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,_----------------------_, transportation and housing policy fueled sprawl - updated policies can most remnant habitat is at the coast and the eastern end of suffok county reduce sprawl and atmospheric carbon levels

degraded wetlands ~

5·10% growth area

dense urbanization is GOOD for environmental systems - hotspots can be beneficial or destructive


existing agriculture

plants respire C02 at night

IJONfJ ISIJltN)) (~ltllIlON SOlJI1(~I~ liN)) (~ltllIlON

'VI~ N Illl J) r 0 U InUJ II. J) 'I' IIll sun uu na N U I()~ S ')' 1" U~ ')' 0 U Il S Ill.), 'I' 1I1~ II U U n S

plant tissue

root transfer and decomposition into soil sinks C

decomposers release C02

'I' I11~

c an no N c Y c I.I~


fossil fuel emissions, cement making


10 miles

THE LAWN IS OVER high maintenance chemicallysupported plantings are NOT GREEN





EAST - organic, sustainable agriculture and eco-tourlsm

WEST - carbon conslous densification updates the identity of the burbs

Why did people move to the Burbs in the first place? An expanded local/regional transit network pulls cars off the highways and boosts bike and pedestrian experience.

J..ONe, ISI.lliN)) e~l\IIIION souucs liN)) flillllON

'" I~ N InlJt 'I' 0 111m IJ II. It 'I' 1I1~ S II IUJ U JU. N U l()~ S 'I' Y U~ 'I' 0 It I~ S I~ 1.1, '1' 1I1~ nun n S


multi-family housing can be retrofit with greenroofs - more reason to enjoy the Burbs and MORE SINK CAPACITY

o 10 miles

- -

urban sink zone coastal habitat/agricultu

beach strand recovery LlRR service boost

tUHIT U1UI. wrru SINn SIJlU(lU~I~



J' )


k Min 12" biofuel median k




ROAD RETROFIT - New bioswales and biofuel grasslands animate wide roads. Cars are squeezed encouraging public transit use.




I 3 5



5' ~ 8' bikeway ~ 20' ~ 5' ~ 6'
7 7 7 7
I 28' grass paver I
3 5 10 LOTS MATTER· New bioswales and grass-crete bikeways encroach on excess asphalt. Slow residential drives are all pervious. Glen Cove's storm water overflow is radically decreased - leading to higher oxygen levels in the Sound

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