Personal Statement The ever-evolving environment and all those who reside in it have always intrigued me.

A far as I s can remember, I have had a genuine interest on all living things, non-living things, animals, plants and their effects on the Earth. From the elaborate food chains of a habitat to the nitrogenous cycle, all have inspired belief in me that there are still many discoveries kept secret by nature and I want to involve myself in these new discoveries. As I have been excelling in Biology and Chemistry more than I have in Physics, I have chosen to pursue Biological Sciences at degree level. Attending Biology and Chemistry lectures have been vital in teaching me the importance of taking a subject seriously, both in theory and in practice. I had the opportunity to develop my analytical and linguistic abilities through class discussions as well as assignments given by the lecturer. Work in the laboratory has opened my eyes to the many procedures and experiments done in the name of biotechnology. One experiment that intrigued me was gel electrophoresis, where different segments of DNA could be categorised according to its size and its charge. This experiment piqued my curiosity greatly and motivated me to persevere through my studies even more. This perseverance has led me to obtaining a few academic awards which include two Merit Awards during my Foundation Year as well as being included in the Dean¶s List at the end of my last term. In the effort of extending my knowledge on all things science, I have read journal articles online through websites such as Nature and New Scientist. These websites have given me a little insight on the current issues in Biology as well as efforts in solving problems currently faced by today¶s scientists. What interested me recently was the innovative use of a dome to contain a large volume of oil in the effort of detoxifying the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I have also enjoyed watching television shows like Mythbusters, where a group of scientists use the scientific method in dispelling or confirming myths such as how far do nasal secretions spread, building a crossbow out of newspaper and many others. Outside my studies, I have participated in non-academic activities. These include an inter-school football competition, where my team and I won 1st prize and was awarded the gold medal. I was also a member of the winning House Marching team during secondary school. Besides that, I took part in the National Service programme for three months held by the Malaysian government. These activities have instilled in me a competitive, self-confident and enthusiastic nature. I also enjoy reading novels ± particularly anything written by Oscar Wilde. I consider him an intellectual ahead of his time and his ideas and thoughts in his books still resonate in my mind. I have had one working experience, with MPH Bookstore, as a customer service representative. I have acquired many life lessons while on the job. For example, skills in handling customers¶ demands, the responsibility of doing a job properly and the importance of communication and teamwork amongst colleagues. Also, it has granted me the ability to be professional and courteous towards both customers and colleagues. I believe these abilities will be useful for my degree course. University of Hertfordshire has been on my university radar since I joined INTI International University in August 2008. Counsellors, lecturers and students alike have had nothing but compliments for University of Hertfordshire. After a little research, I have found the compliments given were with merit. The recent Good University Guide standings have shown a remarkable climb up the table by University of Hertfordshire, in terms of graduate prospects, teaching quality as well as student satisfaction. I believe the university¶s ambition to rise above others is amendable and I hope to join the degree course and realise my potential to its fullest.

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