NOTE: Please answer the following questions according to what you think, but first fill in your personal

info. Mark your response by placing a tick in the relevant box. Please use a black or blue pen. Do not make any other marks on the foam

GENDER__________________ DATE _____________________

NAME_____________________ OCCUPATION_______________

1) Your age group?
Up to 18 Between 18 and 30 Between 30 and 40

What is the reason of eating fast food?
Convenience price Taste

1) How often do you use fast-food services?
Once a week Twice a week Once a month Once a year Other

What’s your favorite fast food place? (5 being high and 1 being low) Rate the fast food you have visited the most? (3 being high and 1 being low)
KFC McDonalds



Which one is your favorite meal?
KFC Burger Salad McDonalds Burger

Chicken most 1)Chicken pieces What fast food restaurants do you think ispieces advertised? KFC McDonalds

8) What fast food chain is in your opinion is more healthy? 16) Apart from food which place is more enjoyable?

you have eaten? (3 being high and food low) 17) Which fast 1 being restaurant is more accessible?
KFC McDonalds McDonalds KFC

KFC McDonalds KFC 9) How favorable is your attitude towards the fast food brands

and 1 being low) 18) If you don't

10. How well the following brands satisfy your needs? (3 being high visit either of the above two places, why?

I don't like it. KFC My family never goes out to eat. McDonalds There are no fast food restaurants near myhas an attractive look? (3 being high and 1 11. Which brand packaging house. It is being low) unhealthy. I eat fast food so this question does not apply to me. KFC 19)McDonalds If you owned your own fast food restaurant, then which fast food restaurant

Attribute you want to follow-up? 12) Which fast food restaurant has an eye-catching outlook?
KFC McDonalds KFC McDonalds

and being low)

20) Do you think the future you think bring pleasant in Pakistan is(3 being high 13) Which brand do of international fast-food chains memory? bright
Yes KFC McDonalds

14) Which brand do you think earns pleasant money?
KFC McDonalds No I don’t know

15) On Average how much would you expect to pay for a fast time! food meal?
500 1000 1500

Thank you for your help and

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