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1st Week Sharing Time Idea for July

Jesus Christ always obeyed Heavenly Father

For your Sharing Time you will need:

-GAK Picture 240: Jesus Christ
-Scripture References: like in the Primary Outline, prepare 5 pieces of paper with one of the following words
on one side and a scripture on the back: Not (Moses 4:2); my will (Luke 22:42); but (3 Nephi 27:13); thine
(John 6:38); be done (John 4:34).

To begin your Sharing Time:

Tell the children that we are going to play a game. Ask if anyone has ever played ‘Simon Says’? If some
haven’t, explain the rules to them. Play Simon Says for a few minutes or until everyone is sitting down.
After the game, tell the children that you will be talking about obedience today. Tell them that the game that
they just played was about being obedient. You had asked them to do specific things and they had to do
them. Then tell them...In the game we just played you were being obedient. We are going to learn about
someone today that was very obedient.
Show the children GAK picture 240- Jesus Christ. Ask the children who this is.
Explain to the children that Jesus was very obedient. Who do you think Jesus obeyed? Tell them that they are
going to split into groups and read some scriptures to learn more.
Scripture Study
Split the children into groups and hand each group one of the pieces of paper. Explain that all of these
scriptures have a similar message about how Jesus Christ lived His life. Invite the teachers to help the
children understand the message of their scripture. Once each group has read and discussed their scripture,
have them come up and report what they learned. Have them post their word on the board where they think it
should go.
Following Jesus Christ’s Example
After you have discussed the scriptures have the children tell how they can follow Jesus Christ’s example of
obeying Heavenly Father. Here are some ideas:
Bean Bag Toss: This would be great for Jr. Primary. Have the children sit in a circle on the floor. You begin
by holding the bean bag and saying, “I can follow Christ’s example by.......” then throw the beanbag to a
child. Tell the children that if they get the bean bag they have to tell everyone a way they can follow Jesus
Christ’s example of obeying Heavenly Father’s commandments.
Journey back to Heavenly Father- tell the children that right now/every day we are on a journey back to
our Heavenly Father. Tell them that when we do what we’re supposed to and follow in Jesus Christ’s
footsteps/ His example by obeying commandments, we get closer to our Heavenly Father.
On a poster board (you can also do this on the floor) have a picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on
one end. At the other end you could have a picture of boy and girl. If you want to do this on the floor, have
the picture of the little boy/girl at one end of the Primary Room and the picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus
Christ at the other end.
Have several small footprints posted around the room. Tell the children that today they are going to play a
game, Journey back to Heavenly Father. Show them the footprints and tell them that they are going to take
turns picking a footprint. Once they pick the footprint they will have to tell a way that they can be like Jesus.
You can have a teacher write what the child said. Then put the footprint on the poster-board or on the floor.
With each footprint the children will be closer to the end.
If you don’t want them to discuss ways they can follow Jesus, you could already have different scenarios on
each footprint. Have some good and some bad. If they choose a good footprint they can add it to the path
back to Heavenly Father. If they choose a bad footprint, they can put it off to the side of the path. For the bad
footprints you could have the children tell you what they could do to be like Jesus. Then they can add the

Tic-Tac-Toe: Make a tic-tac-toe grid. In each square have a scenario, some good & some bad, or you could
have 2 scenarios, one good and one bad (cover them so they children can’t see which is good and which is
bad.) Have the children take turns choosing a square. If they pick something that suggests ways we can
follow Jesus Christ’s example, then their team gets that square. If they pick something bad then they lose
their turn.

At the end of your Sharing Time have the children repeat the scripture ‘Not my will but thine be done’ one
more time. Then bear your testimony of the importance of being obedient and following Jesus Christ’s