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PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual

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Foreword Service Rules and Terminology Recruitment Policy Internship Policy

Position structure Vetting of Applications Salary Orientation Temporary / Contractual Policy Expatriate Policy Performance Appraisal Promotion From Within Training Needs Assessment Training & Indemnity Bond Job Transfers Employees records and information Medical Care Life Insurance Vacations Relocation Credit Advance Policy Provident Policy / Advance Against Provident Fund and Capping of Gratuity EOBI Recreation Club Policy Travel

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual • Education Assistance Policy

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PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual

Foreword This Policy Manual was originally developed in 1994, and it was subjected to periodical revisions and modifications, till the existing shape. Keeping in view the importance of the Manual as an authority on corporate personnel policies, procedures, rules and regulations and to ensure correct applicability of prevalent policies by all management levels, it has been updated. Policies, rules and regulations issued during the previous years have been incorporated in the Manual for their judicious and uniform application. The Manual is being issued to all employees of Mobilink so that it serves as a constant source of information for them. A system has been devised to always keep the Manual current and accordingly revised pages will be issued by the VP HR. Responsibility for keeping the Manual up to date by substituting revised pages shall, however, rest with the custodians. The Manual is named as “PMCL-Human Resources Manual” in line with the futuristic management concept of the company. It is hoped that this Manual will contribute towards adopting the correct approach while processing personnel cases, and also to ensure their just and expeditious disposal.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual SERVICE RULES AND TERMINOLOGY FOR MANAGEMENT STAFF General These rules shall be known as PMCL Management Staff Service Rules. Application of these rules on the whole has been approved by the VP HR/Admin & EVP/CFO and the President and shall come into force with immediate effect and shall supercede all existing rules and regulations. Definition Until proven repugnant in the subject or context, definition of these Service Rules shall be as below: “Company” means Pakistan Mobile Communications (Pvt) Ltd (PMCL), with its head office at Kulsum Plaza incorporated under the Companies Ordinance 1984 at Islamabad, Pakistan. “Head Office” means the place where the main office of PMCL is established. “Management” means, The President, Officers, Directors, Manager and Coordinators of the company to whom the relevant powers have been delegated by the President. “President” means the president of the Company. “Chief Officers” means the Vice Presidents / CEO, CCO, CTO, CIO, CFO & VP HR/Admin at the Head Office. “Directors” The in charge of departments directly reporting to the Chief Officer

“Manager” means the in-charge of a section under a department at by the President / Head of Department from time to time. “Specialist” means the employee who is assisting the Manager in obtaining the objectives of the department. “Associate” means the employee who is assisting his/her supervisor in the day-to-day activities. “Employee” means any person on the pay roll of the Company against a permanent vacancy in the all Cadre. “Consultants” means any person on the payroll of the Company against consultancy contact. Their Perks and benefits would be mentioned in their Contract. “Expatriate” means any person working for the Company who has been sent from overseas. His / Her Perks & Benefits are according to their Contract. “Salary” means the amount of regular emoluments paid monthly by the Company to the Employees for the Services rendered by them for the Company. For the purpose of notice pay and encashment of earned leave if applicable, under the “salary” would include, besides Basic, the specified allowances i.e. Cost of Living Allowance (Cola), House Rent, Utility and Conveyance Allowances. “Contractual” means a person, who is an employee of the Company, hired on contract basis duly signed for the purpose to render his / her specialized services to assist or expedite the functional activities of the Company for fixed and predetermined financial terms for a specified period.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual “Allowances” means monetary compensation other than basic salary to cover the effect or rise in the cost of living, conveyance, house rent, utilities, medical care or any other special incidence, as notified by the company periodically. “Financial Year” means the date / period beginning on 1st of January and ending on 31st of December. “Year” means calendar year of Christen era “Month” means calendar month of the Christen Era “Daily Allowances” means daily allowance to be paid to the employee for the purpose of those rules, over and above the Salary, for the period an employee is away from his permanent station of duty travelling from one station to another and / or working temporarily at another station. “Leave” means leave availed with prior approval of the authorized Supervisor. “Absence” means being absent from duty without obtaining prior sanction of leave “Family” means wife and four children up to the age of 21 in the case of boys and till marriage in case of daughters only. “Dependents” mean the employees spouse and children residing with the employee and wholly dependent on him /her “Blood Relations” means Spouse, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Brother in law, Sister in law, Nieces, Nephews and First Cousins. “Beneficiary” means the employee and his / her dependents who have been admitted to medical benefits allowed under the Medical Rules. “Retirement” means separation from the services of the Company as a result of employees reaching superannuation age or earlier on the grounds of health. “Working Day” means 0900 hours to 1800 hours from Monday to Friday. The lunch period is for one hour as per defined by HR from time to time. On Friday the lunch and prayer time is for 1 ½ hours. In the month of Ramadan the office timings will be finalized by HR with due approval of the company President and will be Communicated accordingly. Responsibility /Custody of Policy Manual” HR Department will be the Custodian of this policy manual for any revision /changes in its context from time to time. Applicability of Rules and Interpretations These policies shall apply to all employees of the Company, in all categories, at all its establishments, in Pakistan. The President and Board of Directors reserve the rights to modify, cancel or amend all or any of these rules in whole or part, or subsequent rules issued in connection with these rules from time to time. All amendments and additions/deletions to these rules shall be notified by means of circular by the HR Department. The authorized executives of the company shall issue necessary orders, instructions and directives from time to time with the purpose to conduct the Company’s business and maintenance of its efficiency and discipline.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual These rules shall be read in conjunction with all other existing policies and additional endorsement / amendments / cancellations / directives of the President / management committee as applicable to different categories of employees or contractual of the Company. The President is the final authority for the interpretation of the rules contained herein and decisions made by him shall be final and binding on all permanent, contractual employees and consultants of PMCL. Any difficulty faced due to any conflicting or ambiguous implications during or after implementation of these policies shall be referred to the VP Human Resources & Administration at the Head Office for issuing clarifications or ruling.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual RECRUITMENT POLICY 1. OBJECTIVES: The policy is meant to ensure an effective and efficient method of recruitment and selection. It is aimed at hiring without any discrimination based on race, colour, sex, nationality, ancestry, religion or disability. 2. POLICY GUIDELINES 2.1 The recruitment policy must comply with regulations set out by the Government of Pakistan. 2.2 The Sources of recruitment for different job vacancies in PMCL shall include: 2.2.1. Internal Advertisement. 2.2.2. Databank. 2.2.3. Advertising. 2.2.4. Head hunters/executive search organizations. 2.2.5. Walk in candidates. 2.2.6. Colleges and Universities a) External Recruitment: i. No candidate under the age of eighteen will be considered. ii. To avoid conflict of interest, hiring of close relations (brothers, sisters, spouses, first cousins, brothers/sisters in law) will not be encouraged. However candidates falling in this category who have exceptionally good credentials may be considered. Hiring supervisors will need to explain in their assessment of the candidate their qualities that justify hiring. A final decision will rest with the concerned Divisional Head who will need to ensure that there is no conflict of interest. iii. Human Resources will advise Department Heads on salary ranges to be offered to the applicant keeping internal and external equity in perspective. iv. Minimum qualifications must be a Bachelor degree or equivalent. A-Level or equivalent may be considered for call centre/support staff however will require approval of the VP Human Resources & Administration. This criteria does not apply to technicians/riggers and ancillary staff. b) Internal Recruitment i. Internal candidates must be confirmed employees of Mobilink who have completed one year of service. However exceptionally good candidates may be considered. ii. Selected candidates will join the new job/position after getting clearance from existing line manager. iii. Spouse of an existing employee will not work for direct competition and either one will have to resign from service. Prospective candidates whose spouses work for competition will not be considered for hiring. iv. Hiring from vendors, franchises, and clients is not encouraged. Exceptionally where offers are made to employees of these entities their prior consent must be obtained.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual

3. GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR RECRUITMENT: 3.1 All recruitment will be done through the Human Resources Department in consultation with the Officers and Heads of the concerned Department. An applicants knowledge, skill and aptitude related to the position shall be judged according to a range of factors including: a) b) c) d) e) 4 4.1 Education (Academic / Professional). Experience. Profile and Psychometric Tests Interviews. References.


APPLICATION: Applicants may apply online by registering with the web based recruitment portal. However, when considered for a specific position, they will be required to fill the standard application form of the Company. All applications will be kept on HR database for a period of 6 months only.


5. CONDITIONS FOR SELECTION: 5.1 Departments must submit Hiring Request and / or Transfer Request Form to the HR Department and duly signed. Information regarding qualifications and job description should be forwarded for identification of suitable candidates. Lead-time of at least ten working days should be given for selection of candidates. The Human Resources Department would place internal advertisements and / or shortlist suitable candidates from the databank. If no suitable candidate is found, advertisements will be placed in media. The Human Resources Department shall, upon the department’s request, provide screened CVs. The department will do another sift if necessary and conduct interviews with the immediate Supervisor / Department / Divisional Head or his / her nominee and any job related selection tests. Short Listed Candidates will be invited for a final interview with the HR department. The Human Resources Department may conduct Profile and Psychometric Tests for the selected candidate in order to evaluate the suitability of the candidate. Two Reference checks will be completed for the selected candidate either before hiring or during the probationary period. Appointment will be subject to satisfactory references being received. On Selection the following information will be forwarded to HR to be kept in the Employees Personal File:
Interview Evaluation form Passport size Photos. Copies of degree(s) : Bachelors and above only and copies of experience certificates. Duly filled application form e) f) g) Any other special clause. References. Copy of N.I.C.








a) b) c) d)

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual 5.10 In the Case of Consultants the Company will sign a contract with the Consultant for a duration ranging from 3 months to 1 year. The Human Resources Department shall prepare and deliver the Employment Letter to the Employee and obtain signatures on a copy. Candidates rejected or kept on file for future reference shall be sent appropriate regret letters.




HIRING AUTHORIZATIONS: The Hiring Committee will be: For Managers & Above a) Chief Officers/VPs b) Manager Staffing For all other grades a) Directors b) Manager Staffing

7. HIRING OF EX- EMPLOYEES: Hiring of ex-employees will be considered on merits of each case. However internal reference checks must be conducted.

8. APPOINTMENT LETTERS: a. All employees selected to work in PMCL shall be issued a letter of appointment by the HR Department which shall clearly spell out the terms and conditions of employment and the benefits applicable to the position. The letter of appointment will be signed by: For Directors and Above a) VP Human Resources & Administration OR b) President. (In specific cases) 9. PROBATION – 3 Months Upon completion of probationary period HR department will seek the supervisor’s/department’s feed back on whether to confirm service, extend probation or terminate employment. The supervisor/department will have 5 working days to respond. Probation can only be extended once for a maximum period of three months. Services of all unconfirmed employees at the end of the 6 month tenure will have to be either confirmed or terminated. 10. COMPENSATION IN LIUE OF NOTICE Candidates, who are asked to join early and have to surrender salary in lieu of notice to their previous employers, will be compensated up to a maximum of one month’s last drawn salary. All other grades Manager Staffing/Regional Manager HR


PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual INTERNSHIP POLICY 1. Purpose & General Guidelines: The purpose of this policy is to determine the intent and procedure for engaging interns in the Company. 1.1 The internship policy is primarily aimed at accommodating Graduate, Undergraduate or A-Level students who seek internship to meet their degree requirements or to gain practical experience. The maximum internship tenure is 3 months. Depending upon the department’s needs it can range from 1 month to 3 months (including extension). The internship carries a fixed monthly stipend of Rs. 5000/- payable at month end. Unpaid/Voluntary internships will not be entertained. Interns will be provided rotation within and outside the concerned Department, if requested at the time of selection and agreed upon by all the concerned parties. The number of interns is governed by a predetermined HR Internship budget. After the budget is exhausted, any additional interns will have to be accommodated from the relevant department’s budget. A candidate having completed one complete (3 months) internship term cannot be offered another internship at the Company. The idea is to provide opportunities of practical experience and training to maximum number of fresh applicants.


1.3 1.4



2. Procedure: 2.1 An intern request form has to be completed and approved by the concerned Director /Head of Department (HOD) and sent to the Regional Human Resources Office for approval and processing. The processing time is three working days. In case the department has already short-listed the candidates, the short listed profiles should be attached to the intern request form. If the department needs to source interns, a sourcing request should be forwarded to Human Resources Department giving necessary details about the required profile and assignments. Short listed candidates will then be forwarded to the line within 3 working days. An Internship letter will be issued on the first day of joining. A Certificate of Completion will be given to the interns upon successful completion of their internship. For internship extension, the department needs to inform the Regional Human Resources Office at least one week before the internship end date.


2.3 2.4

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual POSITION/RANK STRUCTURE Objectives At PMCL we are devoted to supporting the employee’s development skills and abilities with an aim to achieve their potential by extending encouragement and facilitation for their growth within the Company. This policy is also intended to identify and provide an opportunity to the employees to develop within the Company over a period of time. Policy The Company structure is in 5 Layers, comprising Associates, Specialists, Managers, Directors and Chief Officers. Promotion from one level to the next would be dependent on the entry-level stay at the present position / level, educational / qualification attained during the current level and most importantly performance. Until approved otherwise it would be mandatory for the employees to spend at least One (1) year at each level before a promotion to the next level depending upon availability of a slot. However, to compensate the employees who may not get a chance of promotion due to non – availability of an existing / vacant slot may be “Moved Over” within the new salary range specified by the Company. Moreover, the salary structure would be dependent on the placement of an employee into any of the following categories: Technical Professional Generalist Note: An employee placed in the Technical Category would be the one who has a Technical Degree and his / her job description demands its application in the Company. An employee placed in the Professional Category would be the one who has a Professional Degree and his / her job description demands its application in the Company.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual VETTING OF APPLICANTS AND THEIR REFERENCES OBJECTIVES: The policy is aimed at filling job vacancies as per the need of the Company with the most qualified job applicants available and to build up a reserve of qualified personnel with a chance of promotion and development within the organization. However, as the applicants should be hired only after they have been carefully screened to their previous academic and professional records, with a view to verify his / her presented information and predict future attitude and conduct. PROCEDURE: The Human Resources Department shall be responsible to collect pre-employment references of the applicants. The following sources of Pre-Employment / Post-Employment references will be used when required: One (1) Personal Character References Two (2) professional references ETHICAL VALUES REGARDING JOB APPLICANTS AND THEIR REFERENCES: It is imperative that PMCL maintains good public relations throughout the screening and interviewing process with the job applicants and their references, because many applicants whether hired or not, will form distinct assessment of our Company. Based on their experience, they may share out good or ill will for us or advocate a positive or negative attitude among other communities. Therefore it is our policy to consistently follow the guidelines in treatment of all job applicants with the following points in mind: All job applicants will be looked upon as potential customers and will be treated accordingly. All practices that create ill will be avoided. No false hope will be given to applicants. If there is no chance of employing an applicant, he will be told so. No vague promises will be made about a job in the future nor the applicant told to keep checking back with us. A database will be maintained for bonafide candidates from the applications received for future vacancies. A rejected candidate should be intimated through mail regarding his / her results within 10 working days of his /her final interview.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual

SALARY OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this policy is to have salaries subject for review in January of each calendar year in the light of merit and inflation. An employee, who is employed on a job with title and specifications, will receive compensation that is relevant to field experience matching with approved salary structure of his / her position. POLICY GUIDELINES The Company will pay salaries of the employees and all other amounts due to them during office hours and on the job site as follows: All New Employees have to open bank accounts in specified banks prescribed by the Company so that their salary will be credited at the end of each month. Upon termination of service (end of service), the employee will receive his / her salary within 15 working days up to the time of date of his / her last working day. Upon resignation, the employee will be paid his / her dues during a maximum period of 15 working days from the date he / she left the job. SALARY ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM Salary Objective The salary administration program is designed to meet the following objectives: 1. Attract & retain the services of competent qualified employees.

2. Provide fair and equitable compensation to each employee and to ensure that the value of each job relative to all other jobs within the Company is established and maintained on a fair and equitable basis. 3. Provide annual performance appraisal for employees to improve their job performance and to encourage them to aspire for promotions to jobs with greater responsibilities i.e. fairly compensate employees based on individual accomplishments and annual performance appraisals. 4. Ensure that salaries are competitive and in line with salary levels that prevail in the industry. 5. Instill employee confidence in the Company’s compensation policies and practices.

Salary Outline The “Basics” of the salary administration program can be summarized in the following manner; o The VP Human Resources & Administration and the concerned Department Head will analyze each job classification.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual o The HR Department determines an appropriate salary range in relation to similar jobs at other well respected companies (salary survey). The HR Department will analyze each job and assign a job code, hire rate, minimum, mid and maximum point rate. (Salary Structure) The HR Department will prepare the salary structure to be reviewed and approved by the Director & VP HR.



Salary Scale Each job is assigned a minimum salary, established according to the salary survey results, which specifies the minimum salary that may be paid to incumbents in each job. Minimum through maximum scales is built on a system of mathematical calculations to allow for overlapping between levels as a result of salary, merit or promotional increase. Setting Starting Salaries Objective To ensure that each employee is given the starting salary of the title level in which his / her position and experience fall. Also to ensure that consideration is given to past experience and qualifications when setting starting salaries Factors to be put into consideration for setting salaries within the range determined by the departmental Head & the HR department

The starting salary offered to new candidates by Mobilink will be dependent on two factors: The particular job level for which the job offer is being made The candidate’s education, experience, qualifications as compared to the minimum qualifications required by the job specification and prevailing industry rates SALARY ADMINISTRATION PROCEDURES Human Resource Department Prepare all documentations and their summary affecting salaries, and forward payroll section for processing that includes: o o o o o o o Recruits, transferees Promotion and increments Allowances, bonuses and incentives Discipline Review the all documents affecting salaries. Entry of all salaries based on Salary, allowances, deductions and commissions. Final approval of payroll by the CFO

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual ORIENTATION OF NEW EMPLOYEES OBJECTIVE To inform all new employees of the policies and benefits and to explain to them the nature, philosophy and structure of Mobilink PROCEDURES It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to coordinate the orientation program. The local HR is responsible to carry out proper orientation of new employees by giving them a brief overview of the policies and procedures. Within the first week of employment, all new employees must go through the department orientation. It is the responsibility of each Department Head and the Managers to complete the Departmental Orientation. While the Orientation is being conducted, an Orientation Checklist will be used to keep track of all that is being done. Within 30 days of employment all new employees must attend a formal orientation program. The program will include, but will not be limited to the following: o o o o o Nature of business History-philosophy and structure of the Company Organizational structure – chain of command within the Company Company benefit plans Layout and facilities offered by the Company

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual TEMPORARY / CONTRACTUAL POLICY Purpose The purpose of this policy is to determine the hiring of contractual staff for the performance of special tasks and projects that are temporary in nature. The contractual employee will be hired for a period of 89 days after which the contract will automatically cease on the last date of contract period. A new contract will only be issued on the recommendation of the related department head. If required a new contract will be drawn up and issued after a gap of 2 working days of the previous contract. The 2 day duration will be without pay. Procedures Request for contractual employees will be raised by the respective departmental supervisor and approved by the divisional head. It will be forwarded to HR for approval by the VP HR & Administration and by the CFO. This headcount must be within the approved headcount budget of the department. If not then additional approval will be sought by Local HR from OTHR and may take additional time o o A Personnel Request Form has to be completed and forwarded for approval. A Lead-time of at least 10 working days must be given to the Human Resources Department for selection of potential candidates. Candidates will be interviewed and selected by the concerned Departments and Human Resources. Human Resources and the concerned Department will give orientation to the employees regarding the nature of their work and any other guidelines that concerns them. A letter of contract will be given on the first day of employment. An experience certificate will be given to the contractual employees upon successful completion of their tasks.




PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual EXPATRIATE POLICY OBJECTIVES A well-defined process to induct and orient employees hired on Expatriate Terms HIRING PROCEDURE: Expatriate employees will be hired on Contract basis and all rules and regulations will be followed as per their agreement. In line with the existing Government of Pakistan (GOP) policy, all expatriate’s hired by PMCL - Mobilink will get clearance from Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities (PTA) before entering Pakistan. Expatriate Employees will be hired under the following conditions: The candidate will be assessed and final selection made by the divisional head. All such recruitment needs additional approval of VP HR and the President & CEO. Once the candidate has been selected a contract will be prepared and a Copy will be dispatched to the Expatriate to his / her destination. Processing of an NOC from PTA shall be handled by the Government Relations Department. Work permit for working in Pakistan will be obtained by the Administration Department upon intimation from the Human Resources Department. For this the candidate would have to provide the necessary documents for issuance of the above. (Passport Copy, Pictures etc). Once all documentation (See Policy Guidelines below) have been obtained the expat must intimate PMCL - Mobilink about his / her joining. At the time of joining the expatriate will receive the Original Contract from the Human Resources Department and return back the copy of the Contract which was received by him / her duly signed. All visa request letters will be issued by HR / Admin only to ensure that the process is in line with government guidelines. The process to hire an Expatriate needs to be initiated at least with 40 days notice in order for the Government Relations, HR & Administration to obtain the required NOC and work Permit / Visa from the government authorities. EXPATRIATE TERMS Long Term Contract: A Contract signed by an Expatriate Employee for a period of a Year and above will be considered as a Long Term Contract. Short Term Contract: A Contract signed by an Expatriate Employee for a period less than a Year will be considered as a Short Term Contract. HOTEL FACILITY Upon their arrival all expatriates on Long Term Contract will be provided temporary hotel / guesthouse accommodation for them and their families as per the Company Travel Policy for a maximum period of 2 months. Meal Allowances will be given as follows: Rs. 1000/- per day for each adult. Rs. 500/- per day for each child (under 12 years of age)

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Those on Short-term contract are entitled for a period of one month during which the employee will have to make his her own accommodation arrangements. LAUNDRY One suit pair of clothing per day for self and family Telephone charges will be the responsibility of the employee. POLICY GUIDELINES The expatriate needs to supply the following information & documents: Valid Visa (Mobilink will assist in obtaining the visa i.e. Company letter etc) Passport Copy Photographs CV Residence Address of Home Country Contact Number Current Address PERQUISITES AND BENEFITS Expatriate Employees will be given the following perquisites and benefits once both parties have accepted and acknowledged the contract, which can be Short Term or Long Term. Housing, Furnishing & Utilities: Expatriate Employee’s on long term assignments will be given a rent allowance as follows:

Chief Officers / VP’s Directors Senior Managers Managers

$ 3,500.00/$ 3,000.00/$ 2,000.00/$ 1,500.00/-

The above amounts cover rent, utilities and any other costs associated with maintaining of accommodation. Additionally a Furnishing Allowance of one gross salary will also be provided for Expatriate Employees on Long Term Assignments only. Company Car: Expatriate at Manager Level on short-term assignment will be provided a pool car for Official use during working hours. Expatriate Managers on Long term assignment will be provided a car that has been either leased or rented by the Company (Suzuki Cultus / Khyber). Driver facility will be provided for an initial period of 2 months. Expatriate Employees at Director level & Above on Long Term contract will be entitled for a Company maintained car as per the local car policy. They will also be entitled for a Company Driver. Travel: All traveling allowances will be as per the Expatriates contract. If it is addressed in the contract otherwise, it will be as per the Travel Policy. In addition to this, the expat employee will be given 2 annual tickets (Economy class for Managers and below and Business class for

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Directors and above) for self and family (Spouse & Children) from Pakistan to his / her home destination. These tickets are non cashable and will lapse if not availed in that year. Medical Facility: The Entitlement for Medical will be as per the Company Medical Policy. Security Guards: If not otherwise covered in the contract this Facility will be dependent on PMCL - Mobilink guidelines for providing such services. If no policy exists then no facility will be extended except if covered in the Expatriate Employees Contract. Insurance: All expatriate employees will be insured as per the prevailing employee insurance policy. RESPONSIBILITY All other rules and regulations shall be applicable in accordance with the HR policies in force at the given time. The Human Resources Department is the custodian of the Policy and will be responsible for any revisions.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this policy is to provide a formal review program to evaluate work performance and to promote communication and discussion of job performance. The intent of these discussions should be to review current job performance and responsibilities, set goals, and discuss future opportunities with reference to past performance at Mobilink. The Objectives of the Performance Review Program are: o o To measure work performance To motivate and assist employees in improving their performance and achieving their personal/professional career goals To identify employees with high potential for advancement To provide objective information for making decisions on salary increases, promotions, bonus and transfers. To identify employees training and development To provide a solid path for career planning for each individual

o o

o o

FREQUENCY OF THE PERFORMANCE REVIEW Informal performance discussions should be conducted frequently as and when the need arises. These discussions will provide the basis for an objective summarization of performance during formal Performance Reviews and allow more time for discussing future plans and organizational as well as personal objectives. The supervisor is encouraged to make notes on pertinent points discussed and to place those notes in the employee’s personnel file. Formal written performance reviews will be conducted with all employees annually. Notification along with Performance Evaluation Forms will be sent from the Human Resources Department in advance with the scheduled performance evaluation date. All employees will be reviewed at least once at confirmation. Therefore, Performance Reviews will be held on an annual basis from the date of hiring or more often if desirable to do so. The supervisor will receive notification of the scheduled review period from the Human Resources Department. POLICY GUIDELINES: The performance appraisal is done on an annual / basis (from January 1st to December 31st). Every employee should know what is expected from him / her through direct supervisors. He / She should participate in & agree with the goals & objectives set by himself / herself in accordance with the Company’s business plans & objective goals. Everyone should have the opportunity to perform & develop according to the set objectives & agreed upon duties. He / she should also expect self-assessment and take actions to develop his / her competency level & increase his / her participation in the achievement of the Company’s objectives. To ensure openness, consistency & objectivity, the agreed competency framework covering all aspects of the job should be used as the basis for performance planning appraisals. Accordingly, it should be well known & clear for both the Employee and the Manager covered.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Department Heads & Managers involved in performance appraisals should be well trained & familiar with the applied performance appraisal system & the appraisal interviewing techniques. The performance evaluation program requires that an annual meeting be held with each employee; however, Coaching, Counseling and Guidance must be an on-going process for the desired improvement and development to be achieved. To give a chance to Subordinates to evaluate their seniors a 360 Degree Evaluation will be conducted at the time of the Performance Evaluation.

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORMS The performance appraisal forms will be filled once in a year to get a clear picture of the employee performance. INCREMENTS The Company shall decide at the end of each financial year, according to it’s financial position, whether it will give increments or not. The increment shall be determined as a percentage of salaries & distributed among employees in accordance with their performance appraisal ratings. For the employee to obtain a salary increase, he should complete one year in the company service from the date of his / her appointment or the date he/she was given previous increment & satisfy the condition that his / her performance appraisal rating for this year is not less than “meets expectation”. Once the increment is decided, it shall be effective from January of each calendar year. Where an employee joins the Company after January of the year, he/she will be given an increment in the salary, which would, is a certain percentage decided by Management. However, the President of the Company has the right to grant an increment as a special case. PROMOTIONS The Employee shall be eligible for a promotion if he fulfils the following conditions: o o o Existence of job vacancy Fulfilment of the qualifications & experience required for the higher level Being evaluated not less than “Very Good” in the last annual appraisal report

Completing a minimum of one or two years in the current grade. (Exceptions could take place if a position becomes vacant and an available candidate meets the requirement for the vacant position). Promotion should be directly shifted only to the next level from the grade the employee is currently filling. The employee shall be given the starting salary of the job he/she is promoted to starting from the date he/she holds the position. If his / her current salary is equal to the starting salary of this post, then he/she shall get an increment according to his/her performance in the current year. In case where more than one employee meets the requirements for promotion to a higher position, the one who succeeds in obtaining the highest evaluation rating shall precede the

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual others. If the performance evaluation ratings are equal, then the senior employee shall be rewarded with the position. Employees who received disciplinary penalties of five days or have been suspended from work for five days shall not be entitled for promotion before the elapse of six months from the date the penalty was inflicted/imposed. In all cases, the employee is not entitled for promotion during the procedures of disciplinary enquiries until a verdict has been reached in his / her particular case. BONUS The employee may receive 1-3 month’s bonus subject to evaluation of accomplished objectives. The calculation of bonus would be done based on Performance & Recommendations. This Information is sent from the Supervisor, routed through the head of the department & Chief Officer of that Department. The Chief Officer will forward the proposal to the VP Human Resources. The Human Resources Department will make a summary of the information and present it to the President for Approval.

PROMOTION FROM WITHIN / PROMOTION AND INCREMENTS OBJECTIVES: At PMCL we are devoted to supporting the employee’s development skills and abilities with an aim to achieve their potential by extending encouragement and facilitation for growth within the company. This policy is also intended to identify employees with high potential for advancement. PROCEDURE: Through email if required. The announcement will clearly indicate the qualifications required (education, experience etc) for the position. Only those employees who have completed service for a minimum period of one (1) year with Mobilink can apply in response to these announcements. Employees who have not completed a service period of one year on the current position are not eligible to apply for such positions. However, concerned Divisional Heads along with the VP Human Resources and Administration may recommend waiver of this clause, in case of availability of excellent performers. The employees would ensure before applying that they meet all requirements of the position announced. Selected person will join the new job after getting clearance from his /her Department head. Any change in the designation resulting from internal hiring would not necessarily mean a change in the salary and benefit package. Any such change will require prior approval of the respective supervisor HOD, Director and final Approval of Chief Officer. Once an employee assumes his / her new role, he / she will not be allowed to apply for internal positions for a minimum period of one year. If suitable candidates are not found as a result of the internal announcement, the position will be filled externally as per the hiring policy.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual PROCEDURE FOR APPLICATION: The employees will be required to submit their application to the Human Resources Department through their respective Divisional Heads. The Human Resources Department after necessary screening of the applications will invite candidates for interviews. Candidates will be evaluated and assessed through as per laid down procedures in the hiring policy. PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS SYSTEMS: Although a formal “Performance Appraisal System” provides the basis for decisions regarding confirmation, promotion and annual increment of PMCL, promotion of staff is based strictly on merit. Provision of an opportunity through internal announcement is a privilege for PMCL employees and not a right. It should be understood by all employees that an application to an announced position will not necessarily mean their selection for the new position.

RESULTS OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS: Human Resources Department will collate all data pertaining to the appraisal ratings, increments, salary adjustments and promotions in summary form or quantitatively, showing the last three years practice of the Company after obtaining the final approval from the President. ANNUAL INCREMENTS: For management staff: Increment constitutes the following three components: Inflation adjustments: this would be given equally to all employees except those who fall in the category of poor performers. Those falling in this category may be given 40 percent of inflation adjustment. Merit adjustments: Based on the rate of the annual appraisal, employees would be given appropriate increment percentage. Each year Human Resources Department would determine the percentage, with the consent of Divisional Head.

Adjustment due to Promotion: Will look after the scale of change for higher levels. However, in this case merit adjustment will be included in his / her total increment. As a policy guideline, the budget cost off all the above increments will be notified by Finance Department to Human Resources Department. Each department head would ensure that the total cost of increments is within the fiscal budget. Effective date: All increments would be effective from 1st of January each year.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual TRAINING NEEDS ASSESSMENT OBJECTIVE Identifying the most appropriate solutions to performance problems PROCEDURES All Company Heads should differentiate between problems that require training and problems that require coaching or other solutions. Usually, only about 20% of performance problems require “training” solutions. The other 80% are best dealt with by looking at the quality of supervision or by factors in the work environment (rewarding good performance, punishing poor performance, and removing obstacles to good performance). DEVELOPING A COMPANY – WIDE MANAGEMENT TRAINING PLAN Objective Select/identify the needs, by management level, for the total Company. The Company wills also Facilitate Employees with Short Management Courses from time to time. Procedures The HR Department will develop the TNA according to the recommendations made by their Supervisors in the performance appraisal form. The HR Department shall coordinate all the tasks until a total Company-training plan is finalized, then follow-up with Department Heads on its implementation. The plan is the result of focusing on the individual discipline needs into one schedule designed to meet the training needs of the total Company. The trainer should be under the headcount of HR so that adequate training sessions can be planned and conducted nationwide. The training requirements of the employees will be picked from the recommendations made by their supervisors in the appraisal forms. The training requirement could also be forwarded by the supervisor if it is not mentioned in the performance appraisal.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual FOREIGN TRAINING POLICY OBJECTIVE The purpose of this policy is to enhance skills and knowledge of Mobilink employees and build their capacities to enable them to perform their jobs more effectively and to develop them for future growth. POLICY GUIDELINES The Company shall pay all Training Expenses, Round Trip Airfare, living Allowance, and Local Transportation in accordance with Company regulations in this regard. CONDITIONS FOR OVERSEAS TRAINING Employees who are nominated for enrolment in an overseas training program should meet the following conditions: Should meet the prerequisites of the intended training. Being knowledgeable of the language in which the training program will be conducted. In case an expatriate / contract employee needs to attend a friegn training, he/ she has to be on a one year and above contract, with a duration of 6 months of service to perform at PMCL – Mobilink from the date of starting the training. If the expatriate / contract employee being sent on the training does not meet the above conditions, a waiver could be made on the recommendation of the concerned Chief/ VP and the approval of the president/ CEO. SURETY FOR MUTUAL BENEFIT To ensure that both, PMCL – Mobilink and the employees mutually benefit from overseas professional training provided to employees. The employees returning from training should continue to be in the employment of the Company for following minimum periods as mentioned in Para (4.2) depending on the training days. Failing of which employees will be liable to pay the PMCL - MOBILINK expenses incurred by the PMCL - MOBILINK on their training including travel and accommodation expenses. In the event of an employee wishing to leave the employment of the Company he/she will reimburse the Company the expenses incurred by the PMCL- Mobilink on providing the training. PMCL- Mobilink will make appropriate deductions from the employee final settlement including Provident fund. And remaining amount will be deposited by the employee in the Company account. In case an employee doesn’t pay back the due amount to the company, HR will issue notice to the concerned employee mentioning that he/she has to pay back the amount to the company, otherwise, company reserve the right to take legal action. If the employee is terminated for cause he will be absolved from any deductions/ recovery of Training cost. Employee Surety Period and Cost Number of Days of Overseas Duration of Surety Training Up to 6 Days 6 Months Between 7 and 10 Days Between 11 and 15 Days More than 15 Days 1 Year 1 ½ Year 2 Years Cost to be recovered Full Full Prorated after One Year Prorated after One Year

Cost of Training will be determined by finance in consultation with Technical for Technical Training and Human Resources.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual ASSIGNING THE EMPLOYEE TO A DIFFERENT JOB (JOB TRANSFER) PURPOSE To give employees an opportunity to grow and gain experience in the organization, allotting them with more / different responsibilities and transferring them to various duties. OBJECTIVE Job transfers of individuals may be allowed under certain circumstances depending upon the needs. Such transfers will be handled in coordination with the Human Resources department and respective Department. No employee is allowed a job transfer until completion of a minimum of twelve months service within the same department; without prior approval of Divisional Head or his designee is a must provided that is not a business requirement . Job transfers should be considered when it is more appropriate to move an internal candidate as opposed to hiring an individual from outside the Company. When considering a job vacancy, attention should be given to all employees within the departments of the organization, who may have the qualifications for the position. Candidates must be evaluated based upon organization hiring plans, job descriptions, documented performance skills, knowledge & prior experience & education. Job transfer request should be initiated by concerned persons online and should mention present and proposed designation, role, department, salary and benefits, reporting line, nature and justification of change, major responsibilities in the new role and the direct reports and forwarded to regional HR for processing. Regional HR will verify the change of status and necessary approvals, compensation changes will be verified and approved by staffing and compensation manager. After verification, regional HR will issue the transfer letter mentioning all details of the new role. A copy of transfer will be placed in personnel file and HITS will be updated.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual EMPLOYEES RECORDS & INFORMATION OBJECTIVES: To provide PMCL a system for recording and storing employee records. The policy is aimed at storing and updating all relevant employee information for data management. The data will be used for performance appraisals, promotions, leaves, balances, allowances, increments and future references etc. PROCEDURE: Employee Record Folders: The employee record folder will be maintained in the Human Resources Department. This folder shall include such information as the employees’ application for employment, payroll data, supervisory evaluations of performance. The Company may include a checklist of records in an employee’s Permanent Record Folder. A computer database will also include information. This information will be available in all Human Resource Departments at all locations and will be updated from time to time so it can be used for each Employee’s Career Development. Information contained in the Employee Record Folder is classified “Confidential”. The contents may be made available to an employee at the employees’ on written request, except for information that may be considered as restricted by the management or supervisors, who may answer specific questions relating to information contained in the folder. POINTS TO FOLLOW: Every new employee must have a complete application form two references and a copy of the national identity card on file. Failure to do so will delay an employee being put on the payroll. Employment certificate from previous employer, Education transcripts, PTC phone number and bank account are also necessary. Employee’s confirmation may be delayed if reference letters or any of the above documents are not received by the Human Resources Department. Any documents submitted once to the Human Resources Department for employment purposes will become Company property and will not be given back to the employee. UPDATING OF THE RECORDS: Each employee is required to update his / her personal information as necessary e.g. change in address, marital status, birth / death of family members etc. Each employee will review his / her records for accuracy once a year through online HITS. The concerned supervisor in the presence of a Human Resources Representative can review employee’s personal folders. DISPOSAL OF THE RECORDS: In the event of separation - for whatever reason - the Employee Record Folder would be removed from the active files three months after the employee’s separation from the Company service. At that time, the folder will be placed in the Company’s inactive personal records storage where it will be held for a period of one year and then discarded. However,

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual the Employee data of all separating employees should be retained on the Employee Database for a period of three years. EMPLOYMENT IN THE CASE OF FALSE INFORMATION In case it is proved to the Company at any time that the recruitment of any person was made as a result of the submission of false information and forged documents, the employment of that person will be cancelled without prior notice, reward or compensation. This does not withhold other Company’s legal rights.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual MEDICAL ENTITLEMENT Objectives: To provide assistance to employees of the Company and their immediate eligible family members in maintaining acceptable physical fitness and health standards. It is also aimed at lessening the financial burden of employees and assisting them by providing reasonable compensation to treat themselves and any dependents for illness or any other ailments. Applicability: This policy covers all Permanent employees of the Company and their immediate family members. Immediate family members include: 1. Employee’s, their Spouse\husband, children and their parents . 2. Dependent Daughter till marriage or till her employment. 3. Dependent son up till the age of 25 years provided that he is fully dependent on his parents. 4. Divorced / Separated / Widowed daughters dependent on the employees without any age limit. Procedure: Mobilink provides 100% medical insurance to all its Permanent employees, their children (up to 4 Children) and spouse for indoor treatment and outdoor treatment. The Insurance Company at every station should do the indoor treatment at the specified and approved hospitals on the panel. Hospitalization Mobilink shall provide hospitalization benefits through the Insurance Company for all employees and their dependents. Mobilink shall pay 100% of the premium for employees and dependents. Under the Hospitalization Policy, the following benefits will be offered to all Permanent Mobilink Employees: Hospital room charges for confinement Miscellaneous hospital services and supplies during confinement such as: o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Physicians or surgeon’s visits. Prescription drugs Prescribed Pathological and Radiological investigations Prescribed ECGs, ETT, Echo, Angiography’s, M.R.I, and CT Scan Ultrasounds or any other diagnostic tests required. Blood Transfusions Operating Theater charges Anesthetist’s fees Stitching material Physiotherapy Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Instruments required in the treatment Cutting operations Diagnostic or therapeutic endoscopic procedures Post – hospitalization medical care.

Under this policy those entitlements shall be offered to the employees, which are provided by the Insurance Company according to limits of their cadre. Any amount above those limits shall

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual be borne by the employee. The maximum amount of benefits per confinement for indoor treatment as shown below: OPD Limits Category Managers Specialists Associates Married 70,000 55,000 45,000 Unmarried 50,000 40,000 30,000 Hospitalization Per Ailment 100,000 100,000 100,000 R/BOARD 4,000 3,500 3,500 Maternity N/ Delivery 40,000 40,000 40,000 C- Section 60,000 60,000 60,000

Any employee benefits under this Insurance Coverage shall terminate when employee resigns or service is terminated. The Human Resources Department shall inform the Insurance Company of the same. In case of a change of employee’s marital status, the employee shall be required to inform the Human Resources Department immediately. Same is the case of change in family status (birth of a child or death of a child / spouse). In addition the following benefits are also offered: Terrorist Cover: The policy also covers hospitalization and surgical expenses of any innocent insured person who is injured due to an act of terrorism. Day Surgery: The following day surgeries are covered: • • • • • D & C and D & E Cataract Lithotripsy Hernia Other day surgeries will also be covered with prior approval.

Angiography and Angioplasty Complementary cover for accidental injury: The per ailment limit for each category is automatically increased by 50% in case of hospitalization due to an accidental injury. Procedure for In Patient Benefit: For the purpose of getting medical benefits, a letter of authority is issued to every employee outlining his / her family and relevant details. For in patient treatment employees can use any panel hospital (see back of Authority Letter) by presenting their Authority letter. Employees can avail their covered benefits up to the insured limits without having to make any payment. In the case of emergencies the employee can use any hospital as long as the Insurance Company is informed within 24 hours of admission with all detail (Patient name, Hospital name, Illness etc). The insurance company reserves the right not to entertain any such claim. After treatment, the employee must attach all receipts with a Hospitalization Claim Forms and submit them to the HR department who will forward these to the Insurance Company for processing and reimbursement Pre – Hospitalization Cover (Special Medical Investigation) Specialized medical investigations (such as CT Scan, MRI) are also covered, provided that these investigations result in positive diagnosis of some illness / disease followed by immediate hospitalization of which the time gap between diagnosis and hospitalization is not more than 7 days. Maternity Benefits

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual All maternity benefits relating to pregnancy are covered to a pre-determined annual limit and is available for female employees of the company and the wives of the male employees. The Following Maternity Benefits can be availed: • • • • • • Hospital room charges. Miscellaneous hospital services and supplies Labour room or operation theater charges. Doctor’s fee for delivery and subsequent visits while the patient is in the hospital. Nursery care for the baby while the mother is confined. Circumcision

Other maternity benefits are as follows: • Normal Delivery • Caesarean section • Multiple births • Ectopic / extra – uterine pregnancy • Miscarriage and legal abortion • Pre – natal confinement • Post – natal medical expenses for purchase of medicines, which were prescribed at the time of discharge from hospital but up to 7 days usage only from the time of discharge. • Policy covers mid wife expenses up to Rs. 2,000, if delivery takes place at home. • Circumcision of newly born baby boys up to Rs. 1,000. Dread Disease Mobilink provides an annual limit for employees and their spouses against the following diseases: • • • • • • • • • Myocardial Infarction Coronary Artery Disease Cancer Hepatitis B and C Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Multiple Sclerosis Strokes Major Organ Transplantation Major Burns

Outdoor Treatment Under this policy those entitlements shall be offered to the employees, which are provided by the Insurance Company according to limits of their cadre. The maximum amount of benefits per confinement for outdoor treatment is as shown above: The following out patient treatment expense are covered under the OP coverage: • Charges paid to the General Practitioner for allopathic, homeopathic Specialist’s Consultation • Prescribed medicines • Dental care except supply of dentures, scaling, polishing, capping and dental braces. • Physiotherapy / Acupuncture • Laboratory and X-Ray test and examinations. • ECG’s, EMG’s and EEG examinations and other diagnostic tests. • Pre – natal treatment, test and supplies.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual • • Osteopathy Cost of eye testing

Cosmetic treatment and Cost of spectacle frames and lenses are not covered under the policy. Procedure The out patient benefit shall be on a reimbursement basis. The employee shall first pay the outpatient medical expenses and then forward copies of the prescription of the medical consultants; the original consultants fee bill, the medicine bills, and laboratory and / or examination bills along with the duly filled OPD claim form, to the HR department up to their predetermined OPD limits. The insurance Company reserves the rights to ask for further information or make inquiry at their own end in doubtful cases. The Insurance Company will reimburse direct to the claiming employee through HR. Responsibility of HR Human Resources Department shall register all new employees with the Insurance Company on the date of joining. The Human Resources Department shall provide two original authority letters to each employee with his/her entitlement. Any employee who fails to avail the hospitalization facility from a Panel hospital in case of emergency shall provide the original receipt of Payment for claim, to the Insurance Company through the Human Resources Department. All claims shall be handled by the Human Resources Department who may require the employee’s to submit whatever documents necessary to make the claim. Hospitalization Insurance registration, cancellation, and schedule changes shall be administered by the Human Resources Department. In case of lost or misplaced Authority Letter, a fresh copy can be obtained from the local Human Resources Representative. If a problem arises and the Authority letter is not accepted at a Pre-approved Hospital, the employee should contact the local Human Resources Department immediately. The Human Resources Department will take up the issue with the Insurance Company in the case of nonacceptance of Authority Letter. The Human Resource Department will be the custodian of this policy and responsible for any revision made in its contents from time to time.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual GROUP LIFE & ACCIDENTAL DEATH & INSURANCE POLICY PURPOSE The policy is aimed at providing all employees with Group Life and Accidental Death non – contributory, 24 hours insurance coverage. It will help in lessening the financial burden of an employee’s dependents and compensate them in case of an employee’s unfortunate death. ENTITLEMENT Entitlement of the insured per category is given below. In the case of death the Nominee(s) will receive the following amounts: Category Associates Specialists Managers Directors Natural Death 1,000,000 1,800,000 3,500,000 8,000,000 Accidental Death 2,000,000 3,600,000 7,000,000 16,000,000

In the case of a Dread Disease where the employee has been diagnosed and been declared a life expectancy of a few months, In such cases the Employee or his / her nominee will receive Rs.500,000/- of sum assured in his life before six month’s of death. PROCEDURE The Human Resources Department shall register the new employee on the date of joining. At the time of Appointment the Employee has to fill out a Nomination Form stating his nominees to whom payment will be given, in the case of death. All claims arising out of this insurance coverage shall be handled by Human Resources Department who may require the employee’s nominee (in case of death) to submit whatever evidence necessary to substantiate the claim. Any employee benefits under this insurance coverage shall terminate when an employee resigns or his / her services are terminated. RESPONSIBILITY The Human Resources Department is responsible for maintaining and revising this policy.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Vacations Annual Vacation Objective Mobilink provides all its regular employees annual leave with pay in order to maintain health, morale and efficiency. This policy outlines the conditions under which employees become eligible for annual leave with pay. It is a company policy to encourage employees to take time off from work to reduce stress level and break out from the day to day routine in order to spend some quality time away from work. Employees are may take annual leaves in 2-3 intervals or at once, if work allows. Definition A. Length of Service means the service date of the employee.

B. Eligibility Date is January 1st. For leaves, the company follows the calendar year cycle. For employees joining during the year, the leaves will be calculated on prorate basis. Purpose Only Confirmed employees will be eligible for annual leave during the calendar year of service which starts from January 1st to 31st December. The entitlement of annual leave for all Confirmed Employees is 20 working days w.e.f date of joining. The number of leaves will be adjusted on a pro-rate basis depending upon the date of joining with PMCL Mobilink. However, during Probationary period Annual Vacations are not allowed. 3.1 Annual Leave cannot be accumulated for the next year. At the end of the calendar year the non-availed leave will lapse automatically. 3.2 In case of termination by the Company, the employee will not be entitled to receive pay for the un-availed Annual Leaves. 3.3 Available Annual leave cannot be adjusted in the notice period of a leaving employee.

3.4 At the line manager’s discretion an employee may be refused his / her annual leave due to official needs. 3.5 Public holidays occurring during an employee’s vacation will not be considered as part of the employee’s annual. 3.6 Employees are not allowed to work for another employer during vacation, with or without pay. 3.7 The Company may request the employee to return to work during the authorized vacation as dictated by work needs. The Company shall then provide him/her with the remaining days of vacation after circumstances that compelled him/her to return, no longer exist. 4- Guidelines

The managers/ are encouraged to plan leaves of their team in the beginning of the year to ensure that everybody is covered and leaves are availed 4.1 Employees may apply for leaves, only online and it must be approved by their respective managers.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual 4.2 Nationwide leave record of all employees will be maintained in HITS. All employees can view their leave records online managers can view their subordinate’s leave records online 5- Exceptions Any exceptions to this policy must have the prior approval of the President. 5.1 year. 5.2 Casual Leaves 1- Purpose While good attendance is essential to the Company to achieve its goals and objectives the Company recognizes the necessity for employees to be absent from work for reasons beyond the employee’s control. The purpose of this policy is to set forth the procedures and conditions under which employees may be granted time off with pay in the event of unusual and justified circumstances. Eligibility 2.1 For regular employees of the company, a total of 7 casual leaves per year are authorized to the employees. Company treats casual leaves as a privilege not as a right. Any Leave not availed will automatically lapse and will not be carried over to the next

2- OBJECTIVE 2.2 An employee can avail his/ her casual leave after prior approval of his / her supervisor. An employee who is absent from his / her work for three consecutive days due to unusual & justified circumstances will be considered on Casual Leave. A casual leave of more than three days will be treated as annual leave. 2.3 Any employee who does not return immediately to resume his / her work after the end of his / her vacation shall not be paid his / her salary for the period of his / her absence. In this case, the Company has the right to inflict a penalty on him / her and consider him / her absent from work without permission. 2.4 Casual leave cannot be availed concurrently with Annual leave

2.5 Any employee absent from duty beyond a period of three working days without authorization will be automatically considered suspended till he/she justifies the reason for absence. On expiry of three days period the supervisor should inform regional HR for disciplinary action. 3- Procedure Sick Leave 1. Objective All regular employees may be granted time off at their normal rate of pay for personal illness as per the following:

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual 1.1 The company may verify any sick leave of more than three days by a panel Doctor.

1.2 In the absence of a medical certificate if sickness is more than 3 days, the immediate manager/ supervisor may use his /her discretion to treat the entire period as unauthorized. 1.3 In cases where the employee is examined by an external medical physician, the Company may ask its authorized medical organization to review the external physician report for approval. 1.4 Any sick leave up to 15 days will be considered paid. The decision to grant and consider Sick leave exceeding 15 days as paid, half paid, or unpaid leaves will be at management’s discretion upon the merits of the case. 1.5 Sick leaves are not cumulative vacations, and in all cases, the employee must notify the Company of his sickness within 24 hours directly or indirectly. 1.6 In cases of contagious disease, the sick employee shall not return to work before the authorized medical organization decides that he is completely fit and his return to work will not endanger his health, and there is no harm to his colleagues. 2- Procedures 2.1 The Human Resources Department shall maintain all pertinent records concerning all absences due to illness or injuries for all employees in HITS. Maternity Leave 1- Eligibility: All female employees 2- Objective 2.1 All confirmed female employees will be entitled to maternity leave of sixty (60) consecutive days with pay, 15 days before delivery and 45 days after delivery,.

3- Procedures 4.3 Female employees should apply for maternity leave, only online and it must be approved by her respective manager. 3.1 For inclusion in the benefit plans, employee shall notify the birth of the child to regional HR.

4. General provision:

4.1 In case of complications during pregnancy and post natal care an excess leaves will be adjusted with Annual Leaves.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Relocation Policy 1- PURPOSE To provide financial support to those employees who are being posted / relocated to another city on Company’s requirement. 2- Eligibility All confirmed mobilink employees as per below table: Relocation Assistance One gross salary House rent Advance 45 % of annual gross salary supported by rental agreement deductible in 12 equal instalments Real Estate Commission Reimbursement up to one month house rent allowance (45 % of basic salary) on production of receipt. Hotel Facility 10 days for employee, spouse and children Meal Allowance Rs. 1000 per adult and Rs. 500 per child

3- PROCEDURE 3.1 Employee will initiate change of status request online. 3.2 Transfer/ Change of Status Request Form to be approved by Department Head, Divisional Head and Human Resources. 3.3 In extreme Emergency, the Relocation Allowance may be processed in advance through Finance and later readjusted to the Relocation Allowance Account. 3.4 Meal Allowance & Real Estate Commission’s will be reimbursed through an expense claim form. 3.5 Replacement (if required) on transfer position to be identified by concerned Supervisor & HR Department. 3.6 Human Resources to issue a letter of new designation / change in salary (if any) to the concerned employee 3.7 Administration Department will make all necessary arrangements for travel / luggage movement. 3.8 Employee to report to his/ her respective Office at the time of joining at the new location and the supervisor should inform HR about joining of the relocated employee. Any exceptions to this policy will be approved by the divisional head and VP HR/Admin.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Credit Advance Policy PURPOSE To assist all Mobilink confirmed employees in applying for credit facility and define guidelines for employees in need of salary / house rent advance from Company. Credit Facility All confirmed employees may request a comfort letter from the respective regional HR when applying for any credit facility from a financial institution/ Bank. However, the Company is not liable for any outstanding dues by the employee. It is the responsibility of the employee to maintain a good credit rating with the financial institutions/ Banks. 1.2 Salary Advance • Advances will be granted only to confirmed employees. • All confirmed employees can take one (1) gross salary as an advance once in a year. • Pay back period will be in a maximum period of three (3) months. • Automatic deductions from salary will be made by payroll on the information available with the Payroll department. Deductions will be made from the subsequent month from the month in which advance is taken i.e. if advance is taken in January, his/her deductions will start from February. New advance will be granted after six (6) months from month of last instalment paid for previous advances. Payment will only be processed on handing over of approved Advance Request Form (ARF) i.e. respective department head and in case of salary advance additional approval of HR department is also required. Payments will be made with the employees’ salary in their bank accounts with their upcoming month’s salary once the case is approved. Any exception to the above has to be approved by the company’s President or CFO and VP HR on submission of proper justification from Departmental head of the concerned department. As per rules of Taxation authorities, any amount above Rs. 10,000/- (Ten thousand only) will be paid through cross cheque. Advance against Travelling (Local / Foreign) • Both permanent (with six months employment for foreign travel) and contractual employees (local travel only) can take advance against travelling. • Advance can only be granted against copy of approved Travel Authorization Form (TAF/ TRIPS). • Amount of advance will be calculated according to the nature of travelling like number of days, destination, company hotel availability, company car etc up to a reasonable limit approved by the HOD/ Divisional Head • Employees have to settle their advances within 10 working days from the date of return to their base station as mentioned in TAF/ TRIPS. • Automatic deductions from salary will be sent to payroll by the finance department with out giving any further notice to the employee, if an employee fails to submit his or her adjustment within a stipulated time as explained above, any new advance (of any type) will not be granted till the time the previous advance is adjusted with the finance department.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual • Payment will only be processed on handing over of approved ARF (approved by Director) with TAF (approved by CEO) as support. • Any exception to the above has to be approved by the company’s President or CFO on submission of proper justification from the respective department’s Director or Chief. • As per rules of Taxation authorities, any amount above Rs. 10,000/- (Ten thousand only) will be paid through cross cheque. Advance against Expenses • Both permanent and contractual employees are eligible for advance against expenses, • Advance can only be granted against copies of documentary proof through which amount taken will be justified like copies of invoices, demand notes from Govt. agencies, workings for best estimates etc. • Amount of advance will be calculated according to supporting attached with ARF. • Maximum limit of advance amount will be Rs. 30,000/- (Thirty Thousand only) for specialist and below, Rs. 70,000/- (seventy thousand only) for Manager and above levels • Employees have to settle their advance within 10 working days from the date of advance taken through expense claim form or through PAF with all relevant supporting documents. • Automatic deductions from salary will be sent to payroll by finance department with out giving any further notice to the employee, if an employee fails to settle his/her advance within the given time as explained above. • No new advance (of any type) will be granted till the time advance taken previously is adjusted with the finance department. • Payment will only be processed on handing over of approved ARF along with relevant supporting documents. • Any exception to the above has to be approved by the company’s President or CFO on submission of proper justification from the respective department’s Director or Chief. • As per rules of Taxation authorities, any amount above Rs. 10,000/- (Ten thousand only) will be paid through cross cheque. 4. IOU (I owe you)

• Only confirmed employees are eligible for short-term advances. • No IOU will be granted until proper justification is given on ARF • Amount of advance will be calculated according to justification given on ARF. • Maximum limit of IOU amount will be Rs. 10,000/- (Ten thousand only) for specialist and below, Rs. 50,000/- (Fifty thousand only) for Manager and above levels. • Employees have to settle their IOU within 5 calendar days (or 3 working days) from the date of IOU. (This facility can only be obtained in case of an emergency) • Automatic deductions from salary will be sent to the payroll by finance department with out giving any further notice to the employee, if an employee fails to settle his/her IOU within the given time as explained above. • No new advance (of any type) will be granted till the time the IOU taken is adjusted with the finance department. • Payment will only be processed on handing over of approved ARF. • Any exception to the above has to be approved by the company’s President or CFO on submission of proper justification from the respective department’s Director or Chief.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual • As per rules of Taxation authorities, any amount above Rs. 10,000/- (Ten thousand only) will be paid through cross cheque. 5. 5.1 PROCEDURE (See Annex – 1) Credit Facility

A written request (email) should be forwarded to Human Resources for issuance of a comfort letter. The letter will indicate employee’s date of joining the Company, current designation and monthly salary earned by the employee. 5.2 5.2.1 Salary Advance & Other Advances At time of Disbursement

• Employee fills out an Advance Request Form. • Relevant documents will be attached with ARF. • Get approval from his/her Head of Department, Director/Chief/HR • Incase of advance against salary, ARF will be submitted to payroll through the HOD, Director or Chief of Department for their approval and payroll will make the deductions as per Policy. • It is suggested that the employee shall keep one copy of ARF at the time of handing over to finance for disbursement. • Finance representative will check ARF for approvals and relevant supporting documents. • Finance representative will fill out the sections of the forms related to the finance department and disburse the required funds. • In case the payment has to be made through Cheque, disbursement will be made within 5 working days from the date of receiving the complete ARF 5.2.2 At month end

• In case advance against salary is disbursed directly through bank transfer in the employees account along with salary, payroll will provide an employee wise (with employee no.) summary for further booking in the books of account on the 4th of every month for the previous month. • Finance department will send the schedule of advances against salary to payroll for their reconciliation on the 8th of every month for the previous month. • Department wise schedule of advances against traveling/ expenses/ IOU will be sent to the respective department Director/ Chief for their information and necessary action.



The Human Resource Department is the custodian of the policy and will be responsible for any revision in policy. Whereas, Finance has the ownership of all processes, meaning finance will be responsible in execution of this policy for disbursement of advances and registering expense claims for settlement of accounts. In addition, Finance will be providing deductions schedule to payroll for salary deductions of concerned employees.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual EMPLOYEE OLD AGE BENEFIT INSTITUTION (E.O.B.I) Purpose To provide employees with a chance to receive pension after the age of 60 years Procedure All employees at the time of joining will fill out the EOBI registration form. This form in turn will be given to the Regional Human Resources Department along with a copy of the Employees N.I.C. If an employee already has an EOBI Card, He / She must attach a copy of this with the registration form. After Registration with the Institute, the Institute will issue a registration card along with an EOBI Registration Number. At the time of Termination or Resignation the employees EOBI registration through PMCL will be terminated. However, the employee will be able to retain his EOBI card for future reference. When an employee has crossed the age of 60 years, He / She has to fill out the required forms and issue these to the Institution in order for him / her to attain his / her pension benefits.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual RECREATION POLICY PURPOSE PMCL shall encourage a varied and creative program of recreational activities for all employees. OBJECTIVE The objectives of recreational activities are: To provide employees the opportunities for active participation in recreational activities on an organized basis. To encourage social interaction among employees so that they may share their experiences irrespective of occupational positions or departments. To provide employees the opportunity to express themselves through the development of their talents in areas other than work. To create esprit de corps among employees. PROCEDURE A Sports, Event and Adventure Committees will be established consisting of a number of Employees from all department who are good in such activities. These Committees will arrange Recreation Activities such as Sports, Trips etc. At least one activity would be planned in a quarter.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual CLUB MEMBERSHIP POLICY Objectives To facilitate upper management for recreation, relaxation and to enable them to network and meet people for business and social purpose. Policy Guidelines Eligibility Directors and above can avail Corporate/Personal membership of one club. The Company will pay a one time joining Membership Fee for the Club Membership up to Rs. 500,000/-. In addition the Company will pay Annual / Monthly Subscription for the Club Membership in full. The Company will also try to arrange two corporate memberships on rotational basis for Expatriates at Director, VP / Chief level in Islamabad. If the Club selected by the employee has a joining / membership fee higher than Rs. 500,000/- then the employee will pay the difference. If an employee (Director and above) is already a member of a club then the Company would pay the monthly subscription and other charges as mentioned in Para 2.2 or can obtain membership to a new club. The benefit will apply to one club only. Procedure Application Process All those employees who are entitled to avail memberships will forward their request on a Prescribed Club Membership Form to the Human Resources Department. Human Resources will process the application and arrange for necessary payments in coordination with finance upon receiving an invoice from the Club. The Employee will coordinate with the Club regarding the membership formalities. The Company would also facilitate the employee in obtaining membership wherever possible. Monthly Payments Reimbursement of claims will be made with the attachment of payment receipts on expense claim forms. The Company will cover the costs of Annual / Monthly subscription charges. All other charges related to usage of sports, library and other facilities will be the responsibility of the employee. No entertainment or meals will be covered unless it is an official / work related engagement. This would require an approval of the divisional head. For management committee members the President& CEO’s approval would be required. HR will verify and approve the expense claims & forward them to Finance for payment. Cancellation of Subscription The Company reserves the right to discontinue this facility if / when the employee leaves the Company If an Employee leaves the Company within a two year period of obtaining this facility, the Club Joining fee would be deducted from the Employees Full & Final Settlement at the time he / she leaves the Company.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual BUSINESS TRAVEL POLICY OBJECTIVE The purpose of the travel policy is to regulate and provide information and guidelines for employees who incur, authorize or approve reimbursement for business related costs incurred during business travel on behalf of and for the benefit of the company. 2. ELIGIBILITY

Travel Policy is applicable to all regular and contractual employees according to their Cadre Entitlements. 3. MEDICAL / LIFE INSURANCE:

The Company will provide medical and life insurance coverage to all employees who are authorized to travel by air for Company business (as per policy). 4. GUIDELINES

It is the responsibility of the employees to become familiar with the travel policy and its requirements before the start of the business trip. All travel tickets and hotel reservations shall be made through the Administration Dept. If an employee is accompanying his/ her supervisor/ manager on a business trip, he/ she should be upgraded to the class of the Manager during both Domestic and International travels. However, if more than 1 employee is accompanying their Manager, each employee should travel according to his/ her level referred to in the travel policy. The route of the trip is determined according to the business need of the traveler and the administration department will consider the “Preferred Travel Route” for the trip. Direct flights will have first priority unless there is no availability. In case of connections, same carrier has priority unless there is no availability. Only the administration staff will be the interface with the travel agencies/hotels. Employees traveling abroad shall get advances for expenses to be incurred on behalf of the Company. The amount of the advance should bear a reasonable relationship to the estimated expense likely to be incurred. All rooms are to be arranged on single occupancy basis. In case, an employee travels with a family member (s), any additional charges for the extra person(s) are at the employee’s personal expense. Expense claims pertaining to travel related expenses would be signed by the staff who actually incurred the expense, approved by the concerned HOD and sent to finance for payment. Where ever, possible expenses of an unusual nature, which may be anticipated, shall require prior approval of the Divisional Head. All employees must obtain prior approval from his/ her HOD for domestic travel and in case of international travel; President/ CEO’s approval is also required. All employees must complete Travel Request Information Processing System (TRIPS) and provide an approved copy to Admin, which will make the necessary arrangements for flight and hotel bookings. (TRIPS) is available to all employees online at www.eforms.net.pk

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual 4.13 If an employee takes any extra baggage then he/ she will bear the extra cost unless otherwise approved by the VP / Chief Officer. DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN TRAVEL

Travel class entitlements. Level President Chief Officers Directors/ Sr Directors Expat Sr. Managers Sr. Managers CLASS OF TRAVEL Domestic Business / Executive Business / Executive Business Class Business Class Economy Class International Business / Executive Business / Executive Business Class Business Class Business Class (Flying transit time rules apply) Economy Class


Managers & Below

Economy Class

5.1 For Sr. Managers trips with total flying hours exceeding 6 hours, tickets will be upgraded to business class. 5.2 Similarly, for trips with international transit duration exceeding 5 hours, tickets will be upgraded to business class for Sr. Managers. In case of traveling outstation (areas which do not fall within the normal working area of an employee) and returning on the same day, Specialists, Associates & Drivers can claim a meal allowance of Rs. 400/- while managers and Directors can claim actual expenses up to the limit of 50% of their overnight stay meal allowance as mentioned below (6.2). 5.4If a specialist or Associate returns from his/ her day trip after 11 pm or later, employee can claim Rs. 500/- meal allowance. the

5.5For domestic travel only Company approved hotels must be used, a category-wise, list of hotels is attached as Annex ‘A’. 5.6 In case of increase in hotel room rates due to certain occasion or activities in the visiting country / city during foreign travels, prior approval from VP Admin/HR must be obtained for such travel subsequent to which Administration Department will arrange booking on approved revised rates. 6 Travel related allowances.

All those employees traveling to domestic locations for business purposes and do not avail the hotel / rest house facility are entitled to a Per Diem Allowance as per the following: President Officers Directors/Sr Director Managers Specialist and Associates Drivers Rs. 5,000 /- per day Rs. 3,500 /- per day Rs. 2,500 /- per day Rs 1,800 /- per day Rs 1,500 /- per day Rs 1,000/- per day

6.1 A stay of more than 15 days will require approval from the respective Chief Officers / VPs.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual 6.2 All employees who are required to stay overnight when traveling will be entitled to stay in pre-approved hotels, as listed ‘in Annex A’. An allowance will be given for meals and miscellaneous expenses which can be claimed from the company after submission of expense claim duly approved by the concerned HOD and sent to finance for payment without attaching receipts, as per the following limits: VP / Officers: Actual Basis Directors: Rs. 1500 per day. Managers, Specialist and Associates: Rs. 1000 per day. 6.3 Managers & below may not be given option to charge their meal expenses to the hotel bills rather they must claim their entitled allowance upon return from Finance Department according to prescribed procedure. However, on the contrary, Directors and above should not be given the option to claim their allowances from Finance Department but charge the same to their hotel bills. 6.4 Only VP, Chiefs & the President will be allowed to charge entertainment expense of their official guests to their hotel bills. All others must pay the expense at the hotel and claim the same upon return through the prescribed procedure. 6.5The Company will cover dry cleaning / laundry cost borne by the employee on a “one suit or shirt / trousers or ladies suit per day” basis. VP/Officers however continue to be on actual use basis.

6.6 Claim for any extra baggage is not allowed unless prior approval of the respective Chief Officer / VP is obtained with specific limit. HOTEL ACCOMODATION FOREIGN TRAVEL:

International Travel is authorized for the purpose of conducting activities on behalf of and for the benefit of Mobilink. All employees must purchase the travel tickets from the approved local travel agent through the Administration Department after prior approval of the President.

It is the responsibility of the employee to be aware and fully understand the cancellation clause of any hotel booking. No per diem will be provided in case of foreign travel. For Foreign travel following guidelines for hotel accommodations will apply: Level Executive Officers Officers/ VPs/ Destination Europe Middle East – Africa USA Europe Middle East – Africa USA Europe Middle East – Africa USA Rates per night Up to Euro 300 Up to US$ 300 Up to US$ 300 Up to Euro 250 Up to US$ 250 Up to US$ 250 Up to Euro 200 Up to US$ 200 Up to US$ 200

Sr Directors/ Directors

Sr Manager and below

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual INCIDENTALS Up to US $50 can be claimed for incidental expenses that include tips, taxi fare & other incidentals while traveling abroad. These can be claimed as per use and does not require any receipts. This is treated as a reimbursement & not as a daily allowance or entitlement. It must be claimed at actual. 7 Transportation/ Road Travel:

All travel arrangements shall be made through the Administration department using the TRIPS process. In case where transport is not provided by the Company, Hotel pick & drop will be arranged by the Administration where ever suitable, the employee can also avail taxi for official work purposes like airport pick and drop, or Pick & drop to any business meetings. Appropriate taxi expenses can be reimbursed through Expense Claim Forms. Staff visiting remote locations will be able to claim actual amounts spent on Official Traveling. Regional Administration will be responsible for the Hotel Facilities in Remote Areas if required. Employees shall not use their automobiles for Company’s work unless comprehensive insurance is obtained. No reimbursement shall be allowed for damages to employee’s car incurred while on Company business. The Company is required to provide transport facility to all employees traveling to other cities by road for official traveling either through Company owned Vehicles or rental. In case Employees use their own vehicles for official work, which requires road travel to other cities, travel allowance will be paid at the rate of Rs. 07/- per km. Expenses incurred on Toll Tax will be reimbursed at actual basis on presentation of original receipts. Advance against travel The following category wise travel advance limits per day to be travelled are provided for the approvers and for the concerned finance team.

As per Business Travel Policy Level Destination

Travel Advance ceiling Per day Scenario I Scenario II With Hotel paid by the Employee pays for the Company in advance hotel charges US$ 150 US$ 125 US$ 100 US$ 100 US$ 500 US$ 375 US$ 400 US$ 300

Europe Directors Other Locations Sr. Manager and below Europe Other Locations

Scenario I: These are the travel advance limits when hotel is arranged and paid by Mobilink so employee would only require this amount as an advance for other then hotel expenses on per day basis. Scenario II: These are the travel advance limits when hotel is not arranged or paid by Mobilink and employee needs to pay his/ her hotel charges.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual All travel related advances to be settled within 30 days from the date of advance taken and only for few exceptions where trips last more then 30 days of stay, the respective VP shall inform Finance not to deduct within 30 days, due to this reason by putting a comment on the advance form while approving. The advance however if not settled will be deducted in the next payroll cycle. VP/Chiefs and above are recommended to use the company provided credit cards, thus eliminating the need for travel advance. Any out of the policy advance requests would require Presidents/CEO approval. 8. REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES INCURRED

Travel Expense claims shall be submitted on prescribed expense claim form provided by the Company. Individuals getting revolving advance will submit reports at least monthly or as often as trips required, for which special advances were made will normally be reported within the periods listed below. Domestic & Foreign trips within TEN (10) working days following completion of trip and return to the office. A copy of TRIPS and the Expense Claim Form with supporting receipts /documents should be submitted to the Finance Department after approval by the Departmental Head. In case of unused airline ticket or part of the trip taken, the following should be done: Attach ticket to the “expense claim form” and explain “comments section” the reason it was not used. If partial use of the ticket has been taken place, attached the remaining ticket to “expense claim form” and explain in “comments section”. Admin is given the ticket to follow up on the refund of the unused part of the ticket.

Funds advanced in excess of the actual expense must be returned with an expense report. Supporting vouchers, used travel stubs, unused tickets and explanations of any extra ordinary expense will be required in accordance with internal control requirements to be explained by the Finance Department.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual EDUCATION ASSISTANCE POLICY Policy To provide financial assistance to employees to enhance their work related education. Eligibility Any regular employee of the company with more then one year of service will be eligible to apply for financial assistance for enhancing his/her education. Approval Applications for education assistance would be approved by the concerned vp/chief. Procedure A predetermined number of employees would be nominated for education assistance program per calendar year. Applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis. Once approval has been given an employee may register for the course at an institute of repute and stature (refer to the list of panel institutes) and will be given assistance as detailed below. In case an institute is not mentioned in the list, the case after being approved by the divisional head will be reviewed by the hr department to ensure that the hosen institute and program has a certain repute and stature. At the time of resignation the payment will be made by the employee who may take a salary advance as per the salary advance policy. Reimbursement will be made upon submission of complete documents including the proof of passing the semester and the receipt. The company will pay a maximum sum of Rs. 200,000/- for the registration and tuition fee of the program. In case an employee wants to get registered for an overseas correspondence course, the case after being approved by the divisional head will be reviewed by the hr department to ensure that the chosen institute and program has a certain repute and stature. The maximum assistance would be the same as mentioned above. No preparatory leave will be granted for the studies however employee’s casual / earned leaves could be availed for the preparation and examinations. Employees who leave the company during the course of studies or within 12 months of obtaining the degree by reason of resignation or dismissal will be required to repay the company the full reimbursed cost of the course and other associated costs. employees leaving between 13 months and 18 months of the completion of the program / degree will be required to reimburse 50% of the total cost paid by the company associated with the program.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual MOBILE PHONE POLICY PURPOSE In order to facilitate business communications to enable staff to perform effectively the company is providing mobile phone connections to employees for official /personal usage. Official Phone Sets Blackberry Policy has replaced policy regarding Mobile phone sets and the provision of Mobile phone sets for expatriates is covered under our expatriate policy. Phone Connections Employees with Official Connections will be provided with the following limits: Mobile Phone Bill Entitlement Designation wise Officers Expatriates Directors Manager I s Manager II s Specialists Associates Limit Rs. As per usage 12,000 Up to Director Level 7000 5000 4000 3000 2500

These limits include airtime, PTC charges, and all applicable taxes. With the existing limits applied, any over the limit amount will be deducted from the salary of the individual. This will put an end to the bulk of write off process. In some cases where employees are frequent travelers or have high business usage of IR/ISD, in access of above limits then the amount deducted from the salary can be claimed by the concerned employee using the regular reimbursement process through expense claims. Furthermore, to facilitate employees to avoid salary deduction in case of high business usage, a data base of all monthly official phone usage will be made available on fifth of every month on a share drive by C&C. Staff will be able to access this data base and can view their usage, in case of higher then limit usage due to business reasons they can then have this higher usage written off by sending an e-mail request to their HOD’s/ Directors for write off, the approval will be forwarded to C&C on the e-mail by the HOD and the amount will be written off and no salary deduction will be made. For Value Added Services where an additional number is being allotted to the same SIM (Data and Fax numbers) an approval from the Departments Director / VP is required. Connections issued to any department to meet specific business needs are covered under our ‘Business Phone Policy’. All Employees will be provided NWD access. As and when ISD/IR connection/facility is required for official work, an approval by email is required to be forwarded to C&C by the employees Manager / HOD. EMPLOYEE PACKAGE AND EMPLOYEE FRIENDLY PACKAGE All Confirmed Employees will be entitled to one connection under each package. Only NWD connections will be issued. For ISD facility employee may contact C & C and regional CS team.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Under the Employee Package, the employee will be entitled to one connection with no line rent payable. All Fixed Value-Added Services will be free i.e SMS etc. (a) The airtime charges for the Employee Package will be: Outgoing Rate: Rs. 1.00/ minute

The above rates are subject to Government taxes The maximum credit limit will be Rs. 5,000/- per month. For Employee Packages, the employee will make no initial deposit accept for the Government Activation fee / other government taxes Under the Employee Friendly Package, the confirmed employee will be entitled to one connection after completion of their probationary period with the Company. They will have to choose one of the airtime plans offered to Mobilink customers without any security deposits. For Employee Friendly Packages, the employee will make no initial deposit accept for the Government Activation fee / other government taxes. (a) Airtime charged under the package will be according to the chosen plan. It will include airtime, PTC charges, and all applicable Government taxes. (b) The maximum credit limit will be Rs. 5,000/- per month

(c) If an employee wants to increase the credit limit mentioned above, he/she must deposit the difference at the time of issuance of connection. IR facility will be provided against a deposit as specified by Customer Services. For Employee and Employee friendly package; employees will ensure that they pay their monthly bills on time, failing which the connection will be blocked and will be restored only after deposit of the outstanding bill. Credit & Collection Department will monitor the monthly limits and block the connections which will be restored on payment of the bills at the counter. If connection remains blocked for 3 months, outstanding amounts will be deducted from the employee’s salary. Information on all such cases will be provided to HR by the Credit & Collection Department. At the time of resignation, the employee will be entitled to retain the connection under the following conditions: If an Employee Resigns he / she can convert his /her Official / employee package to the normal package plans. This conversion of package plan does not require security deposit unless advised otherwise by C & C. In case the employee is terminated then his/her connection will be blocked immediately. In this case an approval from the Divisional Head and Manager HR are required for the conversion of the official number to a normal package plan. In this case a Security Waiver will have to be approved by the Department Head & Credit & Collection. If an employee is relocated / transferred to another city, the employee will initiate a change of SIM & Mobile Number through a Customer Service Form. Official / Employee / Employee Friendly Packages The employee who intends to get a connection will complete a CSAF and submit it to the Regional Human Resources Department. Golden Numbers will be issued only on special Approval of the respective Chief Officer of that department of which the employee belongs.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Official Connection: Human Resources Department will verify / approve the Official Connection Request and issue a SIM. The Human Resource Department will maintain a record of Official numbers issued to the employees of their region. At the time of resignation, Human Resources Department will forward an Employee Phone Termination email to the Credit & Collection Department. The Credit & Collection Department will block the connections until the Employee converts the packages as mentioned in 4.7. Special – Off Policy Request: All requests for mobile phone connections that are not covered by this policy must be approved by the respective VP / Chief Officer & will also require the approval of the President & CEO.


Objective To provide mobile phone sets and connections to departments for business usage such as but not restricted to phones for technical testing, churn management, telemarketing teams and any other special project.

Policy Guidelines Mobile phone sets and official package SIMS shall be provided to departments, only on needs basis for the business usage during projects and for any special business usage requirements.

Business phones will only be issued to the departments on the recommendation of Department Directors and Managers as per the business requirements upon approval of Chief/ VP of the respective department.

The departmental coordinators shall be the custodians of business phones for issuance to employees, keeping a log of the phone issuance dates, user names and intended use. Departmental coordinators to inform C&C about project start and end date for which the Business phone has been requested. When a particular project ends departmental coordinators shall take the phone sets back and advise C&C about blocking the numbers to prevent misuse, till re-assignment of the sets to different project the phones will remain in the custody of the department coordinator.

C&C to keep a log of these dates and to monitor the period of usage in consultation with the project lead or the departmental coordinator.

The department coordinators for this purpose shall be nominated by concerned VP/Chief for managing business phone activities. Names of these coordinators shall be communicated to C&C by the department heads.

In case the assigned coordinator leaves the service of Mobilink he/she to hand over the charge of the phones to the new coordinator assigned by the concerned Chief. And C&C to be informed accordingly.

Sets for Business phones will be provided from the company’s stock. If a suitable set is not available in the stock, the phone set shall be purchased through procurement by raising a PR by the concerned department. Concerned Directors/Managers can select a phone set of their choice with a maximum limit of Rs 7000/ per set. For any special projects requiring higher value sets, the sets can be procured after approval of concerned Chief/VP.

Replacement of Mobile phone sets shall be made after two years from the date of purchase, if replacement is required earlier then VP/chiefs approval will be required. Old sets to be deposited in the Admin stores/ company stock.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual The phone sets will be registered in the company assets, finance will provide an insurance policy cover to mobile hand sets. Incase of theft or irreparable damage, insurance claim will be pursued. In case of lost the user will be responsible to replace the handset.

The phone billing limits and access LOCAL/NWD/ISD and any other value added services shall be determined by the Chiefs/ VPs as per the nature of project and to be mentioned on the CSAF which will be approved by the concerned VP/Chief. CSAF will be on the name of the department. Users at any time can be tracked through the logs which department coordinators and C&C will be maintaining.

Credit and collection department shall monitor the usage of the business phones and process the write offs, on approval of the concerned VP/Chief.

In case an employee using the business mobile phone decides to leave the organization, the department coordinator shall ensure that mobile phone set is handed over to the coordinator.


PURPOSE To provide an added benefit/business tool, in today’s fast moving business environment enabling executives to send and retrieve business critical data on the palm of their hands. Blackberry services for official / business use will be provided to mobilink staff. ELIGIBILITY The eligibility has been characterized in following four categories: Category 1: Staff in Senior Manager and above grades shall be entitled for a Blackberry connection along with hardware and all the features. Category 2: Staff working in Business critical functions that are also responsible to sell and service the blackberry product to corporate customers like Corporate Sales staff and Corporate Accounts Managers shall be entitled for hardware/ software and all the features. Category 3: Business critical positions in other departments will also be eligible depending on business needs and requiring approval from the President/CEO for the issuance of hardware and all the features. Category 4: All other employees will be able to acquire the handset at cost but will be responsible for the monthly service fee (at cost) which will be deducted from their salary per month. This will not be part of their official cell phone ceiling. 1 hand set per employee is allowed. POLICY/ PROCEDURE a) All the eligible employees in Category 1 and 2 will be required to complete a Blackberry/ CSA form, which will be verified by HR and submitted to Customer Services for blackberry connection. b) In Category 3, Blackberry will be issued to the business critical positions in all other departments on the recommendation of Chief/VP of the respective department upon approval of President/CEO, blackberry form/CSA form will be submitted to HR for onward submission to customer Services. c) All connections issued must have a user name. Apart from this, in the Blackberry form/CSAF the employee must state their employee number, designation and the department name. No connection will be issued without clear statements. CS will ensure compliance to this rule. d) Blackberry connections will only be issued on employee’s official numbers. Only those employees who work in a city where GPRS coverage is available will be covered under this policy even if they fall under category 1,2 or 3. e) For category 1,2 and 3, the BES plus solution will be assigned to employees.

f) For category 4, Blackberry internet solution will be assigned to employees. The employee will also be able to purchase the handset at cost. In this category, the employee will be offered the monthly fee for Black Berry Internet solution at cost which will be deducted through payroll. The monthly official cell phone ceiling will not be increased. Monthly Usage Limits a) The official phone limits of eligible staff will be increased by Rs. 800/- (eight hundred) per month, to cover the Blackberry usage cost.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Transfers and Relocations in Category 2 and 3 a) In case, an employee is relocated or moved to a non business critical position he/she must return the Blackberry to respective Regional Finance Store and obtain a deposit receipt. The set will then be reissued to eligible staff. Set Replacement, Insurance and Return a) The Blackberry assigned to staff will be registered in the company assets. Insurance will be arranged on the total price of the set. Finance is to ensure that all official handsets are covered under an insurance policy. b) Timing of replacement of blackberry sets is two years from the date of purchase/issuance, unless otherwise decided by the President. c) In case of theft or irreparable damage, insurance coverage will be pursued. If insurance cover is not available then employee will be responsible to replace the handset at his/her own cost. Replacement of set by employees will mandatory. d) In case, an employee decides to leave the company, he/ she will deposit the blackberry device back to respective regional finance store. HR will arrange disconnection of the service. Blackberry set deposited could be then assigned to another eligible employee of the company. e) On leaving the Company, Employee will also have an option to buy the blackberry set on a depreciated price as determined by Finance.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Working Hours Purpose Hours of work are scheduled to meet the production and work requirements of the Company, and are in conformance with all applicable local laws and practices. Working Hours The Company shall determine the hours of work: Office Hours Monday through Friday 09:00 am. – 6:00 pm. 9 am to 8 p.m. (Shops operating on one window operation concept) Saturday The shops timings will be determined by the Customer Service Management keeping in view the customer needs. Sixty (60) minutes meal breaks each day from Monday through Thursday. Ninety (90) minutes meal / prayer break for Friday. Shift work Employees working in shifts will follow the shift roasters prepared by the line management. Exceptions Employees may be requested to work on any of the holidays or regularly scheduled day of rest including Saturday/Sunday, if the Company’s business so requires. Breach Any employee not abiding by the working hours Policy will initially be counselled by his /her immediate supervisor / office manager. Any repeated act will be reported to the Human Resources in writing who will refer the discipline policy for further proceedings.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual PROTECTION OF COMPANY ASSETS & PEOPLE POLICY PURPOSE Mobilink’s continued success depends on the protection as well as the development of technology. Each employee is responsible for preventing the unauthorized use or disclosure of the Company’s sensitive and proprietary information. By following security policies and procedures, employees will protect themselves as well as the physical, proprietary and intellectual assets of the Company. OBJECTIVE

2.1. Patents and Inventions While a Mobilink employee, anything that is conceived or invented by any employee, which relates to Mobilink’s present or future business, or is based on information gained from working at Mobilink, will belong to the Company. Mobilink has the right to patent, copyright or obtain work protection on these patents and inventions. It is possible that an employee may now have or become aware of proprietary information that Mobilink is not authorized to receive. Because Mobilink respect the laws protecting confidential information, the employee will not disclose it to Mobilink or use it in his / her work at the Company. Sensitive Mobilink information and sensitive customer or supplier information entrusted to the Company is identified and protected. This is required to permit legal enforcement of Mobilink proprietary rights. All Mobilink locations have requirements for entering facilities during and after business hours. Employees will not disclose, use or publish Mobilink proprietary information or other confidential information entrusted to Mobilink unless employees are asked to do so by management. This applies either during or after employment with Mobilink. Mobilink identification badges must be worn visibly at all times while on Mobilink property. All requirements for entering facilities during and after business hours should be followed. PROCEDURE Employees to identify themselves to the security guards by showing Company issued Identity Cards. Employees will sign confidentiality and proprietary agreement at the time of leaving the Company stating that no information will be passed on to any other person / organization. Human Resources is responsible for signing of the agreement by the employee leaving the Company before handing over a full and final settlement cheque to the concerned employee.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual DRESS CODE POLICY PURPOSE A) To provide all employees with the reasons for suitable attire, acceptability of appearance and enforcement procedures. B) For the benefit of the employee and all other employees in the working area. The employees clothing, hairstyle and jewelry shall not be of the type, which may interfere with the appropriate performance of his/her duties. C) Employees whose duties involve Customer contact must maintain a suitable appearance, as customers judge the Company not only by the quality of product and services the Company provides, but also by the appearance of the people with whom they deal. D) Employees who deal with the general public must maintain a suitable appearance as their dress and actions reflect upon Company Corporate image. PROCEDURE 1. All female employees shall observe the following dress code:

Shalwar Kameez Sari / Blouse Dress Pants / Blouse or Shirt with Jacket or Waist Coat Skirts / Blouse or Shirt with Jacket or Waist Coat (No minis / long slits) Light makeup Light jewelry No Low Necks 2. All male employees shall follow the following dress code:

Dress shirt / pants / Tie with Jacket or Coat or Sweater Dress shoes and socks Well trimmed moustache, hair and beard / “shaved face” Hair length should not go below the shirt collar

Head office employees may dress business casual on Fridays only as defined in section 4 of this policy. Employees who work on Saturdays, where they have customer contact will wear Business casual. Business casual is defined as follows: Dress shirt / pants Dress shirt / pants /coat Dress shirt / pants / sweater Dress shoes and socks No joggers No jeans Dress code for female employees will remain unchanged on Saturdays. All Officers / Department Heads shall be responsible for the implementation of the dress code for their employees. Any employee not abiding by the Dress Code under this Policy will initially be counseled by his /her immediate supervisor / office manager. Any repeated act will be reported to the Human Resources Department in writing.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Security and Safety Policy PURPOSE The safety of employees is everyone’s responsibility. Accidents, precaution and efficient work go hand in hand. All levels of employees have a primary responsibility for the safety and well being of all of us. Therefore, interest in practicing safety prevention must be encouraged by: a. Setting good examples. b. Acting upon safety records. c. Reviewing safety programs. d. Holding personal interviews or group conferences. e. Starting activities that will stimulate and maintain employee’s interests. No phase of operation of administration is of greater importance than accident prevention. It is the policy of the Company to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions and to follow operating practices that safeguard all employees and result in safe working conditions and efficient operations. Proper First Aid Kit will be available at all Mobilink Offices including remote locations. MODE OF OPERATION Safety Committee To accomplish the above policy, a Safety Committee will be set-up as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. VP HR/Admin Head of Security Member Member

Functions of Safety Committee The functions of the Safety Committee are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Development of policy recommendations. Encouraging safety efforts. Proper enforcement of safety needs. Frank and constructive discussion on safety programs. Cooperation with other Companies. Training regarding safety.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Objectives of the Safety Committee To evaluate and investigate the adequacy of existing safety measures and make recommendations relating to safety of all employees and visitors and protection of all Company assets. POTENTIAL HAZARD AREAS No place is hazard free. Potential hazard sites include 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Buildings. Electrical Installations. Wiring. Transformers and Switchboards. Roofs. Ceilings.

Catastrophe Hazards happen because of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Structural deterioration. Foundation failure. Overloading. Alteration. Fire and Explosions.

SAFETY OFFICER OR ADMINISTRATOR Primarily, the duties and responsibilities will be to: Formulate, administer, and recommend changes in the accident prevention program in consultation with the Safety Committee. Act in an advisory capacity on all matters pertaining to safety. Ensure that Mobilink is in compliance with all national, provincial, local laws, ordinances or orders bearing on industrial safety. Supervise or closely cooperate with respective supervisors in safety enforcement for employees. Maintain outside professional contacts. Maintain accident records, write and distribute reports, investigate fatal or serious accidents. Act as liaison officer for the safety committee. IDENTIFICATION BADGE PURPOSE

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual In order to ensure that only authorized personnel enter, circulate and leave the work area, an identification badge system will be utilized. Identification badges will be classified into three categories: (1) (2) (3) Employee. Visitors Badge. Non-permanent.

PROCEDURE Employee’s Identification Card 1. Upon appointment, the Security Department will issue an employee Identification card.

2. When an employee badge is lost, damaged, or stolen, the employee must immediately report this to the Human Resources Department so that replacement or corrective measures may be taken. 3. When an employee leaves Mobilink, the badge will be returned before receiving final check. Temporary Badge 1. A temporary card will be issued to employees who have mislaid, lost or have had their permanent badge stolen until a new card is reissued. No employees will be allowed to keep a temporary card for more than two (2) weeks. 2. Temporary badges will also be issued to temporary workers, contractual, contractors and vendors. C. Visitor Badge

Applicants, interviewees, government officials or any other person visiting work facilities may be issued a visitor badge upon verification by an authorized person, from the concerned department. Re issuance of Identification Card In case an employee has lost his / her permanent or temporary employee card, or it has been stolen, the employee should request security department for re issuance of card keeping his/her supervisor in loop. INCIDENT REPORT PURPOSE This report will be made and signed by the supervisor or department head, and filed in the personal file of the employee in the Human Resources Department after being revised by the VP Human Resources & Administration. An employee is informed of the report and its contents verbally and in writing by the supervisor or Department Head signing the Incident Report at the time the matter is discussed with the employee. This signature should permit the employee to agree or disagree and to state his / her reasons in support of his / her position. The Incident Report is often a record of adverse employee conduct. It provides a record for consideration of supervisors and Department Heads at the time of merit review. When it becomes necessary

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual because of serious infraction of the rules to apply drastic disciplinary action, the records provide proof upon which appropriate disciplinary action may be based. The Incident Report must be discussed with the employee by the VP Human Resources & Administration to ascertain that the facts as presented in the Incident Report are correct, fair, and accurate. The purpose of an Incident Report is to provide opportunity to the employee and supervisor to: Explain to the employee the correct method or immediate action to prevent its recurrence. Give the employee a warning that a repetition of this action will not be acceptable and that additional disciplinary action may be taken. Leave the employee with a favourable attitude towards the job and the supervisor as well as a will to improve.

PROCEDURE Contact Immediate Supervisor on incident who in turn will inform the HR Representative. The HR Representative to report to the place of incident and fill out an Incident Report Form.

The issue to be raised to the next level as soon as possible depending on the incident. No statement is to be made by an employee or any other individual unless requested by Management. In the case of injury, an employee must be transported to the nearest hospital for treatment.

If required, HR should report incident to the local police. Management will deploy a Committee for further investigation into the incident. The Committee will provide findings for management to make final decision.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual COMPANY PUBLICATIONS POLICY Purpose To provide a means of communicating Mobilink’s policies, objectives, plans programs and development of all employees. To report on all Mobilink activities. To provide an outlet for employees to express themselves in their literary and artistic talents. Policy Guidelines The Company publishes booklets, news articles and newsletters for the benefit of the employees. The Company maintains the rights to change, discontinue, reverse or edit the content of any publication issued by the Company. Only brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, handbills or posters approved by the Company may be issued or distributed on Company premises. The President and the VP Human Resources & Administration must approve all publications intended for all employees. Procedure Employee / Company related information for Newsletter and Notice Board has to be sent to the Local Human Resources Department. Approval of Information / Articles sent by employees will be processed by the Human Resources Department before its publication. he Company reserves the right to publish any articles in the Newsletter or any other publications. Any information regarding Company activities or Customer Related information must be sent to the Marketing Department for approval. Marketing must get approval from the President or his / her nominee to place article in Newspaper or Customers Newsletter. Management has the right to change or withhold any information pertaining to Company or other issues.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual DISCIPLINNE POLICY Photograph in company’s premises PURPOSE To protect Mobilink, its offices, cell sites and sensitive equipment from outside OBJECTIVE Visitors and employees are not permitted to take photographs or to carry photographic equipment into any Mobilink offices, cell sites, without prior approval. PROCEDURE All employees must receive advance approval before any photographic equipment can be allowed within the office boundaries. Unless a Mobilink guard has specific instructions to allow entry of such equipment, he should check the equipment and return it to the owner upon his / her departure. The following approvals are necessary before any person is permitted to take photographs or to carry photographic equipment into Company facilities: Office Areas Engineering Department Other Areas NOTICE It is the responsibility of all Department Heads to obtain the approval of the President prior to allowing photographs to be taken on Company property or premises. PROHIBITION OF GIFTS PURPOSE Mobilink employees are encouraged to inform all suppliers, vendors, and subordinates that Mobilink does not encourage or allow either the acceptance of or the giving of gifts. PROCEDURE Employees are not allowed to accept gifts from subordinates at any time, regardless of the occasion. Employees are not allowed to accept gifts from customers, vendors, or suppliers. Solicitation of funds by any employee for any purpose is strictly prohibited unless authorized by the President of the Company. Any employee accepting gifts or soliciting funds or gifts without the approval of the President will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action as deemed necessary under the circumstances. Exception to this policy is, that employees can accept gifts from seniors and colleagues on the occasion of birthdays, farewells, weddings and anniversaries Employees may accept giveaways from vendors, clients bringing in the knowledge of Departmental Head. President Not permitted under any circumstances President

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual CODE OF CONDUCT Purpose The policy is aimed to instill in all Mobilink employees a sense of belonging and commitment to the Company. Mobilink believes the keystone to its business success is the integrity with respect to its dealings with customers, suppliers and governments. The highest order of ethical conduct has and will be the very foundation of Mobilink. These qualities have been instilled and transmitted throughout the Company. The following statement of business, philosophy and objectives applies to all components of Mobilink. It is intended to be read and applied as part of all jobs. This code of conduct provides firm, uncompromising standards for each employee in dealings with agents, customers, suppliers, political entities and others. The code re-emphasizes and provides further guidance regarding policies which are an integral part of PMCL’s business philosophy. Every employee should confirm to and abide by the applicable laws, rules and regulations and orders of the Company, and shall observe, comply with and obey all lawful orders and directions which may, from time to time, be given to him/her by any person or persons under whose jurisdiction, superintendence or control he / she may, for the time being be placed. Adherence to the code will continue to be the subject of management attention, periodic audits of Internal Audit Department and reviewed by the Business Ethics Compliance by the Committee. (Please define the composition of the committee). The terms “PMCL” and “Company” as used in this Code of Conduct include PMCL and all of its affiliated companies if (any). Policy Conflict Of Interest Section 1: Secondary Employment a) Exclusive Services:

Every employee shall devote himself/herself exclusively to the service of the Company and shall not engage him / herself in any other service, business or profession or undertake part time or full time work for a private or public body or person, or accept any pay, compensation, remuneration, or fee therefore, without prior sanction of the President which may, in case where he thinks fit, grant such a sanction, stipulate that any pay, compensation, remuneration or fee received by the employee for undertaking work shall be paid in whole or part to PMCL provided that nothing in this regulation shall be deemed to prohibit an employee from making a bonafide investment of his / her own funds in such stocks, shares, securities or investment as he / she may wish to buy. However any such investments must not be purchased during office hours on the working days. In case an employee is found guilty of such irregularity he/she can be terminated from service. b) Employees shall not engage in any activity where the personal skill and knowledge the employee develops or applies in the employee’s PMCL position is transferred or applied to such activity in derogation of the present or prospective business interests of PMCL. c) A PMCL employee shall not have any relationship with any other business enterprise, which might affect the employee’s independence of judgment in transactions between PMCL and other business enterprise of otherwise conflicts with the proper performance of the employee’s duties at PMCL.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual d) A PMCL employee may not accept any appointment to membership of the Board of Directors, standing committee or similar body of any other Company, organization or government agency (other than charitable, educational, fraternal, political, community or religious organizations or similar groups) without first receiving the prior approval of the PMCL President, whether or not a possible conflict of interest may result from the acceptance of any such appointment. Section 2: Personal Financial Interest a) Supplier/Customer Relationships. A PMCL employee may not have any interest in any supplier or customer of PMCL which interest could in any respect compromise the employee’s loyalty to PMCL. b) Competitor Relationships. A PMCL employee should not have interest in an enterprise or business that is similar to that of PMCL, except as a stockholder of that Company. 1. the shares of stocks of which are listed on a national securities exchange; and different

2. 80 percent of the revenues of which are derived from products or services from any product or service sold by PMCL.

c) Interest of Associates. The interest of a PMCL employee’s associate in a supplier, customer or competitor of PMCL may create a conflict of interest depending upon the facts and circumstances of the particular case. “Associate” for purpose of this policy statement shall mean: 1. Any relative of a PMCL employee, any person living in the employee’s household or to whom the employee furnishes support or any person having a personal relationship, similar to the above with a PMCL employee. 2. Any business in which an employee has financial interest, any creditor or debtor of the PMCL employee, or any other person benefits to whom could reasonably be expected to relieve the PMCL employee of some obligation or obtain for the employee some personal gain or advantage. 3. Any trust or estate administered by such persons or in which employees have a financial interest as a beneficiary. d) Business Involvement of Associates: A PMCL employee may not cause or influence PMCL to do business with any entity in which the employee or an associate is interested. If an instance occurs where it is to PMCL’s advantage to enter into such a transaction, the proposed situation will be submitted in writing to, and granted with prior written approval of PMCL’s general counsel received before any commitment is made. Such approval will not be granted unless it can be ascertained that the terms of the transaction are to be determined by competitive bidding or are established by law or are determined under conditions which clearly establish an arm’s length fairness of terms. Section 3: Inside Information a) Every employee shall serve the Company honestly and faithfully and shall maintain strict secrecy regarding the affairs and business of the Company, its subsidiaries and associate allies. He / she shall use his / her utmost endevours to promote the business and affairs of the Company, and show courtesy and attention in all transactions with the customers, the public, fellow employees and employees of other organizations.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual b) A PMCL employee may not buy or sell or recommend to others to buy or sell, any security or other interest property based on knowledge derived from such person’s employment. Employees should avoid transactions in the area of real estate which PMCL may be considering or selling or has decided to buy or sell. Section 4: Maintenance of Secrecy a) No employee shall at any time, during or after service, communicate in any manner to any person, including a fellow employee not directly connected with that information or official document, or to press, public papers, journals, books, pamphlets, or by speech or discussion at any place, disclose or cause to be disclosed any information or official documents relating to the affairs and business of the Company, except with the prior written approval of the President. b) No employee shall, otherwise in the normal course of his / her duty, give any information, advice, confidential or secret information and official documents to any other employee or any other person or organization not authorized by the President or by law to receive it. B. Improper Use of Company’s Funds and Assets.

Section 1: PMCL Funds: The funds and assets of PMCL shall not be used directly or indirectly, for illegal payments of any kind.

Example: The payment of a bribe to a public official.

Section 2: Bribe and illegal Gratification: Any employee, who offers or attempts to offer bribes or illegal gratification in any form or manner, or accepts such bribes or illegal gratification, or assets or induces or attempts to induce someone to offer or accept bribes or illegal gratification in any manner or form with the object that in the course of transactions of the business of the Company some favour or disfavour shall be obtained for anyone, some service or impairment shall be rendered for undue benefit of someone, shall be liable to disciplinary action including dismissal from the service. The following exceptions are: (a) Unless prohibited by the policy of the customer, PMCL may give, social amenities to customers and employees of non-government organizations, normal sales promotional items bearing the Company’s name of items of insignificant value, such as flowers and candy. (b) Under no circumstances the payment of a gratuity or fee (or gift of any kind) may be made to a government employee, whether in recognition of efficient service or otherwise. Section 3: Political Contributions: The funds and assets of PMCL shall not be used directly or indirectly for political contributions, whether legal or illegal. The term “political contributions” is used in its broadest sense and includes local, provincial or national fund raising dinners, banquets, raffles or any funds or gifts (including the free or discounted use of property or services) which could be routed directly or indirectly to a political candidate, party, committee or organization. Example: The foregoing prohibition of political contributions would be violated if a manager directed any employees to work for a political candidate or party or used Company funds to reimburse employees for political contributions made with their private funds. This section is not intended to limit or otherwise restrict (1) the personal political activities of PMCL employees, or (2) the right of PMCL employees to make personal contribution to any PMCL political action committee.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Section 4: Agreements: PMCL shall not enter into any agreement with dealers, distributors, agents or consultants: (a) Who do not comply with the applicable laws of Pakistan.

(b) Who provide for a commission rate or fee that is not reasonable and commensurate with the functions or services to be rendered. Section 5: Book Entries: The funds and assets of PMCL must be properly and accurately recorded on the books and records of the Company, in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles and practices, and no false or artificial entries shall be made in the books, records or accounts of the Company. No payment made on behalf of PMCL shall be approved or made with the intention or understanding that any of such payment is to be used for any purpose other than that described by the documents supporting the payment. Example: It would be a violation of the section of this Code of Conduct to purposefully issue an invoice or other document, which inaccurately reflects a transaction. Section 6: Causing Loss or loss of revenue to the Company: Any employee who causes or attempts to cause any loss, or loss of revenue, to the Company shall be liable to reimburse the loss caused by him and will also be liable to disciplinary actions including dismissal from service. Section 7: Misuse of Official Position: Any employee who uses or attempts to use his/her official position in order to bestow patronage upon or do favor to an employee or class of employees, trading firms or concerns, manufacturers, agents, business organizations and similar other agencies in a manner that the interest of the Company or its employees is harmed and the deserving employees or concerns are deprived of the due, shall be liable to disciplinary action including dismissal from service. C. Customer / Supplier / Government Relationships

Section 1: Information disclosed by a customer to a PMCL employee, clearly identified verbally or in writing as sensitive, private or confidential, shall be protected from disclosure to unauthorized persons inside and outside the Company to the same extent as PMCL sensitive, private or confidential information is protected, except where such information was already known to PMCL or customer organizations. Example (a): A customer makes PMCL aware of a confidential project for which he/she is contemplating use of PMCL products. He/She asks PMCL to hold the discussion in confidence. His / her request will be honored. The information will not be disclosed within the Company to persons without a reasonable need to know in order to serve the best interests of that customer. Nor will the information be disclosed to any persons outside the Company except where required to comply with a law or regulation. Example (b): PMCL’s price and delivery quotation to a customer will not be disclosed to PMCL employees without the need to know and never outside the Company unless the information has been released by the customer or supplier or is required to be released by law or regulation. Section 2: Employees of PMCL will respect the law, customs and traditions of the country in which they operate and will at the same time, engage in no act or course of conduct, which even if legal, customary and accepted in any such country, could be deemed to be in violation of the accepted business ethics of PMCL or the laws of Pakistan relating to business ethics. Section 3: No PMCL employee shall accept or permit any member of his / her family to accept from any person any gift, the receipt of which will place him under any form of official obligations to the donor. This regulation shall also apply in the case of gifts offered by

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual persons, agents, suppliers or manufacturers likely to have business dealings with the Company and candidates for employment in the Company. Example (a): Included within the scope of this prohibition is the acceptance of presents by PMCL from suppliers, as well as the acceptance by employees of money, property or services, e.g., free trips from business associates. Example (b): PMCL employees traveling on business may avail the courtesy of free lodging in a customer facility so long as it is properly noted on PMCL’s travel expense records. Example (c): Suppliers win PMCL business on the basis of product or service suitability, price, delivery and quality. There is no other basis. Attempts to influence procurement decisions by offers of any compensation, commission, kickbacks, paid vacation, special discount on product service, entertainment or any other form of gift or gratuity must be firmly rejected by all employees. Section 4: PMCL may, unless otherwise prohibited, pay the transportation and lodging expenses incurred by customer, agents or suppliers, prospective or otherwise, in connection with a visit to a PMCL facility or product installation for any reasonable business purpose, including on-site examination of equipment, the participation in a training session or contract negotiations with PMCL. But (except for ground transportation provided by an accompanying PMCL employee) only in such cases where prior to any such visit.

Written approval for the payment of such expenses has been obtained from the President of PMCL and whenever practiced, the senior management of the visitor has been informed of the payment of such expenses by PMCL, or PMCL is obligated by contract to pay such expenses and the obligation is specifically delineated. All such expenses must be accounted for in accordance with standard travel procedures. General accounts, such as sales promotion, should not be charged for travel expenses. Payment of such expenses by PMCL may only be made if they are not otherwise prohibited. For example, payment of such expenses by PMCL could be prohibited in a particular situation by applicable law or regulation, by a contract, or by the policy of the customer, agent or supplier. PMCL will not employ any individual known to be related, by blood, marriage or adoption (except relationships more remote than first cousin), to any person having influence over the purchasing decisions of any private or public entity to which PMCL sells any of its products, unless such employment is first disclosed to and approved in writing by (i) the senior management of such private or public entity; and (ii) the President of PMCL. No employee shall bring, directly or indirectly, political or other inside or outside influence or pressure to bear on the Company or any employee of the Company in support or any claim arising in connection with his / her employment of the other employees of the Company including any claim for promotion, posting or transfer, as the case may be, nor shall any employee approach, directly or indirectly, any member of the board, or the President. Acceptance Of Gifts and Presents Section 1: No employee shall accept or permit any member of his / her family to accept any gift from a subordinate employee of the Company. Section 2: In case any gift is offered to an employee by the Head or Representative of another Company or by a dignitary of a foreign state, the employee shall politely attempt to avoid acceptance thereof if he can do so without giving offence to the donor. However, if he cannot do so, he may accept the gift and subsequently deposit the same with the Company

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual through DHR/DA against receipt; provided that the Company may permit an employee to retain the gift if its market value does not exceed, Rs 3000. Provided further that the Company may permit an employee to retain a gift on payment of price evaluated by it, if its market value exceeds Rs 3000. Section 3: Should any questions arise as to whether or not the acceptance of a gift places an employee under any obligations to the donor, the decision of the Company in this respect shall be final. Maintenance of Operations and Industrial peace Section 1: No employee shall, in any manner, obstruct or disturb the operations of and the peace in the Company. Section 2: Any employee who, in any manner, obstructs or disturbs or causes to be obstructed or disturbed the operations of and the peace in the Company, or in any manner, interfere with, or seduces or attempts to seduce from his / her allegiance or his / her duty, any employee of the Company or any other person working for and on behalf of the Company, shall be liable for disciplinary action including dismissal from service. Statements to Press and Speeches on Radio / TV Section 1: No employee shall make any statement or address letters to the Press or deliver a speech on Radio / TV etc. or contribute any article to any newspaper or journal concerning the affairs and operations of the Company; unless duly authorized in writing by the President. Section 2: No employee shall publish, print, circulate or otherwise be in possession of any pamphlet, poster or publications of any type of literature, or make any broadcast on Radio / TV etc. calculated to promote feelings of enmity or hatred between employees, classes of employees or different provinces, classes, sects, religious orders, or to comprise the integrity of the employee, the security of Pakistan or friendly relations with foreign states, or to offend the public order, decency or morality. Section 3: No employee shall, in any document published, or in any communication made to the press, under his / her own name or in any public utterance or television program, or in any radio broadcast delivered by him, make any statement of fact or opinion, which is capable of embarrassing the Company. Provided that the employee may publish research papers or technical or professional subjects, if such papers do not express views on political issues or on Company’s policy and do not include any information of a nature whose disclosure may, in the opinion of the President, be detrimental to the interests of the Company.

G. a)

Other Restrictions Bar on Nepotism, Favoritism, Sectarianism, Provincialism, Racism and Victimization:

No employee shall indulge, directly or indirectly in nepotism, parochialism, favoritism, discrimination against religious groups or race and willful abuse of office or victimization. b) Living beyond means:

No employee or his / her dependent family members shall live beyond their legitimate means. Company reserves the right to ask an employee to justify his living beyond his means. c) Representation by Employees’ Families:

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual No employee shall permit any member of his / her family to make any representation to the Company regarding his / her employment, non – employment, the terms of employment or the conditions of work. In case of such representation, it will be presumed that the employee concerned had instigated it. d) Tampering with Records of Service:

No employee shall tamper with, interfere with, remove or destroy his / her own record of service or that of any other employee. e) Restriction on lending and borrowing:

i) No employee shall lend money or borrow money from, or place himself under any pecuniary obligation to any person with whom he has any official dealings; Provided that the above provision shall not apply to dealings in the ordinary course of business with insurance companies, banks or other financial institutions. Every employee shall avoid habitual indebtedness. If an employee is adjudged or declared insolvency to the Company, disciplinary action will be taken against them. Speculations in stocks, shares and investments and formation of Companies No employee shall: Make or permit his / her family to make any investment which is likely to embarrass or influence him in the discharge of his / her official duty; Engage in any trade or undertake any employment or work other than his / her official duties. Buy or sell stock, shares or securities of any description without funds to meet the full cost in the case of purchase, or script for delivery in the case of sale; Lend money to or borrow money in his / her private capacity from another person, agent, manufacturer, supplier or any other organization which has business dealings with the Company for investment in any property, any business trade or undertaking or for any other purpose; Act as an agent for an insurance Company, a travel agency, an airline, a tour operator, a manufacturer or a supplier; Be connected with the formation or management of a joint stock Company; Engage in any commercial business or pursuit, either on his / her own account or as an agent for another or others; OR Accept or seek any outside employment or office, whether stipendiary or honorary, without the previous sanction of the President. Private Trade, Employment or Work: No employee shall, except with the previous sanction of the President, engage either directly or indirectly in any trade or undertake any employment or work other than his / her official duties. Provided that an employee may, without such sanction, undertake honorary work of a religious, social or charitable nature or occasional work of a literary or artistic character subject to the condition that his / her official duties do not thereby suffer and that the occupation or undertaking does not conflict or is not inconsistent with his / her position or

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual obligations as an employee, but he/she shall not undertake such work if so directed by the President. An employee, who has any doubt about the proprietary of undertaking any particular work, should refer the matter for the order of the President. No employee and his / her dependent family members shall engage either directly or indirectly in any trade, business or work with the Company, its subsidiaries and associated companies. This regulation does not apply to sports activities and membership of recreation clubs. Vindication by Employees of their Public Acts or Character An employee may not act, without the previous sanction of the President, have recourse to any Court or to the Press for the vindication of his / her public acts or character from defamatory attacks. In granting sanction, the President may bear the cost of the proceedings or leave the employee to institute them at his / her own expenses. In the latter case, if he obtains a decision in his / her favor, the Company may reimburse him to the extent of the whole or any part of the cost, provided that nothing in this regulation limits or otherwise affects the rights of an employee to vindicate his / her private acts or character. Private Calls from Office Telephones Private calls from office telephones results in congestion of traffic on the one hand and delay in putting through the official calls on the other. Besides, these calls add up to the expenditure on telephones. An employee is, therefore, advised to desist from using office telephones for private calls. The Administration Department can monitor the private calls. All Sectional Heads are requested to exercise control and ensure strict compliance of these instructions. Any employee found guilty of any offense mentioned in this section can be given a warning accordingly. DISCIPLINE & PENALTIES This policy is aimed at streamlining the procedure where an employee is charged with any act or omission included in the disciplinary regulation in the Human Resources Policy of Mobilink and the penalties stipulated in the disciplinary chart shall be inflicted as deemed appropriate.

2- Policy Guidelines 2.1 Penalties that may be inflicted on the employees are: a. Warning

Warning may be addressed to the employee verbally and in writing through his / her immediate supervisor. The warning shall refer to the contravention committed by the employee and that he/she should abide by the Company rules, and regulations in performing his / her work, and that this contravention will not be repeated in future. b. Written Warning

A written letter addressed to the employee describing the contravention committed. The employee should also be notified that a higher penalty may be inflicted on him/her in case the contravention not stopped or is repeated in future. The warning letter will be registered in the employees personnel file. Issuance of written warning can be recommended by the respective supervisor and HOD. It will be issued by the HR department after approval of the VP HR. c. Deduction from the salary

Deduction from the salary will be an amount of the employee’s salary depending on the type of offence & decision taken accordingly.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual


Suspension from work without pay

The employee may be suspended from performing his / her duties for a period of time as conveyed in writing. e. Deprive the Employee from Promotion, Annual Increase, Incentives & Bonuses.

Denial or postponement of any increase in salary, incentives or bonuses due to the employee according to the provisions of these regulations or the Company internal systems & procedures will be implemented. f. Termination of Employment without Reward or Compensation

A Termination of the work contract without reward or compensation may be imposed by the Company for the employee who commits one or more of the misconducts stipulated in the Personnel Regulation / Code of Conduct. 2.2 Any employee committing any misconduct explained in detail in these regulations shall be penalized with the penalty corresponding to the said offense. In general the inflicted penalty should correspond to the kind and extent of the offence committed. 2.3 The penalties as outlined in these regulations, shall be implemented by the Human Resources Department. 2.4 It shall not be permissible to inflict a penalty on the employee unless he receives a written notification and given a chance to defend himself and make a statement. Such hearing should be documented and kept in the worker’s personnel file. 2.5 The employee shall be notified in writing about the penalties inflicted on him, its kind and value. He/She should also be aware of the penalty that may be inflicted on him/her in case he/she repeats the same misconduct. If the worker refuses to take the notification letter or sign it, the letter should be sent by registered mail to his / her home address as outlined in his / her personal file, he/she should also be notified verbally in front of two legitimate witnesses. Letter dispatched through postal regulation system of the country or through a registered courier on the home address of the employee will be considered as received by the employee. It may please be noted that it is the responsibility of the employee to notify the change in existing residential address before he moves to a new place of living. 2.6 Each employee shall have a penalties page in his / her personnel file. It will contain a description of the misconduct, date and penalty inflicted on him/her. 3. Disciplinary Warning Procedures The purpose of disciplinary warning is to safeguard the interests of the Company and at the same time assure employees of fair treatment in disciplinary matters. The following disciplinary procedure is initiated whenever the Department Head or Company management feels that an incident has occurred which involves negligence on the part of the employee. 3.1 The first step in the disciplinary procedure is a coaching and counseling session between the employee and Department Head, at which time the incident is discussed in detail and the employee, is given an opportunity to explain the circumstances of the incident. 3.2 If, following full discussions, the Department Head concludes that the employee has committed negligence; the Department Head may issue a “verbal warning”. The information of

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual verbal / written warning should be sent to VP Human Resources on e-mail keeping the employee in loop. 3.3 The employee will be given a copy and a copy placed in the employee’s personnel file.

3.4 In special Cases If the Department Head feels that the results of the coaching and first warning are unsatisfactory, then the Department Head may address a second written warning, which will be the final warning with information of it to the VP Human Resources. 3.5 A copy will be furnished to the employee.

3.6 Upon receipt of a copy of second warning, the employee may request a meeting with the HR Department Head and such requests will be granted and the outcome discussed with the HOD by the VP Human Resources. The HOD and VP Human Resources will take a decision if they agree with each other through VP Human Resources following their departmental procedures and intimate the President if necessary. 3.7 The refusal of any employee to participate in coaching and counseling sessions with the Department Head as called for above will itself be considered as misconduct. 3.8 The above procedure or any steps may be omitted at the discretion of the President in cases of gross or willful misconduct, gross negligence, or other behavior which might jeopardize the safety of client and staff, or otherwise cause harm to the Company. 3.9 Any employee who is dismissed for misconduct is entitled to a written statement from Mobilink, which states the reasons for the discharge. The President has the Authority to Terminate the Services of any employee with out any notice.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual ATTENDANCE POLICY Purpose To prevent unauthorized absence of employees, this creates serious problems for normal and efficient operations and could result in disciplinary action including termination. Guidelines In case of any absence continuing for more than 24 hours must be reported to concerned department, in case of illness, a medical statement concerning the illness must be submitted to Mobilink within 24 hours from the time by which the employee was to be on duty. The Company may request an examination by a doctor designated by the Company. The line manager may request Local Human Resources to arrange for a medical fitness check up from a Company approved Medical Doctor in case of sickness of an employee. In the case of Absence due to non-sickness, the concerned department may ask for a written explanation from absent employee and may request Regional HR to initiate disciplinary processes. In consultation with the concerned HOD, HR may send a warning letter to the employee for breaching of company’s policy.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual DISCRIMINATION & HARRASSMENT POLICY 1- PURPOSE The Company is committed to establishing a work environment, which is professional and respectful; where each member of the team is treated with dignity and respect. To create this environment it is imperative that the work environment is free from any form of harassment, intimidation, or discrimination. 2- Guidelines 2.1 Discrimination, intimidation & harassment based on sex, race, religion, age, color, disability, sexual orientation or cultural background is prohibited at the work place. 2.2 Ensuring a harassment and discrimination free environment is the responsibility of every supervisor and manager. Managers and supervisors will monitor the work environment to ensure that it is free from any form of harassment and discrimination as well as ensure that each employee understands his/her responsibility. 2.3 Harassment in the work place whether committed by supervisors, colleagues, customers or any third party will not be sanctioned or tolerated. 2.4 Employees found to have engaged in discrimination or harassment will be disciplined up to and / or including termination of employment. 2.5 In case of harassment by a supervisor, an employee should approach the supervisor’s superior or Human Resources. 2.6 Retaliation against employees who bring complaint against supervisors or colleagues is strictly prohibited and may result in corrective action up to and/or including termination of employment. 2.7 All incidents will be investigated promptly and corrective action will be taken.

3- WHAT CONSTITUTES HARASSMENT Harassment occurs when a person or a group of people’s behavior towards another gives cause for offence. Behavior may be by a person of one sex or of one group to a person of the same or another group. Harassment/ General Complain means: • Embarrassing remarks or jokes (written / verbal). • Insults. • Comments about appearance, facial or other physical expressions. • Racial shunning or segregation. • Racial / ethnic / religious abuse. • Occurrence of ethnic or racial jokes, using slang expressions to describe individuals of certain cultural background. • Unwanted physical contact Behavior that ridicules someone based on gender, national origin, religion, culture, etc. Sexual Harassment means: • Display of suggestive photographs or pictures. • Raising employment decisions on the submission to or rejection of sexual advances. • Permitting a sexually intimidating, offensive or hostile environment. • Suggestion or demand for sexual favors.


PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Discrimination is a behavior that occurs when employment decisions such as selection, merit increase, promotion, termination, etc. show bias for or against an employee or a group based on sex, race, religion, national origin, color, age and sexual orientation. 5- COMPLAINT PROCEDURE To obtain clear understanding Complaints are divided in to two categories and also explained in the exhibit ‘A’ for clear understanding: A- Discrimination / General Complaints B- Sexual Harassment Complaints A- Discrimination/ General Complaints In case of discrimination/general complaint the following steps are to be followed: Step 1 It is advised and expected from all employees to speak with the offender personally in a reasonable professional manner and try to resolve the issue and making it clear that the said behavior is unwanted. Employee may seek help from a senior member of the team to be the mediator. Step 2 If the employee feels that the matter can not be resolved by speaking to the offender personally, he / she would take up the issue with supervisor (only when supervisor is not the offender) Step 3 Employee can escalate the situation by discussing the issue with supervisor’s boss in case supervisor is the offender or otherwise. Step 4 If the case still remains unsolved and offence continues from the same colleague, employee would take the issue with Vice President Human Resources / Administration, who will investigate the situation and decide accordingly.

B- Sexual Harassment Complaints The complain relating to sexual harassment, employee would file a complaint directly to VP HR/Admin to avoid unnecessary popularity meaning only fewer people should know about the situation, offender and victim.

6- RESPONSIBILITY The Human Resources Department is the custodian of the Policy and will be responsible for any revision in policy.

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual Employee Separation Policy Separations 1. Any employee may discontinue his services by putting a resignation.

2. An employee who resigns is expected to give written notice to his/her supervisor at least one month in advance of the last day worked. The supervisor should require that the letter of resignation be signed and dated and explain the reason for separation. 3. Employees will ordinarily work through their notice period. In some cases, the department may accept a resignation immediately or prior to the last work day identified by the employee. These situations should be reviewed in advance with human resources. 4. All discharges must be recommended by the appropriate department head and approved by the human resources or designee before the action is taken. 5. In case employee needs to be released early, concerned HOD is authorized to waive off the notice period. 6. In case employee fails to serve a notice, the notice period will be deducted from his / her salary. 7. Accumulated leaves can not serve as notice period and these are frozen the day an employee resigns. 8. Human resources will give the separating employee an exit interview. Included is information on the final paycheck, termination of benefit plans and conversion privileges, and address verification for correspondence. 9. All inquiries, oral or written, concerning verification of employment and references for former employees are to be referred to human resources for response. 10. Company reserves the right to hold the outstanding.

Procedure 1. The supervisor should contact human resources as soon as he/she learns of a resignation and communicate to human resources the last day to be worked. The supervisor should request written notification of resignation and fax a copy immediately to HR. This is very important to assure a correct final paycheck and no overpayment of wages. 2. HR will check with multiple departments to ensure no major outstanding like foreign training bonds which requires a period must to be served. 3. Resignation will be accepted by HR only if employee will be found cleared in initial investigations. 4. Resignation Acceptance letter will be issued by Regional HR.

5. The supervisor should advise the separating staff member of all the company property to be returned on the last day of employment. This would include, but not be limited to: a. b. c. d. e. f. Office and desk keys (to supervisor) Office equipment including computers (to supervisor / IT Helpdesk) Uniforms (to supervisor) Security (ID) card (to Supervisor/HRO) Company sponsored credit cards (to Finance) Medical Authority Letter (to Supervisor/HRO)

PMCL Human Resources Policies Manual g. 6. Subsidized Package SIMs (to Supervisor/HRO) Human resources will schedule an exit interview with the employee.

7. HR should prepare a payroll authorization, noting the last day worked, to remove the employee from the payroll. 8. The supervisor should prepare a personnel requisition to begin the recruitment process for a replacement.

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