Eagles are a type of bird.

They are a very powerful vicious animals

Eagles can be found in many different countries like the U.S.A, Canada, South America, and Australia. Eagles live high from ground such as cliffs and tall trees to keep safe as well as to see their food.

Eagles come in many different colours, shapes and sizes. Some common eagle colours are gold, brown, black, white and gray. Eagles have very strong legs with a long sharp beak. Most eagles are about 9 or more kgs, also an eagle has a two meter wing spread. They approximately have 7,000 feathers.

Eagles have a very good vision. They can see small animals from one km away. As an eagle surrounds the sky trying to catch its food. The eagle dives down for its target and attacks the animal by using their sharp claws which could be a rabbit, frog, squirrel or a small dog.