Wood Works 10 Tech Mr.


Artem Mashkov 03.09.2006

A wide variety of something makes the thing interesting. Wood is interesting because there are a lot of different types of it. What many people don’t know is that wood comes from trees and that different trees provide different types of wood. There are three major categories of wood types. They are the Dicotyledons, Monocotyledons and Gymnosperms. The most important family of trees are the Dicotyledons since the internet contained the most information concerning them. The Monocotyledons and Gymnosperms were found to have less information available. Apparently the Dicotyledons are super trees that contain 2 seeds in their leaves.

They give birth to hard wood timbers. For some reason the internet also mentioned that these woods that are common in Egypt are marked red but those that are imported on a mega high scale are marked blue. For some reason I believe that’s important for economics but not for this class. Anyways some of the different types of

Dicotyledons include Cork wood. This wood is extremely light and durable which are both good things to make illegal bats out of. Sammy Sosa made his bat partially out of this wood when he tried to cheat instead of just taking steroids like any normal baseball player. Another type of wood is the Field maple which is hard and strong and can be used in a variety of ways. This would be one of these “blue” trees that I talked about at the beginning of the story. Since it is imported in to Egypt and doesn’t grow there. I should probably not even mention this but the Almond wood type also belongs to this family. Its purpose is both negative and positive since it can be used to kill (arrows) or heal (walking sticks). This type of wood is also strong and hard. The Elm tree is another type of Dicotyledon wood. It becomes extremely tough and durable when it is wet so it is perfect for ship making and for bridge supports. Or as mentioned at http://www.digitalegypt.ucl.ac.uk/wood/types.html it was also popular with the Egyptian kings as comforter since pieces of it were found in tombs.

Another category of trees are the Monocotyledons which are obviously related to the Dicotyledons since they sound similar and if put at the end of verses would rhyme. The only difference between these two wood cousins is the fact that the Monocotyledons are only born with one seed in their leaves leaving them to be only half as popular their more multi seeded relatives. The Dolm palm belongs to this category. This type of wood is hard and compact but otherwise useless as in no one actually seriously uses it for anything but since the website gave me very few examples of these types of trees I had to talk about it. The Date palm is another tree that is Monocotyledons its special characteristics include that it is poor quality which makes one wonder why it is used in such high numbers to make roofs. Gymnosperms are the third and last category of trees. They might sound funny but trust me these trees are no laughing matter. The Aleppo pine or also known as the Pinus halepensis Mill is a type of Gymnosperms that are relatively strong but it is not mentioned what they are relatively strong to maybe the answer is in the name. The Cypress tree is also part of this group. It is known to make hills that soon grow in to Spanish rock bands. Also it is know for its ability to take a good polish along with its great durability. Besides there being mad different types of wood and their parents (trees) there are also crazy amounts of wood joints that u can find online. There are about 7 different wood joints listed on the website that I found and I guess I’ll try to explain all of them. The first type of wood joint is the lap joint. This wood joint is made by nailing or gluing two pieces of wood together as illustrated above (I mean bellow). One of the sides with the grain on it will have to be shown if

one choose to use this joint. The Miter joint has a good reputation out on the streets for being the best looking joint around. The idea is that it shows no end grains but it is a most difficult journey/undertaking to construct this joint as 45 deg angles must be cut while finishing nails will be used along with the glue. The Tongue & Groove joint might sound fun or even disturbing but it is none of those things I assure you. It is also a much stronger joint than a lap joint but requires more skillz to make. It is popular to use for shelf supports. The humorously named Dado joint is one of the better looking joints which allows for finishing nails to be hidden like spies. Another joint is the Dovetail joint which is known as the “superman” joint among joints. It is most defiantly the strongest joint out of all the joints I’ve talked about so far. The reason behind that is that the two pieces of the joint interlock. This makes it popular to use on corners especially in drawer construction. The Mortise & Tenon joint is mad strong as well and also requires superb skillz as it is used to construct chairs and such things. The last but the coolest joint is called the Dowel joint and it is created by drilling holes in the pieces of wood and connecting them with a dowel.

These are all the different types of wood that I found and decided to write about along wit the different types of joints that I thought would be interesting to discuss. Wood is very important to things so keep it safe! Only you can prevent forest fires!