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Study on Recruitment and Selection Process

Study on Recruitment and Selection Process

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Published by Anuj Sankaran

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Published by: Anuj Sankaran on Jun 30, 2010
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My project titled ³Study on Recruitment and Selection Process of employees in

Visakhapatnam Steel Plant and its impact on job satisfaction´. For this project I

prepared a questionnaire on job satisfaction. I took a sample size of 150 and collected

the data where I personally met employees working at their respective department.

I met some employees personally and interviewed them about their job

satisfaction levels and their opinions to improve the job satisfaction. In my study I

came to know that job satisfaction will come not only with monetary benefits it also

involves personal benefits and most of the respondents said that now-a-days the

recruitment and selection procedures followed by VSP are very beneficial to each and

every employee who is recruited.



RINL/VSP is one of the modern integrated steel plants in India with the state-

of-the-art technology in steel making. To manage the given technology, operate the

continuous process of production and carry our other critical functions like Marketing,

Personnel, Finance etc, skilled, highly skilled personnel and competent professionals

with excellent managerial capabilities are required to be inducted at right place and

right time.


1. To meet manpower requirements of the company in terms of the approved

strength of manpower.

2. To fulfill the requirement of competent personnel in terms of requisite

capabilities, skills, qualifications, aptitude, merit and suitability with a view to

fulfill company¶s objectives.


3. To attract, select and induct the best of the talents available keeping in view the

functional requirements of the organization.

4. To provide suitable induction points for intake from external sources and

thereby infuse fresh blood into the organization.

5. To ensure an objectives and reliable system of selection.

6. To have a dynamic and reasonably flexible recruitment policy in tune with

market economy to enable induction of personnel in the quickest possible time

to meet the operational requirements of the organization.


1. The policy shall over all recruitment of personnel made in the company in

executives as well as non-executive cadre (expect appointments made by the

Govt.) and shall apply to all units/branches of RINL.

2. The policy shall not cover engagement of advisers/consultant etc or adhoc

appointments for temporary requirements.


There will be two sources of recruitment:

Internal i.e. from within the company.

External i.e. from open market through Employment Exchange, advertisement

in press/internet, recruitment through reputed placement/manpower agencies,

other organizations and /or campus selection from Universities/Institutes and/or

through direct negotiations.


Recruitment/Selection to posts from within the company may be done through

internal circulations as under:


1. The posts intended to be filled through internal sources will be circulated in the

Company giving the qualifications, age, experience etc.

2. Internal recruitment involving changes in grade will be processed by the

respective Zonal Personnel I/c with the approval of Competent Authority. Such

proposals will be routed through Manpower Cell of Personnel Department to

ascertain the vacancy position, to assess the need to fill up such vacancies,

roster points etc.

3. Internal selection will be done by conducting written test and/or interview by a

duly constituted committee.

4. Transfer from one department to another in parallel grade with the company

following the procedural of internal selection will not be treated as recruitment.


1. Recruitment from external sources will be resorted to for injection of fresh

blood at the induction level(s)/grade(s). However, the company may, if

required, induct direct recruits from external sources at other level(s)/grades(s)

also to meet functional requirements of particulars skill/experience or for

optimum utilization of its assets and/or infusion of modern system, skills &

techniques of operation etc., necessary for efficient operation, technology up

gradation or modernization.

2. At least, 662/3 % of vacancies occurring during the preceding year(s) at

induction level(s)/grade(s) in E-0 grade will be filled up through Management

Trainees (MTs).

3. Recruitment of executives from external sources will be made generally

4. through open advertisement in the press. However, recruitment of executives

can also be done through campus interviews from approved institutions,

Universities and/or reputed placement/manpower agencies and/or through


direct negotiation with individual(s) and/or circulation of posts to PSU(s) with

prior approval of the Competent Authority.

5. Recruitment to the posts in non-executive cadre carrying scale of pay,

maximum of which does not exceed Rs. 2500 per month (pre-revised) as

indicated in the DPE OM No.2(48)/91-DPE(WC) dt.6.4.1992, will be done

through the Employment Exchange. In addition to notifying the vacancies for

such relevant categories to the Employment Exchange, the requisitioning

authority may, keeping in view administrative/budgetary convinces, arrange for

the publication of the recruitment notice for these categories in the

Employment News or other newspapers and then consider the cases of all the

candidates who have applied, provided they fulfill the specifications for the

post advertised. In addition to above, such recruitment notices will be displayed

on the office notice boards also for wider publicity (DPE 24(11)/96(GL-

010)/GM dt.2.11.1998).

6. In case of death or permanent total disablement of an employee due to accident

arising out of and in course of employment, employment to one of his/her

direct dependents will be provided subject on permanent medical unfitness, the

concerned employee/dependent(s) will only be entitled to monthly payment

benefits as per Employees¶ Family Benefit Scheme.

7. To encourage and support sports and sportsmen, the Company may recruit

sportsmen under ³Sports quota´ by following the procedure laid down in DPE

guidelines/Government rules on the subject.


Employees of the Company will be eligible to apply against in the press,

provided they fulfill the eligibility conditions as may be prescribed from time to time.




To manage executive positions in key performance areas of the company, direct

recruits will be inducted in various disciplines/work areas from time to time

depending on the requirements, in the following positions:

I. Management Trainees in different disciplines.

II. Junior Manager (F&A/Marketing/Personnel etc.)

III. Junior Medical Officers.

IV. Specialists in Medical department

V. Experience Executives in suitable positions in different areas.

VI. Such other posts as may be decided by CMD keeping in view the requirements

of the organization.


In the non-executives cadre, induction of direct from external sources will be

carried out of the following positions:

I. Unskilled/Semi-skilled category: As Trainee Khalasi etc. and after successful

completion of minimum one year training and fulfillment of other conditions,

they will be appointed as regular employees in S-1 grade.

II. Skilled category: As Junior Trainees and after successful completion of

prescribed period of training they will be placed in S-3 grade.

III. Highly skilled category: As Senior Trainees and after successful completion of

prescribed period of training they will be placed in S-6 grade.

IV. Ministerial category: As Secretarial Assistants (those possessing Graduation,

with Typewriting and Shorthand qualification) in Sl-1 grade and as Junior

Assistants (those possessing only graduation in S-3 grade.

V. Para-medical staff and Store keeping staff etc. in suitable grades corresponding

to the posts.

VI. Experienced employees in suitable grades.


VII. Such other posts as may be decided by CMD keeping in view the requirements

of the organization.


Delegation of authority to recruit and/or appoint will be as per DOP.


1. Job specifications will stipulate the minimum eligibility condition for each

job/post in terms of the following:

Educational Qualifications

Experience required, if any

Age limit

Physical/Medical standards, if any

Any other requirements as may be deemed necessary.

2. Job specifications stipulated for each post may be subject to periodical review

and updating keeping in view the changing needs of the organization. As and

when required, a committee consisting of representatives from the

Department(s) concerned, Personnel and other departments as deemed fit may

be constituted by the Competent Authority. Changes suggested by the

Committee with regard to the existing Job specifications will be subject to the

approval of the Competent Authority.


1. All requisitions/proposals for recruitment of personnel will be sent by the

concerned Head of the Department to the Manpower Planning Cell (MPC) of

Personnel Department.


2. MPC will scrutinize each proposal received from the Indenting Department

keeping in view the approved manpower strength and the need to fill up the

posts and obtain the approval of the competent authority and forward the same

to the Recruitment Section for initiating further action, as required.


1. Reservation of posts for OBCs, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes shall

be provided in accordance with the Presidential Directives issued on the subject

from time to time.

2. Reservation of posts for other categories such as Ex-serviceman, Physically

Handicapped persons etc. will be provided as per rules.


All activities pertaining to recruitment will be centrally coordinated and

managed by Recruitment Section of Personnel Department at Headquarters. However,

representative(s) of other departments(s), as deemed necessary may be associated at

various stages of recruitment and/or selection of candidates. The services of

specialized agencies may be taken, if required, for conducting written tests/job

tests/group tasks/group discussions, etc as also for short listing of suitable candidates

for selection.









circulated/notified/advertised etc. will be screened by the Recruitment section

keeping in view the job specification prescribed for the post(s) in question and

the candidates short listed for interview. As and when necessary, the indenting

department may be consulted for screening and short listing of candidates.


If suitable candidates with the required job specifications are not available, or if

candidates are otherwise exceptionally qualified or experienced, but require

relaxation in specifications like age, qualifications etc competent authority may

relax the specifications prescribed as a one time measure in order to facilitate

filling up of such post(s) in time, provided such provision for relaxation has

been stipulated in notification/advertisement for the post. Any subsequent

recruitment against such posts(s) will, however, is made strictly on the basis of

the standard job specifications prescribed.


1. Selection of candidates for appointment in the Company will be made on the

basis of their merit and suitability as assessed through selection test(s). the

selection test(s) will comprise of:

I. Written test/job test/trade test or any combination thereof; and/or

II. Group task/Group discussion/interview or both; and/or

III. Any other test(s) as may be prescribed or as decided by the Competent


2. Wherever selection is made on the basis of a combination of a written test/trade

test etc. and interview/group discussion etc. weightage of different segments

administered, will be assigned as follows;

Written test/ job test/trade test or any

Other test as may be prescribed:


Group task/Group discussion/interview or

A combination



3. A candidate is required to secure minimum qualifying marks of 50 % in each

segment or such percentage as may be prescribed by the competent authority

from time to time. Relaxation in respect of SC/ST/OBC, if any, will be

provided as per Presidential Directives in each selection segment to qualify.

Relaxation in qualifying marks will also be provided to DPs as per the existing


4. Where the selection is solely based on interview, the weightage for interview

will be 100%.


1. In order to assess the suitability of the candidates for the post(s) in question,

Selection committee(s) will be constituted by the competent authority.

2. As and when required, experts from outside the organization may also be

included in the selection committee(s) to ensure proper evaluation of



1. The selection committee will assess the comparative merit of each candidate in

terms of his/her qualifications, experience, if any, and on the basis of

performance in the selection test(s) and interview as per criteria laid down and

come to a conclusion as to whether or not the candidate would measure up to

the requirements of the job he/she is expected to perform. However, wherever

marks are assigned, committee members will be required to give marks on the

basis of criteria prescribed depending upon the relative performance of each

candidate in the test/interview and keeping in view his/her suitability for the job

in question.


2. Candidates found suitable will be empanelled in order of merit on the basis of


a) Wherever marks are assigned, merit list of candidates who have secured

minimum qualifying marks as at Para 12.3 will be prepared on the basis

of aggregate marks secured by the candidates in the selection/test(s); and

wherever selection is made for more than one discipline/stream, merit

lists would be prepared discipline/stream wise.

b) Wherever selection is made only on the basis of evaluation of the

selection committee without assigning marks, merit lists of the

candidates will be drawn up as recommended by the selection


3. The select list so prepared will be subject to the approval of the competent

authority and will remain valid for a period of one year from the date of such

approval, which can be extended at the discretion of the competent authority.


1. Appointment offers will be issued to the required number of candidates from

the panel/merit list in order of merit in each discipline/stream with the

approval of the competent authority.

2. All appointment offers will be centrally issued by the Recruitment Section of

Personnel Department. The in-charge of Recruitment Section is authorized to

issue offers of appointment for and on behalf of the Competent Authority.



1. All appointments in the company will be subject to the selected candidates

being found medically fir by the Company¶s medical officer/board for the

post(s) for which they have been selected. Where there is no company hospital,

medical examination will be conducted by an approval Government

Hospital/Medical Board.

2. Medical standards will be laid down for each category of job(s)/post(s), both

executive as well as non-executive, keeping in view of the job requirements.

3. Medical standards prescribed for different jobs/posts will be subject to review

from time to time depending on organizational needs. As and when necessary,

the competent authority may constitute a committee of experts to review and

suggest suitable changes in existing medical standards. Such changes will,

however, be subject to approval of the competent authority.


Not withstanding anything contained in this policy and in exceptional cases,

employees of other PSUs or Government may be appointed in the company on

deputation basis for such periods as may be decided by the competent authority. Such

deputations may be absorbed in suitable posts in the company, as may be decided by

the competent authority.


All newly appointed employees in the company will undergo suitable

induction/orientation programs to be organized by the Training Department. Induction


program will, among other things, aim at systematically introducing the new

employees to the company, its philosophy, its major policies, technology, existing

status, future plans etc. the induction program should clearly spell out the mutual

expectations with emphasis on company¶s objectives and goals.


The selected candidates on joining the company will be under probation for a

period of twelve months or such other period as may be specified. The period of

probation may be extended in suitable cases as provided in the Service Rules.


The Chairman-cum-Managing Director, RINL/VSP, is authorized to frame and

issue the rules, procedures, guidelines, instructions etc. under the policy, designate

competent authorities to exercise powers under the policy and rules and give

clarifications on issues arising out of the policy.


1. Policies and rules framed hereunder will come into force from the date notified

by Chairman-cum-Managing Director, RINL/VSP, and will remain in force for

a period as decided by him.

2. The company, however, reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or

withdraw the policy or any part thereof at any time without notice.


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