Ingredients: 15 HBWR Seeds (Hawaiian Strain) 9 Datura Stramonium Seeds Two handfuls of fresh Peppermint leaves.

10 Chamomile Tea bags. Ice cubes Boiling Water Equipment: Blender Coffee Grinder Procedure: 1. Make a tea with Chamomile and let cool to room temp. 2. Put HBWR and Datura seeds into coffee grinder and turn to powder. 3. Pour ground seeds into blender and toss in peppermint leaves (fresh) 4. Pour in cooled Chamomile tea. 5. Toss in a couple ice cubes. 6. Blend until smooth. 7. Pour into a holding vessel and put in fridge away from light for 24 hours. 8. Decant and divide into three servings. 9. Enjoy.