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ELEPHANTS An Elephants scientific name is Loxodonta Africana. They are big, strong and beautiful animals.

Elephants are like walking brick walls. Nothing stands in their way. Elephants are a gigantic grey creature. They can weigh up to 5 to 6 tons. Elephants have big tusks that they use to fight with, the tusks get swung around with the trunk to scare off other animals that are trying to attack. They have long teeth that are also used to attack predators. Elephants have long trunks, they use it to feed and bath themselves. They also use it as an arm or to carry things. An Elephants trunk can hold up to 11.5 litres of water, this water is used to clean or cool down there body. The water can also be sprayed into the Elephants mouth for a drink. An Elephant is an Herbivore. They eat a variety of plant food. They spend about 16 hours a day collecting food. They eat at least 70% of vegetation such as leaves, bark, bamboo, twigs, roots and a small amount of fruit. An Elephant digest 40% of the food that they eat. An adult Elephant can consume 140-270 kgs of food a day, 60% of that food leaves the Elephants body undigested. Elephants live in just two continents in the world, Africa and Asia. The African Elephants are found over 36 African countries. The Indian Elephant is found in Asia. Indian Elephants, also known as Asian Elephants have smaller ears than African elephants that is how they are told apart. By Jacob 8)