 08/2007

Touch Pad

Exhaust Thermocouple



Future Fire Door Switch Ash Drawer Switch Hopper Door Switch (UBB) Burn Drive Motor Limit Switch

Exhaust Fan

Feed Rate

Exh Fan Tachometer Feed Wheel Motor

J14 J11

Feed Wheel Sensor

Ash Content

J16 J17

Burn Drive Motor

Air Pump Exhaust Fan

Convection Fan

J18 J2

Right Igniter

Fuel Type

J1 J19

Left Igniter

Convection Fan

J20 J3

Fan Capacitor

120v Power


Figure 1 Plastic Clips
P/N 4001541_I-A 08/2007

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