Eight Priorities to Implement NTIS 2010

Thierry Noyelle, PhD Kathmandu, June 24, 2010

NTIS 2010 Action Matrix:

Where should we start?

1. Focus support on the 19 export potential goods and services – possibly even more so on Agro-Food and Services

2. Strengthen market access negotiations – especially bilateral and regional negotiations. Focus on opening access to current and new attractive markets for the 19 export potentials

Kathmandu, June 24, 2010
3. Build competitive export supply in agro-food by introducing GAP /QMS and Third Party Certification (TPC)

Tea, lentils, cardamom, and ginger could be focus
Introduce GIs for some of those products

4. Establish Board of Investment

5. Organize a structured Trade Support Network with initial focus on strengthening product associations and support at the local level Redefine TEPC’s functions and mission

6. Consolidate gains from exports of labor

services, including strengthened agreements with labor importing countries and opening up new markets
Move up the services value chain by focusing on IT & BPO services, health, education, engineering Need for a service champion!

7. Establish Nepal Business Forum ……Done!

8. Establish mechanisms for strengthened coordination and management of TRTA and AfT by GoN
……Under way!

Thank you for your valuable contribution to the NTIS 2010 launch