The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

A letter from Bishop Ian T. Douglas to the Diocese of Connecticut:
Dear sisters and brothers in the Diocese of Connecticut: On June 24th I received a letter from the Rev. Geoffrey A. Little resigning as Priest-in-Charge of St. James' Church and Church of the Ascension in New Haven. Geoff has also resigned his orders in The Episcopal Church. I have met and talked with Geoff about his decision to leave The Episcopal Church. Linked here is a statement that Geoff and I have jointly authored giving further details about his departure. While I respect Geoff's decision and accept his resignation, I am deeply saddened by this turn of events. Geoff has been a good and faithful priest in the Diocese of Connecticut for close to two decades. His departure will leave us diminished in our witness to the Gospel and service to God's mission, particularly among Spanish-speaking people in New Haven. Geoff is a man of great integrity who has a profound commitment to discipling all people, and a passion for mission. I will miss him as a priest of this Diocese. There are no immediate plans to change the witness of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut at St. James' and Ascension in New Haven. The future of these churches will be part of a larger discernment, led by Bishop Ahrens, about how The Episcopal Church will continue to serve God's mission in New Haven. Please keep Geoff, his wife Blanca, the people of St. James' and Ascension, and the Diocese of Connecticut in your prayers during this transition. Faithfully, The Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas, Bishop The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut Media Release June 27, 2010

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