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Examination Cover Page

Examination Period: 2010 Term 1 HERE
Academic Institution: Central Queensland University
Academic Group: Faculty Sciences,Engineer&Hlth
Academic Career: Undergraduate
Examination Type: Standard

I have read and understood the penalties involved if I do not abide by the rules
outlined on the back of this examination paper.

Student Signature:
Student ID Number

Course: Control Sys Analysis & Design

Subject Area: ENEE
Catalog Number: 13019
Paper Number: 1
Component: ALL Components

Duration: 180 minutes Restrictions: Restricted Materials

Perusal Time: 15 minutes
Lecturer: Patrick Gerard Keleher Contact Number: 0749309561
Moderator: Amanullah Maung Than OO Contact Number: 0749309632

Office Use: Release examination paper via the Student Administration Past Exams website two weeks after examination period? No

Instructor Authorised/Allowed Materials

Calculator - all non-communicable calculators, including scientific, programmable and graphics calculators are authorised.
Dictionary - non-electronic, concise, direct translation only (dictionary must not contain any notes or comments). Unmarked
copy of prescribed textbook [must not contain any notes or comments] - Nise, NS 2007, Control Systems Engineering, 5th
edn, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, Englewood Cliffs. Students may take one A4 sheet of handwritten study material into the
examination (both sides, in their own handwriting). This sheet must be handed in with the examination paper.

Special Instructions to Students:

Please see instruction sheet on the first page of the exam.

Examination Office Supplied Materials

2 x Exam Answer Booklet
1 x Rough Paper
1 x Graph Paper - 1 mm


Number of examination answer booklets used

Number of separate sheets attached (Do not include rough paper)

This examination paper is not to be released to the student at the conclusion of the examination.
Central Queensland University considers improper conduct in examinations to be a serious offence. Penalties for cheating are exclusion
from the University and cancellation with academic penalty from the course concerned.