Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Administrator

There are three types of jobs in World Wide Web industry: Web Designer Web Developer Web Administrator/ Web Master/ Web Maintainer

Web Designer is Responsible for creating Web sites using HTML and Web design software (e.g. MS FrontPage, Dream weaver). In addition to designing a site that is attractive, interesting, functional, and useful, a Web Designer must also ensure that the Web site is easily navigable and accessible to all who may want to use it.

Required skills for a web designer:
Web design concepts- HTML 4.0, CSS, internet knowledge, multimedia

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop CorelDraw Fireworks Flash Macromedia FreeHand

ActiveX Dreamweaver HomeSite JavaScript MS Front Page Macromedia Director VBScript XML & XSL

Web Developer is responsible for using programming, scripting, and database integration tools to develop professional, effective, and well-organized client-side and server-side coding for Web sites.

Required skills for a web developer:
Web Development Concepts- HTML 4.0 & Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Programming Concepts, RDBMS Concepts, internet knowledge, XML knowledge

Elective 1 (programming languages)
C C# C++ Delphi Java Perl Python Visual Basic Visual Basic.NET Visual C++

Elective 2 (server-side scripting)
ASP.NET Active Server Pages CGI Scripting

Cold Fusion Java Server Pages (JSP) PHP Struts

Elective 3 (database administration)
MS Access programming MS SQL Server Oracle PL/SQL My SQL

Elective 4 (client-side scripting)
JavaScript & HTML DOM VBScript

Web Administrator is responsible for overseeing a Web site and Web server. A Web Administrator must have an in-depth knowledge of networking, including installation, configuration, and administration, and be well versed in such areas as Web site security and troubleshooting.

Required skills for a web administrator:
Internet Security Network Monitoring Networking Concepts Web Server Administration

Cisco Network Support Cisco Router Fundamentals Linux Administration (Red Hat) Linux Administration (SUSE) MS Windows 2000 Server Administration MS Windows NT Administration MS Windows Server 2003 Administration Novell NetWare Administration Unix Administration (AIX) Unix Administration (HP) Unix Administration (Solaris)

Apache Administration MS Internet Information Server Administration