The Yin Yang FAQ

What is the Yin and Yang? Yin and Yang are two primary forces of nature. Yin is the direct opposite of Yang. Both are needed and neither is superior or more important to the other. For example Yin is soft and passive while Yang is hard and active. What is the Tai Ji? The Tai Ji is a pictograph of the Yin and Yang energy. Yin is also represented by a broken line while Yang is represented by a solid line. Give examples of Yin and Yang. North is Yin while South is Yang. Cold is Yin while hot is Yang. Still, depressed and round is Yin while motion, aggressive and angular is Yang. How does Yin and Yang apply to the four seasons? Winter is Yin while summer is Yang. Yang energy increases from winter to summer while Yin energy increase from summer to winter. Can plants be classified into Yin and Yang? Yes. Small plants are Yin while larger trees are Yang. Those with larger rounded leaves are Yin while those with shape narrow leaves are Yang. What is the difference between Yin and Yang water? Yin water is still (like water in a vase) while Yang water is active and flowing e.g. river. What is Yin and Yang Wood? Small plants are Yin Wood. So are static wooden items like a chair. Large trees are Yang Wood. What are Yin and Yang colors? Solid color tone is Yang while pastel color tone is Yin.

Can the body be divided into Yin and Yang? Yes. Front is Yin while Back is Yang. Below the waist is Yin while above is Yang. The interior organs e.g. the heart is Yin while the exterior organs e.g. the skin is Yang. How do you classify objects into Yin and Yang? Small rounded object are Yin while large angular objects are Yang. Objects with dull or pastel color tone and cold to the touch are Yang. Objects with bright or solid color tones that are warm to the touch are Yang. What about Yin Yang of character traits? Passive, shy, timid, creative, patient and pessimistic are Yin traits. Active, outwards, loud, logical, irritable and optimistic are Yang traits. How do you classify the brain into Yin and Yang? The right brain is Yin while the left brain is Yang. What is Yin and Yang Feng Shui? Yang Feng Shui is the Feng Shui of the Living while Yin Feng Shui is the Feng Shui of the dead or burial Feng Shui.

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