Diploma in Software Testing

Manual Testing (ISTQB Standard) Automation Testing

QTP (10.0)

5 Automation Frame Works Implementation

VSTS - WebTest

Load Runner/ Performance Testing


VB Scripting

Automation Scripting

Advanced Automation Scripting

Quality Center

Industry Tools



Test Link


Web Scarab




Edgeplus Technologies

Web Application Security Testing

Web Service Testing



Database Testing




25 Live Projects ISTQB Certification Training HP-QTP Certification Training QTP

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Diploma in Software Testing Manual Testing
Skill Area Sub Area Why is testing necessary What is testing? General testing principles Fundamental test process The psychology of testing Build Process Manual vs Automation Tester Attributes Testing Challenges Software development models Test levels Test types Maintenance testing Static techniques and the test process Review process Static analysis by tools The test development process Categories of test design techniques Specification-based or black-box techniques Structure-based or white based white-box techniques Experience-based techniques Choosing test techniques Test organization Test planning and estimation Lab

Fundamentals of Testing

Understanding SRS

Testing throughout the software life Static techniques

Reviewing Test documents document Using Review Summary Form

Test design techniques

Designing Test Conditions from Functional Documents, Documents Designing Test Cases from Test Conditions, , Designing Test Procedures from Test Cases Understanding Testplan, Developing Testplan for Web based Application Preparing Traceability Matrix, Preparing Test Execution Reports, Preparing Test Summary Reports Writing Bug Descriptions, Deciding Severity and Priority, Participating in Bug Triage meetings Understanding Release Notes, Understanding Change management Forms

Test Management

Test progress monitoring and control Configuration management Risk and testing Incident Management /Bug Tracking

Tools Support For Testing Miscellaneous
CMM, Six Sigma, Release Notes, QA&QC, V&V Test Metrics V&V,

Interview Questions

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Diploma in Software Testing QuickTest Professional (10.0)
Introduction to Automation Introduction to QTP A Quick Glance at QTP Record and Playback Object Repository Object Identification Actions Checkpoints Parameterization Output values Synchronization Custom and Virtual objects Recovery Scenario Manager Descriptive Programming QTP Tools Reporter Object Regular Expressions

Advanced Automation Scripting
QTP Automation Object Model (AOM) HTML DOM Working with External Dlls Working with Excel Object Model Working with Microsoft Word Working with Microsoft Outlook User Defined Functions Working with WSH (Windows Shell) Custom Chekpoints and Synchronization Programming With Repositories Collection and Recovery Objects Working with HP Quality Center Automation Framework New in QTP9.5 and 10.0

VB Scripting
Programming with VBScript Working With Libraries VBScript Built in Function Library VB Script Solved Examples VB Script Debugging

Automation Scripting
Windows and Web objects Data table COM Objects File System and Dictionary objects Working with database Working with XML files

5 Automation Frameworks
Layered Frame Work Modular Frame Work Data Driven Frame Work Keyword Driven Framework Hybrid framework

Quality Center Integrating Quality Center and QTP
Web Services Testing Introduction To SOA Introduction To Web Services XML WSDL SOAP UI Creating Project Adding WSDL Generating Test Suites Creating Test Cases Adding Assertions Groovy Scripting Setting Properties Generating the report Web Application Security Testing Why Security Testing? HTTP protocol Analyzing HTTP Header and Data HTTP Response Codes Vulnerability URL manipulation Bypassing URL Navigation assing Cookies Session Identifiers in Cookies Web Directories Access SQL injection Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Spoofing

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Diploma in Software Testing
SQL and Database Testing Importance of Backend Testing Characteristics of back end testing Fundamental Database Concepts Conc SQL Statements Normalization Joins Stored Procedure Tests Trigger Tests Views Checking data integrity and consistency Database security Testing Database Integration Testing Database Performance Testing Unix Unix History and OS components Bugzilla Listing files and directories Mantis Making and Changing Directories Test Link Home directories and pathnames SVN Copying, Moving Files cURL Deleting Files and directories WebScarab Displaying the contents of a file WireShark Redirecting the Input & Output NCover File system security (access rights) Changing access rights Processes and Jobs Other Useful UNIX commands Load Runner / Performance Testing Planning an Effective Load Test Controlling script errors Define measurable goals for testing Creating a scenario Gather information before testing Introduction to controller. Document and organize system Configuring Scenario Settings information Editing Vuser Script from controller. Load Runner Installation Running Scenario and Analyzing Results Load Runner architecture Monitoring Vusers. Where to install Load Runner components Controlling load through rendezvous Identify hardware and software needed points for installation Configuring the scenario for scripts and Enhancing the Script results storage. Transactions t measure response times easure Configuring Performance Monitors. erformance Rendezvous points for high load simulation Executing the scenario. Generating Runtime Log messages. Analyzing Graphs VSTS – Web Testing Introduction To VSTS Creating Test Project Recording Web Tests Updating Web Tests Analyzing Web Tests Debugging Web Tests Performing Validations Parameterising Web Tests Measuring Transaction Time Enabling Think Time Running Web Tests Analyzing Web Test Results Generating Web Test Code Industry Tools

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