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Purchasing Faith

Purchasing Faith

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Published by Corey Boothby

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Published by: Corey Boothby on Jun 30, 2010
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Approach me smiling saying I have a gift to give a Song to sing listen to My philosophy ring Rain down upon the

dusty earth Wash away my fears, my tears Step right up see the show It's free tonight Zen Gardens. Blood Crosses. Banzi Bathing. Baptismal Cleansing. Throw me coins I'll tell you more. More than life? Six string songs blaze over the desert night Voices so loud, treble clefs caress the wind Words mean freedom Freedom is a word Worldly home takes shape tomorrow, yesterday, but not today Frenzied lions must escape Claws clenching flesh torn Opposite the way it was sewn Stripping skin from bone revealing liver, spine, heart, brain Where is thy soul? One more coin may tell us more Please tell us more We must know more Where is thy soul? A prayer of peace comforts me before I leave I leave in peace, therefore Soul searching forevermore

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