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Wood Essay 2

Wood Essay 2

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Published by Artem
second wood essay in the same manner there were 3 all together
second wood essay in the same manner there were 3 all together

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Published by: Artem on Sep 28, 2007
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Wood Works 10 Tech Mr.


Artem Mashkov 04.06.2006

Wood is very important for the world. Therefore the people that design it are extremely important also. The first piece of wood was designed by G-d. He called it “tree”. From the creation of the “tree” people have tried to improve on the original design by cutting these “trees” down and making other things out of them such as toothpicks and splinters. While toothpicks were pleasant and helpful splinters were designed by Satan and caused humans much pain and suffering. Another form of wood design is paper airplanes. Since paper is made out of wood the ability to manipulate the paper in to flying objects such as airplanes makes Artem Mashkov an incredible wood designer. Artem can make a sickly amount of different paper airplanes ranging from the ones with pointy tips to the dull tips. The designing of guitars is another form of wood design. This guy named Fred Carlson does it. I found him like on page 4 in google search. Apparently he made a website about how great he is at designing wooden guitars and I decided to take his word for it. Basically he made his first guitar at age 16 which is a complete waste of a teenager’s time since he could have been out playing sports or making friends instead of making inanimate objects. Instead he befriended some old guy named Ken Riportella who was a musical sculptor of sorts. This guy thought him how to build banjos that are like the ponies of the guitar world (if guitars were horses of course). By this I mean they are very cute and fun to play with but otherwise completely useless. Sometime during 1975 he joined a hippy party school by the name of “Earthworks”. In this school they

taught the students how to build guitars and therefore changed the name of the school to "Center for Guitar Research and Design" (GRD).

He also met a “life-partner” at this school by the name of Suzy Norris who arrogantly invented "Suzalyne" (a violin/viola combination with sympathetic resonating strings). The guy though wasn’t far behind this Suzy character. He himself created the “Sympitar” apparently it had sympathetic strings. He also modified the "Dreadnautilus" guitar which is portable and convenient for travel.

Bamboo is also wood that can be designed in to things. Chinese Bamboo furniture has a long history just like the Chinese people and noodles. Bamboo is a product unique to Asia as are the Asian people, and is an especially developed industry in hot and sunny china where it’s really hot and sunny. Simple and ingenious techniques are used to make super clever and mega useful products that can be "knocked down,'' and modular pieces that can be used together or separately or mutually or disjointedly. Bamboo may be used in combination with other materials, such as wood, cotton, Asians, and monkeys, in endless variation. The materials treated through a process of selecting, cutting, bleaching, dehydrating, vulcanizing, carbonizing, mothproofing and antiseptic. It will not crack after paving for its strong tenacity. The bamboo floor is suitable for inner-decoration in living houses, offices, hotels and shopping places for elegant color, natural appearance, easy paving and lasting new-looking. Here is a picture of an Asian person doing something with the bamboo:

So anyways that’s another form of wood design that is used by many people in many countries that are located in Asia.

Sometimes people get lonely and decide to make friends out of wood for themselves. Some people design little wooden people while others are more original and make imitations of horses with cruel wooden semi circles stuck to their legs. These creations are called rocking horses. People such as Melissa O'Shields and Laurence Bridges often would team up together to make super rocking horses and they did so in 1989. They designed and produced woodcarvings under the name Melissa * Laurence Artisans and began selling their works on the art show circuit throughout the eastern United States in 1990. Laurence studied commercial art and design at Perry International in Atlanta (its da dertty south!), GA from 1967-1969. And commercial art, oriental art, and design at Etsura Hayakawa in Sizouka Ken, Japan from 1971-1973. He fell in love with the Oriental people and began traveling and studying art throughout Southeast Asia. In Sri Lanka he studied the ancient methods of Batik dyeing, but it was in Madras, India where he became fascinated with woodcarving and ancient methods of antiquing (collecting old stuff that’s boring). He found a master carver who offered him an apprenticeship and he lived and studied in India for 1 1/2 years until Ghandi expelled him from the land. Melissa studied photography with one of Ansel Adams students, Neil Chaput, at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta (still known as da derrty south!), 1974-1976. She had an award-winning photograph published in Redbook Magazine which was published and read only in 1975. She began a ten year career in real estate in 1978 which led her to home design and restoration and ultimately her love of finishing wood Mortal Kombat style. In 1989 under Laurence's direction she began studying woodcarving and found a master carver in Thailand to apprenticeship with. Therefore a noticed a pattern about

these wood designers that seems to keep true. They all have an oriental fetish an enjoy Asia as a place of study and creation a lot.

There I think that should be enough pictures to fill up about 5 pages about wood designers. Also I would like to mention that wood designing is not as boring as one might believe since so many people tend to do these wood design things in order to earn a living and feed their families. These people could do so many things and yet they choose to handle wood all day I mean they must really enjoy it in order to live their entire lives through wood. Therefore wood is very important and the designers are also important and so is this class so please give me a good wood grade.

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