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PHP talents in India are growing steadily in huge numbers. As PHP is the latest language used
most commonly for web development, young Indians have been showing increasing interests
towards the language. PHP has been used more often by freelance developers though it is not
limited to usage by freelancers alone. A lot of firms and some of the major websites also use
PHP as a tool to developing their customized websites.

The reasons behind the highly growing interests in PHP are 1) You incur lesser costs in using
this language 2) Being a healthy development language with less of errors and 3) Easy and quick
development. PHP helps build stronger web pages with a lot of options and features in this
interactive Web 2.0 era. PHP is an open source programming system where the only cost you
incur is the labor charges on the developer.

The flexibility of PHP to be embedded with other programs and applications is one of the most
important features of PHP Programming. Indian students and the young working population of
India have been adept at using PHP to develop websites and hence Indians are more familiar
with the language.

The proficiency of Indian PHP practitioners has been noteworthy leading to a lot of benefits for
Outsourcing clients. Here are some of them:

1) ^ontinual maintenance and support on websites developed by Indian PHP developers.

2) Indian PHP Developers display high reliability in both development and maintenance of
3) Quicker troubleshooting and constant updating of websites meeting set time
4) Incorporation of 2D Graphics and High Speed Image Processing into websites through
PHP Programming.

Besides all these benefits, Indian PHP developers also take up various platforms and are
proficient in most of the applications, programming languages and scripts including HTML (as
the basic scripting language) XML, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript etc. PHP qualifies to be the most
used language in the world for web development applications. The Indian software Industry
which competes on par with other offshore outsourcing destinations has the best of talents
available in web development who use PHP to offer superior quality in Web Development.

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