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The Woodleighan Summer 2010

The Woodleighan Summer 2010

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Published by Woodleigh School
The Woodleighan Summer 2010 - the annual magazine of Woodleigh School, Langton, Malton, York. North Yorkshire. YO179QN
The Woodleighan Summer 2010 - the annual magazine of Woodleigh School, Langton, Malton, York. North Yorkshire. YO179QN

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Published by: Woodleigh School on Jun 29, 2010
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wo o d l e i g h a n
Issue 6 - Summer 2010

BLUE HEAD (above)
painting, 50 x 30 cm 2010

Made out of paper and painted by Freddie Bradley (Year 2), this is a monster based on a character from the film ‘Where the Wild Things are.’

2 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term



The Historical Society reveals all

{ F E AT U R E S }


Year 7&8 excavate Woodleigh

{ F E AT U R E S }


Year 6 visit Fountains Abbey



Woodleigh Photography club winner



A Country & Western theme



Skateboarding arrives in the courtyard



Features on sport this year



Photography from the Woodleigh Flickr
Summer term | No. 6| the woodleighan | 3

Woodleigh’s history re
THIS term, Rory Selvey, George Crawford, Zac Woolley and Beau Wyatt have become very interested in the history of the school, and have founded the Historical Society in order to find out more information. This is what they have found out so far, written by Rory Selvey. The society has been doing things to learn more and to spread the word about the history such as interviews with Mr 4 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term England and some of the other staff, presentations to the school and the parents on the open day and lectures to pupils Langton Primary School. In 1929 Woodleigh was founded in Hessle, near Hull. It was founded by Arthur and Barbara England, grandparents of the current Mr England. Originally the school had only eight pupils. The school was very close to the Humber docks, but because of the war in 1939, Woodleigh moved to Firby Hall. After the war, in 1946, the school made its final move to its current destination - Langton Hall. This is in a fantastic setting in the countryside Since Arthur England, his son, Robin, and his grandson, Mr England, have become headmasters of the school. In 1992, the Friends of Woodleigh,

FOW, was founded as an organisation to raise money for the school. It has done a huge amount of work, making everyday life as a child, teacher and parent much easier. Over its time, Woodleigh has grown hugely in popularity, extent and recognition in the local community. Pupils have lived happily at Woodleigh over the years as it has progressed through

time, achieving great goals and producing amazingly happy people. The Historical Society have been researching a mysterious object discovered on the school site. When the old IT room was demolished in 2002 Mr England found a old sun dial on the roof of it. When he found it, it was slightly pink, which suggests it is nickel with a bit of silver. It is thought to of been made by a prisoner of war who was here during World War 2. Mr England thinks it was either dropped or left there on purpose. Mr Tolkien posted a photo of it on flickr.com, hoping to find out what it is. There were several comments and in the end it was most likely to be a Universal equinoctial ring dial. Summer term | No. 6| the woodleighan | 5

Ryedale Special Families
ON SATURDAY 13th June Ryedale Special Families came to Woodleigh to do some activities lead by James Bulmer. First we introduced ourselves and told them what would be happening that day. Afterwards we gave them a quick tour of the outside of the school. They loved the trampoline. Then we gave them a guided tour around the grounds of Woodleigh, they really enjoyed seeing all of the surroundings of our environment and they were all amazed at the sight of the tree house. Then (because we had prepared one for them) they did a treasure hunt all around school. After they had finished that they had a music session and some instruments were demonstrated. The most popular instrument was the drums as basically everyone wanted to have a go on them. After some drinks and biscuits we took them back outside again and a majority of them went on the trampoline and a minority of them played 6 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term football. After that we went on a treasure hunt, which was made by year sevens in I.T. they were off like a pack of horses, reading clue after clue, not waiting for the rest of us. Finally we had finished the treasure hunt and we went back into the reading room for drink and biscuits Then we had a music session. A few students demonstrated the instruments, Charles Saunders on trumpet, Jonty Megginson on trombone and James Bulmer on flute. Next we let them have a go on the instruments. “The school was alive with music, literally.” Fred Austin said. I think this experience was excellent because it got us to meet people who are different from us and it is a brilliant way to meet new friends. When they were about to leave, the School Council cried three cheers. I think it was a great experience for both them and us.

SCHOOL COUNCIL 2009 - 2010
l l l l l l l l
Sponsored fancy dress bike ride Meet and greet session with Ryedale Special Families Raffle to raise money for skateboarding master-class for all pupils and equipment Speeches in special assemblies to highlight the work of the School Council Deciding on the ideal end of Summer term school trip Fund-raising for seals protection at Scarborough Sea Life centre. Deciding on the subject for this year’s themed week - local history Designing a questionnaire for pupils on school improvements

Charles Saunders hits the right note
CHARLES Saunders, year 8, won a music exhibition and an academic exhibition to Radley College in Oxfordshire. Firstly, Charles travelled down to Radley with his trumpet, playing two prepared pieces, one unprepared piece and also improvising with jazz and blues to the experienced panel of musicians. He carried out a listening test and sang to the judges as well. Charles was asked many questions by the panel to find out his interests and finished with an interview with the warden. He was overjoyed with his result and Mrs Naylor said “It was a great achievement well deserved”. Later that month Charles also sat an academic scholarship exam to Radley. He took a wide range of exams that lasted three days. He really enjoyed having the opportunity to stay at Radley and was very excited with his overall result. Charles was presented with an Old Woodleighans’ tie for his achievements.

French year seven meals are miam-miam
PUPILS in year 7 have been working hard in French lessons to develop their abilities in spoken and written French. One of their recent topics was food and shopping, so their teacher, Madame Downey, decided to let them experience genuine French cheeses for themselves. During the hour-long ‘dégustation’, they tasted and learnt about ten different varieties of cheese from all parts of France, discussing them in French and writing brief notes on their opinions, ranging from ‘délicieux’ to ‘je n’aime pas ça’! The most popular cheese was Brie, which many of the pupils had first tasted during their stay in Rouen last October, and the least popular by far was Roquefort. During Open Day, Year 7 also organised a French cafe. The menu contained delicious croissants, pain au chocolat and a lovely bredele and brioche to eat. To drink there was a choice of coffee, chocolate chaud or jus de pomme. The cafe was a great success and we always had a stream of people to serve. Summer term | No. 6| the woodleighan | 7

Fancy dress bike ride
DURING December Woodleigh did a fancy dress bike ride to raise money for Ryedale Special families. The event was arranged by the school council. Among the Santas and cheerleaders there was also a chavvy Cinderella, a boy scout and whole other variety of animals. Everyone looked forward to the bike ride in the morning and could not wait to get started. Before the bike ride there was a picture taken for the Gazette and Herald who also wrote an article about the event. The teacher counted the number of laps completed. Some pupils managed to completed over 100 laps. Ryan Donaghy raised the most sponsorship money. One of the largest combined costume efforts was by the year 7 boys who all dressed up as cheerleaders. The whole, almost shambolic, cycle route was up and around the drive, (try8 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term ing to ensure no crashing at the corners!) Luckily though there were only some minor cuts and scrapes. The event raised over £1000 pounds for Ryedale special families with both parts of the school doing it and an estimate was that combined we crossed the channel twice! We handed the large check to a Ryedale special families representative the following day. Everyone put a lot of effort into it and the Ryedale Special Families were very pleased with the money raised. There were some amazing costumes for the bike ride. For example, Woody from Toy Story, Superman, Reindeers, Rugby superstars, Spiderman, ghosts, many Father Christmases and a power ranger. The School Council had worked very hard to organise the event.

l 14 different Santa outfits up l Year Seven dressingthe as cheer-leaders. Even boys. l l l
Cinderella Spiderman

l Woody from Toy Story

Exotic animals visit school
BEFORE Easter a lady called Fiona came and showed us a lot of animals from snakes to spiders and cockroaches to rats rabbits to guinea-pigs. We all found it really fun trying to identify all the different types of animals. They let us see amazing things like giant African millipedes, frogs, snakes and huge black tarantulas. They also showed us some rabbits and rats and mice. The rabbits were really soft. There were also lots of snakes and other reptiles. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to hold the really venomous ones but the ones we were allowed to hold, the corn snakes, were so slimy we didn’t really want to hold any more of them. They were very scaly as well but the colours on them were so fantastic we would rather just look at the really venomous ones. They were based in the reading room so they could use the giant screen. They used the giant screen to tell us all about the animals and have a quiz at the end of the show. I was surprised at the size of the cages and hoped that they were just their travelling ones. Emily Breese said “I loved holding the rabbit it was very cute and very friendly” Abbie Cowton said “I loved watching the tarantula it was very funny to watch and quite scary. ” Ida Hudson said “I loved the snake it was very cute and funny.” Ellie Stone said “I love the chinchilla because it is fluffy and I want one of my own at home.” Guy Scothern said “I liked the Guinea-pig because I used to have one. Summer term ||No. 4 | the woodleighan | 9 Summer term No. 6|

World Book Day
WOODLEIGH held yet another successful “World Book Day” at the start of the year. There were lots of book characters and also movie characters such as “Harry Potter” and “Doctor Who”. There were also some fairytale characters’ like “Little Red Riding Hood”. Everyone tried their hardest at making their costumes as good as they could be. Most costumes were hand made. Everybody deserved a prize. Many of the costumes were magnificent. Some of the teachers dressed up too! This was one of the best world book days ever! Charlie Procter said, “It was fantastic, the best world book day ever.” Charlie dressed up as the fourth doctor (Tom Baker) from Doctor Who. Charlie is currently unaccounted for after his 10 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term Tardis failed to re-materialise. Charlotte Austin said, “It was really fun, better than last year. I think that my costume was really good and I enjoyed making it with my mum.” She dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood from Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. No-one knows who dressed up as the Big Bad Wolf, who crept around the school before disappearing into the staff room at break. The whole day was a great success and thank you to all the staff of Woodleigh for putting it on. William Bradley, aka Harry Potter, said “ I loved it this year!” Ben Hudson, Luke Skywalker said, “The best part about it was seeing everybody’s costumes.”

Ben’s Year of Wildlife
THIS SPRING I have been following the wild life around Woodleigh and have found some amazing stuff, but one of the main highlights of this Spring was the Goldfinch family. This year they started to build their nest in late March. They laid five eggs in early May and by the end of May all five chicks fledged and left the parents. But that doesn’t always happen often a brood of five would only have one or two chicks fledge from the nest. But in a bad spring when the parents can’t find very much food all the chicks will starve. However most finches nesting sort that out by pushing the other chicks out so the stronger chicks can get more food and increase their chance of survival. But all of our chicks fledged in the end and this indicates that the parents are finding a lot more food then they would in a normal Spring, and our goldfinches are having such a good Spring that they are having another brood. They have built a new nest in the yew hedges near the court. I know this is the same family as the last brood because the male has a damaged wing but can still fly. There also are a lot of rook’s nests around Woodleigh School. There is one rook with a fractured wing that has been wandering around for about three weeks and hopefully it should get of the ground in a few weeks. This blackbird’s nest (picture) is near the tractor shed. Early in the spring a hedgehog was found on the court it was just wondering around and someone found it and rescued it. Summer term | No. 6| the woodleighan | 11

Year 7&8 dig Woodlei
THIS YEAR, as part of our Local History Week, Woodleigh had an archaeology day at school with York Archaeology Trust, in which years7 and 8 took part. There were numerous activities like digging with trowels and spades, and also cleaning artefacts. Most people enjoyed the digging the most because there was always the thrill of finding something exciting. Another activity was drawing found artefacts. This was interesting because every item had to be drawn to scale and this was measured exactly with a ruler. During this we also got a detailed look at the artefacts. One of the activities was also scanning the ground with two different Geo-phys machines. The H-frame machine sent electro-magnetic waves into the ground to search for resistance under the soil created by certain objects. The level of resistance could tell you what material it is made out of, or how deep it is in the ground. This could lead to finding something and also the depth could show you what time period it is from. With our scans we found what we thought was probably the end of the old driveway at the front of the school. These images of the ground and

Maths adds up to lots of fun
IN MARCH Woodleigh School competed in world maths day 2010. We played lots of people from all over the world in the practice sessions and then we played three others from all over the world in the final. Every pupil took part in the global internet event aimed at promoting numeracy in schools on Wednesday 3rd March. The competition comprised sudden death live interactive mental arithmetic games against randomly picked students from all around the world. Each game 12 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term lasted for 60 seconds and students played up to 500 games, earning points for each correct answer. Those answering the most questions will appear in the Hall of Fame and Jonty Gillingham, 11, was hoping to be one of those: “It’s a chance of being famous for being good at Maths,” he said. “I really liked the part where you could decorate your own avatar,” classmate Sam Burdett said. Victoria Hind added: “I liked playing against people from Australia – that was really cool to think that I was playing someone on the other side of the world.” William Bradley said, “I liked going up to a higher level where all the questions were more challenging.” Ben Hudson scored an outstanding 279 points and Brandan Lansbury got a great score of 165 points. You get to design your self in cartoon for world maths day. There were lots of puzzles where people scored over 100 points but Charlie managed a stunning 522 points.

igh History
the shapes in it were shown in a presentation on the interactive whiteboard in year 7. When we cleaned the finds, hot water and toothbrushes were used. Every crack and feature had to be cleaned so that the object could be examined later in detail. There were a few artefacts that looked boring before we had cleaned them but, after we had finished scrubbing them, had some interesting features to take in such as carvings or paint. In the afternoon, many people contributed to the digging and some people went field-walking, with good finds like pottery and shaped flints. Overall the whole day had been a great success, with everyone enjoying themselves.

Summer term | No. 6| the woodleighan | 13

Very local history at Malton Museum
I WAS so exited when we arrived at Malton Museum as I walked through the door I was thinking what type of things we would be doing! A Roman Soldier called Lucius had a chest which had all the items he would need for a long journey. He also had a stick with a sponge on the end used for wiping his bottom. Lucius also had one tin bowl which he used for eating from, and also a knife and spoon because forks had not been invented yet. The first activity my group did was the questionnaire. We read the question and then tried to find out which glass case to go to and find out the right bit information. Once you found out that you just had to write it under the question you were answering, and then you did the next question. The next activity we did was mosaics. On this activity you had a outline of a picture and you had little bits of stone and you had to put all the stones on your outline and finish the picture. It was a lot of fun. Once we had finished that activity we moved on to the next one which was Roman games. We played a board game called Merels. This involved making up your own game. Everyone had lots of fun playing this in groups. Another activity involved dressing up as Roman Soldiers, a Roman Soldier’s wife, or a peasant. Being a Roman Soldier was hard because it required wearing heavy chain mail and h e l m e t and an awkward shield. We learned how to grind flour using authentic Roman equipment and all the pupils took home the flour to bake their own Roman bread. At the end there was a quiz and the pupils had to go around the entire museum find the answers. The gift shop was great fun. There was a great selection of Roman, Saxon, Viking, Tudor, and modern related products, for example, old fashioned sweets. The best item for sale was a replica catapult pencil sharpener based on an original medieval design. 14 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term


A monk’s day out
IN MAY, Year Six had a trip to Fountains Abbey. When they got there they were told a bit about the abbey, then they got robes called habits (picture across) and wore rope belts called girdles. Fountains Abbey is North of Ripon on the way to Thirsk. When you arrive you cannot see the Abbey but you can see the most recent building - the Bell Tower. The main window in the largest part of the monastery points towards to Jerusalem to ensure the monks are closer to Jesus. The first thing they saw was a little model of Fountains abbey. Then they went and looked around the ruins of the abbey. We were told about the ruins. We were showed the different rooms which included the refectory where the Monks ate, the warming room were the monks were allowed to go once a day there were two massive fires, the cellar was were all the food and wine and ale was kept. The punishment was excellent, but for health and safety we weren’t aloud to pretend to whip each other so instead we just got told what we have to do. We learned that the Monks were allowed one glass of ale or wine. They also ate bread with a very thick soup. They ate anything with two legs, but mainly chickens. When the Monks reached old age the Abbot would allow them to go to the infirmary and at that point most of the monks would be delighted because the infirmary provided three meals a day whereas the monastery only served one. Finally, they went and looked around the mill where we made corn into flour. Then we saw the massive wheel turn before going went back to school. Pictures by Max Bramhall - Year 6

Summer term ||No. 6 | the woodleighan | 15 Summer term No. 6|

16 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term

House plays won by North
ON SATURDAY the 20th of March there was a house play extravaganza as all four houses battled in a ‘Fawlty Towers’ house play competition. Each house was judged on their unique performance and interpretation of the playscript by the teachers. The play was ‘Basil the Rat’ and there were some great performances from many people. The winner of the house plays was North and the full cast, bar one, was selected to play their part on Wednesday. To replace Victoria, Alex Curtis played Polly and, as a last addition, Robert Bradley played Mrs Taylor. The final cast was: Patrick Litten as Basil Fawlty, George Ullyott as Sybil Fawlty, Charles Saunders as Mr Carnegie, Alex Curtis as Polly, Ryan Sun as Manuel, Rory Selvey as Terry and Robert Bradley as Mrs Taylor. It was a big success.

Christmas with Jack and the Beanstalk
THE Christmas play for Years 3, 4, 5, 6 this year was Jack and the Beanstalk. Everyone had great fun, we all enjoyed singing and acting. Esme Hudson had the main part - she was Jack. Chloe Fowler also had a significant part, she was Jack’s mother. George Breese was the giant. He was very an angry giant and when he walked on stage he stormed on and he had to shout a lot. There were a lot of animals in the play. The entire crowd enjoyed it and gave us a round of applause after every song. Everyone put all their effort into the play and even had a piece of scaffolding for a bean stalk. We had to make a lot of costumes for all the animals such as chickens, a cockerel, a donkey, a cow and lots more. We had to learn all our songs off by heart and some of the songs harder than others because we had to do lots of actions with them. Lots of people came to watch the plays because pre-prep also did a play about bees called Billy No Buzz. That was about a bee who was bullied because he had no buzz. In the end of the play everyone who had been mean to the bee went and said sorry to him. Summer term | No. 6| the woodleighan | 17


REFLECTION by Max Bramhall (right)
Winning entry selected by Mark Denton spring term 2010

18 | the woodleighan | No. 6 |Summer term 6| Summer term

Summer term | | No. 6| the woodleighan | 19 Summer term No. 6 |

Woodleigh School Photography Club The themes this term were: Bright or white Red Green Blue & Multi-coloured The competition to decide the best image produced this term was judged by landscape photographer Mark Denton. 1st Prize –Max Bramhall (page 8) 2nd Prize-Patrick Litten (page 7) 3rd Prize-Jonty Gillingham(page 3) Many thanks to Mark Denton for judging the competition and presenting the prizes.

www.woodleighschool.com www.flickr.com/woodleighschool www.markdentonphotograhic.co.uk People in the photo club: Max Bramhall Samson Chan Frankie Cheng George Crawford Hattie Gillingham Jonty Gillingham Victoria Hind Stephen Lee Patrick Litten Ryan Sun George Ullyott Peggy Ullyott Zac Woolley www.woodleighschool.com www.flickr.com/woodleighschool

spring term 2010

THE GIRL IN RED by Patrick Litten (right)

20 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term S ummer term

spring term 2010

Summer term ||No. 6 | the woodleighan | 21 Summer term No. 6|

22 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term

(photo) spring term

THE THREE SHEEP by Jonty Gillingham

Summer term ||No. 6 | the woodleighan | 23 Summer term No. 6|

24 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term

Country and Western Cabaret in a Day, y’all
THe baNd’S pLayLIST
l Islands in the Stream l American Pie l Walk the Line l A Boy named Sue l When you say nothing at all l Four wheels on my wagon l Nine till Five l Country Roads l Galveston l Rhinestone Cowboy
ON THE 19th of March the school performed a cabaret - it was brilliant! Everybody sung songs and did a little bit of acting at the same time. All the parents enjoyed it to and they got a meal served by the Year Eights while they watched it! The cabaret was country and western theme this year with one of the Curtis brothers, Mikey the Bad, being a wanted man as the main part of the cabaret. It was full of excitement! All of the songs where a great choice especially 9 till 5 witch was sung by the whole school and Galveston sung by Mikey Curtis, also Islands in the stream and American Pie sung by the whole school sounded great! All the rest of the best songs and my favourites were: Four wheels on my wagon, Walk the line by year eight and Country roads sung by all the school. Everybody thought the cabaret was fun! Pictures by Max Bramhall - Year 6 Summer term | No. 6| the woodleighan | 25

Skateboarding wizards
WOODLEIGH School turned into a skate park for the day as the pupils practised ollies, flips and 180s with maximum air. The School Council and the Friends of Woodleigh organised the event which lasted all day and involved over 80 children. Instructor Paul, from Rubicon Skate, started with a series of balancing exercises and moves. Pupils aged 5-13 found out whether they were regular or goofy, which end of the board was the nose and which the tail, and how to turn at speed. Pupils also learned and practised a series of tricks and moves, including 180s, kick flips, tic tacs and glides. George Ullyott, age 12, from Garton-on-the-Wolds, said : “It was great to learn new skills and it was a challenging experience.” Victoria Hind, age 11, from Hutton Cranswick said: “I liked it and I found it fun especially the flips.” Jonty Gillingham, age 11, from Thixendale said: “I liked the ollies and tic-tacs because they were harder and more difficult to execute.” The best skateboarders performed a master-class in the afternoon, finished by Paul the instructor completing a spectacular aerial 360 shove it and kick flip over the school’s parking barrier.

26 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term

WOODLEIGH School took part in the annual U11 Spirit of Soccer festival hosted by Aysgarth. Woodleigh’s U11 B team took part. The first match was against Mowden Hall. Ben Hudson scored a sensational hat-trick to win the game 3-0. Then we played Bramcote, with Ben Hudson adding to his tally and Charlie Procter scored a further blinder. The result was 2-0 to Woodleigh. After that we played Cundall and Brandan Lansbury finished them off with a low piledriver into the bottom corner. Aysgarth were next and Ben Hudson and Haydn Clements dominated, each scoring good efforts to win the match. The penultimate game was against Barnard Castle which resulted in a frustrating 0-0 stalemate. This left Woodleigh School in the final against local giants St Olave’s. Rory Selvey, coming on in the second half, scored two injury time screamers - a master-stroke substitution by Woodleigh coach Mr Copeland. Keeper George Crawford did not concede a single goal to round off a magnificent tournament winning performance by Woodleigh.

Summer term ||No. 6 | the woodleighan | 27 Summer term No. 6|

28 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term

Plate success for Woodleigh
THE WOODLEIGH 1st team travelled up to Hurworth to compete in their annual rugby sevens tournament. Our first match was against Grindon Hall, a team we had never played before. They had some very strong, powerful and direct runners that were very difficult to tackle. However we held them off for a couple of minutes before they broke away and scored under the posts. After that it went downhill, they scored more tries and someone got injured. The final score was 26-0. We then lost our next two matches quite heavily against Cundall and Terrington. They were very hard teams indeed and we did not have a top strength side out. Having finished these two consecutive matches, Woodleigh were very tired and had an hour’s rest before our next match against Argyle. Woodleigh came onto the pitch ready to go and Frankie Cheng scored early on. This boosted confidence and more tries came from Frankie and Harry Connell. After half time Woodleigh lost pace but managed to finally beat Argyle. Woodleigh’s confidence was boosted hugely by this and we went into the next match in high spirits. Our next encounter was with Hurworth House, a team which we had closely beaten in 15-a-side last term. We started well, with aggressive tackling and a good firm covering in defence. At half time, the scores were level on 7-7. In the last five minutes, Charles Saunders came on with a slightly recovered injured elbow, and after a great movement by the whole team, Woodleigh scored in the corner. Woodleigh won the match 14-7. After that Woodleigh had come third in their group and played Fyling Hall in the plate. We won this match pretty easily with great play from the forwards Alex Curtis, Charlie Goodlass and Ben Laverack. The plate final was against Hurworth, whom we had already beaten in the pools. It was a very close match and breakaway tries from Alex Curtis and Charles Saunders led to a 14 ‐ 0 lead. In the last play of the game, they looked as though they would score but a foot race ended in that glory being cut off. This was the first prize we had won this season and it really showed how well everyone had performed throughout the day. Summer term ||No. 6 | the woodleighan | 29 Summer term No. 6|

Huge cross-country ev

Hockey and Netball on a high
THE HOCKEY and Netball teams this year have played 15 matches with mixed success. However, all of the boys and girls in Years 3-8 have greatly enjoyed the experience. The hockey team has 2 boys and 7 girls. Some of our best players are Peggy Ullyott, Sam Burdett and Louise Litten but everyone plays really well. In our first match of the term we played netball against Queen Ethelburga’s and we lost 3-2. The best player was Peggy Ullyott but we all tried really hard. Our second match was against Terrington where we were playing Hockey. The score was 5-3 to Terrington and our best player was Sam Burdett but we all worked hard. 30 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term The U9’s first netball match was against Bramcote in January. We lost 5-2 but we all tried really hard especially Lucy Cawkwell who was the best player in that match. The first hockey match the U9 played was against Terrington in February. Terrington won 7-8 and our best player was Esme Hudson. We all played well really but Esme just played a little bit better. The best moment is when you score a goal in hockey and netball or when you have tackled someone on the other team. It’s really good if you win but even if you don’t win it doesn’t mean you didn’t try your best.

vent run at Woodleigh
IN MARCH Woodleigh hosted their annual cross-country competition. There were 350 people running from 16 schools around Yorkshire. Also the course had been changed this year, making the event even more exciting. The first race was the under 9 mixed, which Woodleigh came tenth overall in. The next was the under 11 girls race, in which Woodleigh did not compete because there were people absent. Our best race was the under 11 boys, where we came third overall with competitive runners such as the Bradley boys, Jonty Megginson and Harry Fenton. This was a huge success against schools much bigger than us. Woodleigh did not compete in the under 13 girls competition, so our next race was the under 13 boys. We came seventh overall in this with runners like Cameron Castleton and Beau Wyatt coming in the top 25. Frankie Cheng ran very well for the school as well. This race concluded a fantastic for the Woodleigh running teams. We had some great performances from all age-groups and everybody really tried their hardest. The overall winners of the under 13 boys race was St Martin’s Ampleforth. They ran very well, but, still, Woodleigh should congratulate them

Summer term | No. 6 |the woodleighan ||31 6| the woodleighan 31

Amazing season for Cr

32 | the woodleighan | No. 6 | Summer term

ricket teams

THE U11 cricket team have had an amazing season. They started the season with a match against Cundall Manor. They bowled first and got them out for 70. We got to 70 with 5 wickets down and won the match convincingly. Our next match was against Red House. They got a score of 64-3. We came into bat and won with only one wicket down. We were very happy with our two wins and were looking forward to our next match against Scarborough Collage Junior School. With our confidence running high we started the home match. We batted first and gained an outstanding total of 120.We were extremely pleased with our efforts as it was a very good score. Scarborough were taking it steady at first because they had lost a wicket first ball. Scarborough’s innings was going badly and after losing a couple more wickets they lost all of their confidence and were all out for 20. We had two more matches against Moorlands in Leeds and Belmont Grosvenor at home. We won both matches well and kept our winning streak. The match against Moorlands was a pairs one and it was a comfortable win. The match against Belmont Grosvenor was at home and we bowled first. We managed to bowl them out for 55 with Robert Bradley getting a hat-rick and a five wicket haul. This was another good win and our last match of the season was getting nearer. The last match of half term was against Bramcote. We batted first and got a total of 85 all out. They came into bat and kept the partnership until the sixth over when we got the break through and then some wickets fell. They managed a total of 65 all out and lost the match by 20 runs. The next match was against St Martins we got 88-7. Our bowling started well and they were 30-3. Then their 4th wicket partnership put the game in their hands, but we fought back and took four wickets but it was too late. St Martin’s won the match with one ball to spare. Summer term ||No. 6 | the woodleighan | 33 Summer term No. 6|

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painting on paper, 150 x 85cm 2010

Fabienne created this painting with a sponge and vivid paint. She did it all by herself with yellow and black paint so it looked just like a bumble bee.

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