Some Links about English Book for Teacher: 1. Norric and Chiario, “Humor in Interaction” http://www. 2. Hunter Charlene, English and Language Arts. 3. Halinger, “Assasing Reading : Theory and Practice” 4. Wollasrd, “Grammar with Laugher 5. Language Assistant By the British Council 6. Chomsky, Language and Mind. 7. Methods and Approaches Package 8. An Introduction to Classroom Observation. 9. Action Research. 10. Speaking Skills 11. Moreillon, “Collaborative Strategy Reading” 12. Ritche, “The Linguistic of Joke” 13. The linguistic of jokes. 14. An Introduction to Classroom Observation. 15. Effective speaking 16. Ermida, Language of comic narative 17. Language development and learn to read 18. Behavior in class 19. HaynesTeachingEnglinglanguageLearnes.pdf 20. CissnaAppliedCommunicationResearch.pdf

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