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CORPORATE STRATEGY It is supposed to be the means by which an organisation achieves & sustain success. The higher authorities of the organisation make strategies to compete in the corporate world and tries to make their rank above their rivals. MEANING * The original meaning of the word strategy derives from the Greek word strategia, which is used in the military terms and represents the ability to employ available resources to win a war. This interpretation has generated problems when such concept is used in a business context because it implies existence, even the necessity, of opponents. As a result , most managers believed that a corporate strategy implies a strong focus on competition, since competition takes place almost exclusively at the offering level, most organisations concentrate their strategic efforts constantly improving the goods and services they offer. OBJECTIVES FOR BETTER RANK IN COMPETITION PLANS FOR ACHIEVEING GOALS OPTIMUM UTILISATION OF RESOURCES SMOOTH RUNNING OF THE ORGANISATION GUIDE AN ORGANISATION IN SEEING ITS BIG PICTURE