Respon ding to the stated statistics I ehel hmg E!S for d iverse h ou si n 9 provisi ens, ea r d~pendency a nd congestion reduction, public equity, and young and elderly needs, our proposal to revitalize Long Island is ada ptive, i ncrernenta I and at the sa me ti me revel uti onary.


We move beyond labels of new and old, suburb and downtown to focus on the conditions on the

. The proposal mod i fies emergent pattern san d co-opts cu rrent pred i ca rnents as susta i n~ as econ omi ca lIy and as fl exi bly as poss i bl E!. The proposa I id enti fies a I ig ht netvrork of sym bi otic d ensities in the u nd eruti I ized territories of com rnereia I and reta i I pa rki ng

lots and to link them to the existing downtowns by subsequent iroprovernents to the i nfrastructu re, With i n th is I ig ht netwo rk we a re pro pes i ng the add itien ofsusta i na bl E!, fl exi bl e mod u la r u nits that tread I ig htly on the pa rki ng su rface a nd maxi m ize the gi VEl n s, It p rovid E!S com p lernenta ry p ro- 9 ra m s to these te rritories, E! ng end eri n 9 '~oolog i ea I' systems

W"~l" d ifferent rams - hou sing, comm erce, retai I,

t_~t"""''''l'';u''h other in cl oser proximity. The

......... I\l; .. ''Ilr "'.~ left beh i nd by the spati a I and

i nfrastru ctu ra I d emend s on the late XX

A PH]lpl[]l:'md inlB1wo rk om Ilmgllfams, synlBrtgi

•• MUlUC1J .. ., C~~flms

.. .. ~R[BAJN[ [FA~MHN[G


.... lHj~(OMMl.m[~(j "II' c~~nRS

.. .. SO(~Al [~(~Q'5


• ..

nArN[:SPOwtrAl[[O[~ FlUBS

• • [)AYCA!R[~ .. • C~rNlrlmS

.. lOB nAII~~I~G

.. II' ftliC:~IIJfl[~S

.... SI~I~lltO!lIFACUn~~,


~lnfr,a.stlmcilIlJlla.11 lLiowntoWllll malPll~ngl

.... ASSI[Sfl~[D ~V~NG



:::.=: a::

CC D. w t::::J::


,. RISOURCES ~~'_"')!:;;;""""__-.GI7~~~~~











.. .,

~11 Assisted ~ iV~lngl apart ment Ullnits, Znd ifll[]lOIr

. - . • • " ••• I -

.. . ~. - .-

.. . .

z t!) Z







z <:(

:::.=: a::

CC D. w t::::J::

Pm rnertes jneremental

, 11llsiiII g mwth, mmm busea II I !ighiII rail


.. ...

Pmmetes innovative o n ,a fi1Id off -site sustai !laib le Ib UII~lllld i ng

I~ ncreases 1II15'B! of ilIlrair1l!s~lt i nfrasrructu re

liRlBiPU r:pOS'BS lun[jlell' uti llzed parki Illig of


... ~ ASSIIS·iIIEI!) I

.. .,

As ilIlile sc:enario of the' mod Ullar assisted living fac:ility deiii naea node ilil tlbe network, its bleneiiiilIs are lec:cafIilommc:, social and enivirornmeliltalll_

IlEoonommc:ally, ilIlilellewould be both an .add itional revelil Ule' strea m ilirom tlhe serniolr iliac:i I~rty and increased rerrtafrem adldnionalll traffic and serviees demands from tlile seniors, ilIlileir glllests alild the' calring staff', ln a mac:ro..,ec:ornomlic sense, tlbe senior fiac:illilty oOliltlrilbllIi1Ies to tlbe 1G0ulililIy' s tax revenue whlille' nOit demarndilrngl se;ruioes lill!::e sehoela.

Soc:ually •. the design filOste;rs a dense, dmve;rse •. mlOIrnilterad alild c:alrilil'QI enlvilmrnmelilt_. The des!ugn elil haaees a spaea wlillere ~:lIUIblmc: life arncilac:tluvllrtlues, whliohl rarnge frlOm c'ommemHto seeiel 'Qlathe;ring. arrninc:lusive' of all agles_

~ c:::





t!) z







z <:(

IErnvimlilrmerntalllly •. thle' Ipmposalll red ucas demands

for mlililirastmcturrn by lcacatlungl a poplUlllatl~orn elesertn downtown arnd servicae. lit Imduc:es the' heat island ef[tern of the' vast palrkilil'QI lliots wlhille ilncmasilngl tlhe vegl-

etailIecii .areas_ liII p1mmoms innOlvatluve' on and ufili -site sUlsilIailnalble blllillld~Iil'QI pmc:tic:es._

:::.=: a:

CC D. w c::

Smalill marn~1 exampIII:l!

~idirln-----, buildings


Smalill marn~1 exampIII::l!


Respond ing to the stated statistical cha llenqes for diverse housing provisions, car dependency and congestion red uctton, pu bl ic equity, and you ng a nd elderly needs, our proposal to rev ita I lze Long Isla nd is ada ptlve, incrementa I a nd at the sa me ti me revolutlona ry.

We move beyond la bels of new and old, su burb and downtown to focus on the cond ltlons on the grou nd a. The propose I modifies emergent patterns a nd co-opts cu rrent predlca rnents as sustal na bly, as economlca lIy and as flexibly as possl ble .. The proposa I identifies a lightly bui It network of symbiotic densities in the u nderutll lzed territories of commercial and reta il pa rking lots a nd Ii n ks them

to the exlstl ng downtowns by subsequent improvements to the i nfrastructu re. Withi n th is I ight network we a re proposing the add ition of sustal na ble, flexl ble mod u la run its that tread I ightly on

the pa rking su rface and maxim lze the givens. Th is addition provides cornplernenta ry prog rams to these territories, engendering 'ecoloqlca I' systems where different prog rams ~ housl ng, com meres, reta i I, etc, ~ foster each other in closer proxlrn ity. The downtowns - left beh lnd by the spatia I and lnlrastructu ral demand s on the late XX centu ry - a re in turn inscribed into th is emergent network by mea ns i nfrastructure ~ buses first, I ig ht ra il next.

We have invested in one scena rio with in ou r I ight network propose I that val ldates and encorn passes ou r goa Is .. Th is scenario capita llzes on two overlooked factors that a Fe essentta I a spects of Long Isla nd: the cu rrent, a nd soon to be rna rgi nal lzed, elderly popu latlon a nd sa id emergent territories of under-uti llzed com rnerdal strip ma II s a. As one element of the lig ht network, we ca II for the add ition of modu la r assisted llvl ng fad lltles over selected pa rking lots of commercial malls ~ such as the Wa It Wh itman rna II at the intersection ofll 0 a nd the Jericho tu rnpl ke a. This add ition wi II beg in to constitute a I ig ht network as it co-opts the emergent dynamics of la rqe sea le car lnfrastructu re a nd commercial territories.

As stated a bove, each piece of the I ight network will bri ng a bout 'ecolog lea I' systems where symbiotic densities and tra nsactlons wi II afford a nd contribute to the increase of lnlrastructu ral services ~ creating I in ks to other points in the emergent network, the tra in stations and the downtown by ani ncrease of bus service and eventually a light ra i I system.

As the scenario of the modu lar assisted llvl ng fad I ity defi nes a node in the network, its benefits are economic, social and envl ronmenta L

Econom ically, there wou Id be both a n add ltlonal revenue strea m from the senior facll ity and increased rents from addltlona I traffic a nd services dema nds from the sen lors, thel r guests a nd the ca ri ng staff a. I n a macro-economic sen se, the sen lor fad lity contributes to the cou nty's tax revenue wh lle not derna nd ing services Ii ke schools.

Socially, the deslq n fosters a dense, diverse, mon ltored and ca ri ng envl ronrnent, The deslq n enha rices a space where pu bl tc I lfe a nd activities, wh lch range from commerce to soda I qatherl ng, are i nd uslve of a II ages.

Environ mentally, the propose I reduces derna nds for lntrastructu re by locating a popu latlon closer to downtown a nd services a. It red uces the heat isla nd effect of the vast pa rki ng lots whi Ie i ncreasl ng the vegetated areas .. It promotes innovative on a nd off-site susta lnab le bu ild ing practices.

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