Identify key factors that influence car buyers in Chennai

To understand perceptions of brand image of Ford against competitors and Fiesta Vs competitor cars

Study the communication at POS, and understand the dealer view of Fiesta over competitor cars.

Identify the prevalent brands and car models in India and segment them. Identify the operating segment of Ford Fiesta

Primary interviews with a sample of the identified segment to gauge the end user perception of the brands, specific models

Dealer visits and observe interactions at POS

Segment communication analysis of competitor cars and identify trends if any

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Segmentation Segment Communication Analysis Survey Analysis Primary Dealer Report Recommendations

Segmentation of Car Industry - India
Listing of features of each model specifically :


Design: Hatchback, Sedan/saloon, SUV

Engine Capacity & Power : Performance

Fuel Type


1-3 lakhs 3-5 lakhs 5-10 lakhs 10-14 lakhs 14 + lakhs

‡ Increase in the design variety from the low( 1 variant, hatchback) to the mid price segment( sedan, hatchback and SUV) Less models/variety of SUV in the 5-10 lakhs segment All transitions into the high priced segment go for a sedan model than a hatchback. Thus the sedan design type is associated with luxury

‡ ‡

Segment Behavior

Segment Communication Analysis
‡ Investigation of the press advertisements 2006 09 for Honda City, Hyundai Verna and Maruti SX4 The press advertisements were categorized into two: ‡ Variable marketing (VM): This included financing, maintenance, exchange and other offers such as free accessories Brand: Absence of any of the above mentioned offers and only the message conveyed by the brand




AIDA Model




Behavior Action

‡ The launch phase focuses exclusively on brand advertisements to increase awareness (AIDA) These continue for one quarter and then VM advertisements take over However the competitor action focuses on brand advertisements in this quarter, probably to increase awareness of the perceived superiority of their product Frequency of VM advertisement exceeds brand advertisements at any time

‡ ‡


‡ ‡ Identifying the parameter user s desire in a car Feature Ratings Rating the brand and the models on a scale of 1-5.( Brand and Model Ratings) The perception of the users regarding petrol and diesel powered vehicles


Survey Analysis
‡ I. Feature Ratings Performance ranks the highest as the feature desirable in a car, followed by maintenance ease , fuel efficiency and reliability II. Primary Brand Ratings ‡ Maruti scores the highest on maintenance ease, spare parts availability and after sales service followed by Hyundai and Honda Maruti is again the highest on mileage feature but the difference is very less among Honda and Hyundai. Ford again ranks the least


Survey Analysis
III. Model Ratings Nameplate
‡ City leads in stylishness followed by Linea and SX4.Verna and Fiesta Ranks the same City leads in fuel efficiency, SX4 and Linea ranks the same and Fiesta and Verna rank the least City leads in reliability and SX4, Linea and Fiesta rank the same City leads in performance parameter followed by Fiesta City again leads in comfort followed by SX4, Linea and Fiesta


‡ ‡ ‡

‡ Maintenance cost and price is perceived to be vary widely (50% approx) between petrol and diesel variants However performance is not perceived to change Reliability is perceived to be similar among petrol and diesel variants Service quality and availability of service centers are perceived as the most desirable features with the purchase of a car Extended/free warranty features rank low on desirability scales DIY kits and customized maintenance plans rank second on desirability features

‡ ‡ ‡

‡ ‡

Dealer Reports
‡ POS Communication


Dealer Pitch

POS Communication MPL Ford
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ New ford fiesta- styled to perform poster Same poster on help desk Fall in dura love ford fiesta poster 1.6s color chip display Accessories display and poster Tech spec stand

Dealer Pitch MPL Ford
‡ ‡ ‡ Successful in petrol and diesel versions Provides zip and drive pleasure with sporty looks TG- young males who use car for daily commuting and weekend outings

Competitor Dealers
‡ POS communication is similar in all the outlets in terms of display of car models, tech spec stand, standees, danglers, posters etc. Differences in dealers pitch at various showrooms HONDA: Emphasis on power and drivability. Additional emphasis on special features like i-pod compatibility HYUNDAI: Emphasis on success in both petrol and diesel variants, special features such as inbuilt music system and clutch lock facilities MARUTI: Emphasis on maintenance ease and free service features FORD : Emphasis on driving pleasure (power and performance) and sporty looks.

‡ ‡


‡ ‡

‡ ‡ Poor interiors as compared to luxurious interiors of city Absence of rear anti- fogger; proves disadvantageous on long distance drives Non- availability of music system in car at that price; absence of i-pod compatible accessories


‡ ‡ Commonality in all dealer pitch is on power and performance They also adopt other characteristics to generate user interest and may propel him to next stages of desire and action However, Ford emphasizes only on driving pleasure and sporty looks Such communication may not generate interest as it is not differentiable from the other cars in the same category

‡ ‡

‡ ‡ ‡ Offer DIY kits and user interaction in maintenance programs Stress on reliability aspect : - It never breaks down , marathon runs Communication model of Ford skips from the cognitive to the behavioral stage Adopt a twin communication pattern, Fiesta shows a high awareness rate and better perception than brand Ford


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