Our duty in the community started last june 24, 2010. Our clinical instructor in the area, was Mr.

Pagsanjan oriented as on what will be our assignments and routines in our stay in that community. The group was divided by pair and our C.I assigns a family and the family assign to us was the Dela cruz family. Dela Cruz family has eight members they are a type of extended family. The members are Clerissa, Erika, Rica, and erikson siblings of romeo and Eliza Dela Cruz Elias Lacostales is father of Eliza and Felipa is mother of romeo Dela cruz all members of the family lived together in terms of decision-making especially in health issues Eliza is the one who is responsible so we can say that they are matriarchal family they are also matrilocal because the owner of the house is Felipa Dela Cruz.

Socio-economic & cultural Characteristics Family Dela Cruz monthly income is 12,000 and the weekly budget of the family is 5000 Majority of the family’s budget is allocated to their food needs. Second to this is their budget to their billings like electricity and water. The monthly income of the family is not enough to support the other needs of the family like clothing, vitamins and other health expenses Financial difficulties of the family are solved by borrowing money from friends and relatives, to be returned after the head of the family received his salary.

Home & environment
The space of the house is enough to accommodate the family members the house has 2 rooms the house is clean because the mother assign for household task each of family members. The only danger in their surroundings is trouble because when there is a group of people drunk and quarreling. The kitchen is clean the water supply is good Manila water is their source of water. They also have their own toilet. In garbage management they throwing it everyday but they don’t segregate water drainage is good because it has cover. In type of community they belong the houses are to close to one another family don’t go to health center instead in clinic. Family source of communication is cell phones only. Health status of each family member Eliza Dela cruz mother in the family has an history of ectopic pregnancy but the rest of the family member doesn’t experiencing serious disease Nutritional assessment Eliza only has a problem in nutrition because her weight is 82 kg. and her height is 1.6 m her BMI result is obese

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