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Yearbook 1995-1996

Yearbook 1995-1996

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Published by: Sawdon Jonas on Jul 01, 2010
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Sam's Fifth Annual End of the Year Spiel

Wow. I can't believe it's the end of another year! I'm looking forward to some time to relax, but I'm also going to miss all of you. Well, I'll miss most of you.

It's been a fun year once again even though it started out with a little uncertainty. Some of you will remember that Laura decided to move to a different alternative school this year and that at the beginning of the year we weren't sure what things would be like. I was so used to relyng on her to be the tough guy. I wasn't sure if I could take on that role. 1 wasn't as tough as some thought I should be, but I did my best.

Another uncertainty was playing the role of collaborating teacher while Todd Hecker was working through his internship year. Me, a role model? Yeah, right. But again, things seemed to work out and

I believe Todd learned a lot.

Todd wasn't the only one to learn some new things. Like every year, I too learned a lot. I discovered that I do this job because I truly believe that I am making a difference in many lives. If I didn't believe that you were learning, growing emotionally, becoming more responsible, I couldn't be here. Maybe you don't see these changes in yourself yet, but I've seen them. Hopefully you'll notice it in the future.

I don't mean to get sentimental or anything, but think about this; the realtionships that we've built to this point will never be the same again. Sure, there was some bad blood throughout the year, but we generally got along. That's about to change. Next year there will be new students, new attitudes, new friendships and new rivalries. What we have today is gone; forever. Some of you might say, "Great!", but I'm going to miss it.

It was a joy working with all of you and with Shawn, Angi and Todd. I'll see many of you next year. I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am. For the three Alternative Ed. students who are graduating, good luck with the rest of your lives, Angel, Ken and Randy. Drop by occaisionally and brag about how great you're doing. We'll love to hear about it.

Bye for now. Have a nice summer and stay safe.

This years Alternative Education graduates. Angel DeRosia, Ken Scribner and Randy Miller

T eaebers al)d 5taff


Teacher & Staff Cont.

:/tt ~ ~\jqi~

Mike LaFay


Grand Ledge Alternative Education Survey (First Semester)

1. Who is the biggest gossiper?

2. Who has the best eyes?

3. Who has the best Personality?

4. Who is the craziest?

5. Who has the best hair?

6. Who is the best looking person?

7. Who is the class clown?

8. Who is the best brown noser?

9. Who is the class flirt?

10. Who is the worst chain smoker?

11. Who is the best clock watcher?

] 2. Who is the best dresser?

13. Who is the shyest?

14. Who is the most outgoing?


1. Chris Cypher

2. Randy Miller

3. Ryan Navin

4. Mike Lafay

5. Randy Miller

6. Randy Miller

7. Mike McFee

8. Mike McCallum

9. Nate Barker

10. James Lunsford

11. Mike McFee

12. Darragh Barber

13. J arrod Root

14. Chris Cypher


1. Kristal Sunderman

2. Angel DeRosia

3. Shawn Gatica

4. Kristal Sunderman

5. Kristal Sunderman

6. Angel DeRosia

7. Kristal Sunderman

8. Angel DeRosia

9. Tracy Dukes

10. Cassy Phelps

11. Angel DeRosia

12. Angel DeRosia

13. Leesha Rester

14. Venessa Ferguson

'<: ." ': ... _,.;:

15. Who is the most confused person?

15. Corey Stiles

16. Who is the biggest mooch?

16. J arrod Root

17. Who has the biggest imagination?

17. Mike McFee

18. Who has been late thel8. Ryan Navin most?

19. Who knows the most excuses for being late?

19. Nate Barker

20. Who has the best smile?

20. Chris Cypher

15. Kristal Sunderman

16. Kristal Sunderman

17. Leesha Rester

18. Venessa Fergeson

19. Venessa Ferguson

20. Angel DeRosia

111E lJIfU$lC OF A

~ , ~.., ~ i» ~ 1 A /'Z~ 1:~ r"J.J.;) I t7 it U v V J~ Jll:t


$EJ.IS01VS flV TfIE AB}~$$





Student serves
Girl GUY
1. Who is the biggest 1. cassv Phelps 1. Chris Cypher
2. Who has the best eyes? 2. Kristal Sunderman 2. Lawrence Haus
3. Who has the best 3. cassv Phelps 3. Cavliff DungeY
4. Who is the craziest? 4. Kenda HYatt 4. Ken Scribner
5. Who has the best hair? 5. Teresa Caswell 5. Randy Miller
6. Who is the nicest? 6. Angel DeRosia 6. Shane Wilson
7. Who is the best brown 7. Nichole Halfmann 7. Mike McCallum
8. Who is the class clown? 8. cassv Phelps 8. Mike Mcfee
9. Who is the class flirt? 9. Traci Dukes 9. Chris Cypher
10. Who is the worst chain 10. Leesha Rester 10. Jason Jenkins
11. Who is the best clock II. Marissa MerrYfield 11. Mike Mcfee
12. Who is the best dresser? 12. AMel DeRosia 12. Randy Miller
13. Who is the shYest? 13. Angelina Kalkman 13. Darragh Barbour
14. Who is the most outgoing? 14. cassv Phelps 14. Cavliff Dungey
15. Who is the most confused 15. Kristal Sunderman 15. Mike Lafav
16. Who is the biggest mooch? 16. Leesha Rester 16. Jason Wells
17. Who has the biggest 17. cassv Phelps 17. Mike Mcfee
18. Who has been late the most? 18. Shirley Gross 18. CaYliff. Mike. Darragh
19. Who has the most excuses for 19. Kristal Sunderman 19. CaYliff. Mike. Darragh
being late?
20. Who has the best smile? 20. Marrisa Merryfield 20. Darragh Barbour
21. Who is the best looking? 21. Amlel DeRosia 21. Randy Miller innocence is over dead without a doubt the days of our youth quickly passing us by

time to move on not quite time to die what i see is so real people dont give a damn butfor most of us this is the way we feel always told to think about the future why? the future is not yet here im still thinking about today live for the day not the day to come nor the that passed crawling on my hands & knees

trying to break free become who i want to be authority wont leave me alone i want to follow my own road getting lost within myself getting lost in my own hell these are the things we miscall our lives cannot the kingdom of salvation take me where i want to be kill me now

-caylif]- set me free


Things Your Going To 00 Over Summer Sreak

1. Chill Out 2.Family Vacation 3. Work

4.Go To Cedar Point S. Sleep

6. Eat

'1. Hang Around

8. Party With Friends

9. Drive

10. Go To The Seach

Ten Things You Would. Like to Say To The Teaching Staff

1. Enjoy Your Summer

2. Relax

3. Stay Out Of Trouble

4. Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do s, Have Fun This Summer

6. See Ya Next Year

'1. Less Work Next Year

8. More Movies Next Year

9. More Trips To The Park Next Year 10. Enjoy Life

Your Ten Favorite Foods

1. Tacos

2. Italian

3. Pizza

4. Cheeseburgers S. Chicken

6. Steak

'1. Prime Rib

8. Rib's

9. Chilli Cheese Fries 10. Taco Sell

JERRY GARCIA 1942-1995




Jerry Garcia one of the best song-writers of all time passed on in the summer of '95.

Leaving all of his followers in mourning.

The Greatful Dead was formed in the late '60s and have grown in popularity ever since.

His presence will be missed for years to come.

But his music will be missed for generations & generations until! the end of time.

g~e 1996 cy'eaxJsook 8ltx,\)ett!! g~e fRe6llfi:o

The Top Ten Songs of 1996


1. All Pantera

2. Bulls On Parade

3. Roots

4. Perry Mason

5. Sweet 'Dreams

6. Caught A Light Sneez 1. CementClry Gates

8. Stone A Crow

9. Barry Me In Smoke 10.All Slayer

1. Xfiles

2. Simpsons

3. Singled Out

4. Buzz Kill

5. Sienfeld

6. Cops

7. Spanish Channel

8. Space Ghost

9. The Price Is Right 10.Kindred The Embrassed

The Top Ten Overplayed. Songs of 1996

The Worst TV Shows Of 96

1. Wona.erwall

2. Coolio

3. Lump 4. Ironic

5. Peaches

6. Perry Mason

7. AC/OC

8. Green 'Day

9. Hand. In My Pocket 10. Silver Chair

1. As The World Turns

2. Baywatch Nights

3. Blossom

4. Ooogie Howser

5. 3rd Rock From The Sun

6. Pacific Blue

7. Kung Fu

8. Law And. Order

9. Saturday Nght Live 10. Singled Out

Ten Hard. Things You Face Tod.ay

Ten Excuses For Not 'Doing Your Work

1. Cops

2. Parents

3. Getting A 10b

4. Getting Money S. Teachers

6. Peer Pressure 1. School

8. Jcril

9. 'Drugs

10. Probation

1. Work Too Boring

2. Too Tired

3. Better Things To 'Do

4. Too Hard S. Too Much 6. 'Dumb

1. Computers

8. 1ust 'Don't Want To 'Do It

9. NoOne Else Is 'Doing It 10.'Don't Like Sam

cfU3e !(P


What Do You Want To Do Tn The Future?

Work, Live. Hang Out

Reasons For Not Coming In From Breaks

School Sucks, Don't Want to d.o Work, Cigarettes, Sipo.

'Your Fa.vorite Color Blue

Wha.t Are Your GOClls?

To Be Rich. To Have A Family

The Best Movie Of 1996 Seven

Twelve Monkeyes

'Your Best Quote

Shut Up!, Come Here SClm, Hurry Up Sam!. r Don't know

Unforgetta.ble Moments

NClte Ba.rker Driving To State LibrClry How Steve Mauk And. Jason Instigated. The Joe And Tom Fight!

Joe Butler vs. Tom Vanortrick fight it self

The Best Movie Watched. Here Seven

The Worst Movie Wa.tched Angi's Science Movie

19 96 (j}£.91~ ffYl.91 Cj)c!j CDiploma CJ~~/Jrenls

silJ1liJljel (De CJeosia y WJ1)!leS C;;:aJ:ur ner gl(jl)il(;~eff' C;;:;ost

7:ff'(Jl;CY Cfl1Jlifll!~r/ ord CJJCen dcrrilbneff' CJ3eagraiee dfJ1J1lil' CJ!liark dOJJ.O:WlfJOff'~ y~ndpann 'Crucy; dt. f/(j)hn rc_0f'iiynn CUJ ailace daraGt CUJiliiwns

ejl€llJ€n sIl. C))(;JlijJore c50(]ii Ea~o

()iJ .s 014.ffff _

- !fLal1ln. y - 1IIIILII1lll£r

'CnDmis 91iorrissey

Just part of being a teenager!

, I


(~).Cyle szillen (ehaJ fJ ieaJwAeli

C)Wfi}11aiJlliha c. et:Ull!f'CheS

niP • 4' (() (A c

ICiI11(f'IJ,SiLl!J1L€ cJ..:::". V([Wft§

91iowf!j c. CJCeene C))li~e BoolYell

r;}eiuuf er fJ CflLuw,eill CW ayne Cfll1lleU' SJinilfwnf!j (c. CflUlchell

1:iJJ1Jtdihy; Cfllilchell 91licheai C)~IU'i£g;~l£z 91lichelle du~wiih Cj)W2iJ e5lolt

.o; Ie. CWhiile

(~)Ce;ilh C;l. ClJeu-boLIl9 ClJllichelle E. C))llcCb~ 0:{j()~:eri fJ (jof fin

(~)CeU'itneih (e. (j()odif~W L)l'laira ClJ. fjreefile ;).ecu?l tfj rose

CfJan cw. r;}eJuns




Ok Iellas.I know it took me a while to get here but we dont normally teach kids as physically chal-

len d as you all


__ """"" ••• w". some freak

Ok you got your picture can we go now,

Angel: Look at the size of that hill. Chris-If she gets any closer to me I think I'll play it off and accidentally grab her butt.


I'm Lelling you Chrissy it's so easy I'm a pro.

You guys just missed that 360 windmill I just did, but I can't do it now because I have a cramp.

These boys are competing in the "let's see who can look more like a snowman" contest.

~ Ken


After a nice meltdown, the boys started their final decents down the trecherous bunny hill.



Some of Colorado's finest


Spectators were astonished when a new record was made by Randy Miller.

I'm doin' fine right here.


I picked this one just for you! ! ! ! !

One of the few times we had fun this year

At All Star Bowling Alley


Randy miller succesfully completes three back to back games without missing a pin.9

Sam gave a terrible Performance last night when he tried to karaoke Michael Jackson's

"Be at. It".

Left: Darragh teaching the other boys how to dance.

Shawn and Angi at the MAEO con;'$::::};:'H~ference be-

fore putting on their

Cayliff, another one of our "special" students.

Angi teaching Traci how to get even with an ex-boyfriend.

I'd like to thank the folks at the Girl's Reform School for sending us this picture of Cassie.

Terrilyn has a great smile. believe she could tear your throat out for calling her a baby a "troll baby".

I'd like to come up with a smart alec remark about Shirley, ~UT rM Af'~Al" SH,;"" Kltt M,;'!

Right after this photo was taken, Sam, the photographer, smashed his head into the glass ... twice.

"Palgerism? What's that?"

Monday morning, 8: 10. Hey guys, how 'bout getting some new clocks next year!

This is Mike peeing over the railing.

This is Cassy getting prepared to smoke a cigarette.

., ',-,

". "oN" ~'- )'

'~",,,,,, ... -.,,

This is Darragh actually doing his homework.

This is Ken trying to throw Traci in a snow bank.

This is Traci, Angel, Mike, and Ken standing outside freezing .

This is Randy thinking he knows something in science.

They can't work and they can't bowl, so what the hell good are they?

About as good as these flamers.


S'OHTl"'O OF A'" A1'1'A~'T'O'" 1'';AC';F11l T~';ATY Of' A 00"


W'THlW THU M''''''

A T~';'; S';O'WS TO O~OW f'UA~f'11l.

eves OAt,; 11"OW TH'; F011WTAlW "~OM'S';" ';T';~""TY TO COM'; M'~ACl';.


On the previous page you saw clockwise from the top; Shirley and Kim cheesing it at McDonalds on the way home, Marissa showing off a cool, new hat (and

... her ears), the outside of the Hard Rock Cafe .

•• On this page is the awesome view of Chicago from atop the Sears building. Angel smiling after rubbing the shiny parts of the statue. Sam posing with a not so distant relative.

travelers, if you can't take a joke, you better heed the advice outside of Ed's restaurant!

"Val, did you hear about..., huh? Oh. Cheese! Did y,ou hear about..."

A trained dancing bear'?

"Today's secret word is 'sweater'. Ahgghh!"

Flying turtles? Where?

Feeding time. Ooh, doughnuts. Arrgghh.

Posing for the camera on their smoke break.

Another view of Chicago from above; Marsha and others trying to make their ears adjust to the pressure change.

Marissa, Angi, Tina and Sam checking out the view.

Baby pa~es

fl\arissa fl\erryfield, \ayliff DUQ~ey ( tQe ote iQ tQe Qat) .AQ~el Del\osia, l\aQdy fl\iller

Teresa \aswell, \ory 5tiles 5am Ortiz, ~atQaQ Barker

Jeremy Chistopher Willtarns

Born in 1995

Mom: Sarah Williams Graduate of 1996

N athanial Ray William Maxwell

September 23, 1995 Mom: Shirley Gross Graduating in 1998

Clayton Levi Bogan January 27, 1996 Mom: Marsha Bogan Graduate of 1996

Brittany Nichole Root June 6, 1994

Mom: Kim Sue Root Graduating in 1997

Alysiah Dezarae Mitchell- Wallace July 9, 1995

Mom: Terilynn Wallace Graduate of 1996

Ashley Marie Mills July 20, 1995

Mom: Angel Marie DeRosia Graduate of 1996

Pregnant Life What it is like to be pregnant. It is when you first feel the baby move old. You just want to hurry up and comfortible especially when you go but the baby decides to move, or annoying especially when you have bathroom. At the end you get those like you just want to kill yourself worse when you hold your breath.

The cool part about being from other people. I had 3 baby Chads family, and the other one everything I needed. I didn't have course diapers but I got enough

Finally the day I had Ashley a cheak up and I went in the docan ultra sound to see if everything over my due date and the doctor intuced since Twas dialated to two, checked into the hospital at 1 ;30 had her at 3;30 in the morning. Not going to be but it was quit an expe-

fun the first couple of months like but then after a while it starts to get get it over with. You can never get to lay down in bed and want to sleep get the hiccups. It can really get

to get up every half hour to go to the false contractions that hurt and it feels or just hold your breath but it hurts

pregnant is you get a lot of attention showers. One with my family.one with with all offriends. So I basically got to buy anything myself except for of from people to last about one month.

I was suppose to go to the doctors for tors at 11 ;00 in the morning and I got was alright since I went two weeks asked if I wanted to have my labor

I was nervous but of course I did I and had my labor induced at 6;30 and to painful as what I thought it was rience.

By: Angel DeRosia

My autobiography the life story By Brian Perkins

It all began in Lansing,MI where I was born.I attended Reo elementary. After elementary I attended Gardner jr.high. When the summer came after sixth grade. I moved to Grand Ledge.I then attended Hayes middle school,and I've attended Grand Ledge ever since. Wait,all except for about half of tenth, and half of eleventh,Tenth is where I attended hill vocational center and had an auto body class.Eleventh is where I attended Englewood high school in Englewood,CO. I lived in Colorado for five months.I then moved back from Colorado to Michigan and went back to the high school and got kicked out so now I am attending GLAE program. When I first moved back about a week before thanksgiving I had my ninety one camaro painted and a new engine put in it. About two days after thanksgiving I totaled it I ran into the back of a lumina van about fourtyfive miles an hour.Now I am seventeen years old now and doing pretty good with my life except for probation. But thats all I got to say about my life.

My name is Mike Mcfee, I live in Grand Ledge. My sisters name is Michelle she also went

to the adult & alternative program. Right know I am currently on probation. When I was a kid I played sports like baseball and football, but I quit playing them after my freshman year of shcool . When I graduate I plan on moving around to different countries.. I really enjoy snowbaording and skateboarding. Some of my faverite bands are pantera, supl., matalica, the doors and, led zeplin. I love to shoot pool and play cards. I think that the alternative ed. program is very very very very good. My family has three dogs thier names are snowball, lady, and bridgette. We did have a bird but the good lord took our bird from us. I think that next year I will return to the high school but I am not for certian. Last summer I got my first car I payed onethousand fivehundred fiftydollars. The people I bought my car from were pretty cool because they only put down that I bought the car for threehundred

dollars so I only had to pay eighteen dollars on the sales tax. Know I want my chicks dads van it is really cool their is a water fall painted on the side and the back seat turns into a bed

My Life

My name is Marissa Marie Merryfield and I am 17 years old. I live in the sticks of the big town of Mulliken. I live with my mom, brother and sister.

I live in a four bedroom house with a garage and also a pole barn. My sister and I have separate rooms in the upstairs of my house.

My parents got a divorce when I was in the seventh

grade. My dad had a kid from his past wife and so I have a half sister named Josi that lives in Missouri.

One memorable moment was on February 11, 1983 at about 11 :30 pm and us kids were asleep. At this time Josi had lived with us. My dad came upstairs and woke us up by telling us there was a surprise downstairs for us. We all walked down to see what my crazy dad was talking about a surprise in the middle of the night. I walked in to there bedroom to and heard a baby crying. My dad had delivered my sister in the middle of the night. My eyes opened wide and my mouth dropped. I had a new little sister. My parent couldn't think of a name for her so her name was "Baby" for three days.

After I graduate high school I would like to maybe go to a community collage and get a good job. I would like to get married some time in the future but having children is a different story.

My Life

By: Teresa Caswell

1 was born in Ionia. My dad, my mom, and my older sister, and I lived in Ionia until I was four.

Then my mom and dad decided to get a divorce. My mom, sister, and I lived in our house for a while, and my dad moved out. Then my mom got a boyfriend and we moved in with him in Portland, and my dad moved into our house in Ionia.

My mom, and older sister, me and my moms boyfriend, and his son all lived in the same house for about two years. In those two years a lot happened. My sister and I had to go to a new school, we hated the new school and all the people. After a while we got a new half sister. We lived there for a while then things started to get bad. My moms boyfriend became ajerk. He was mean to everyone. We stayed there until my little sister was about a year old. then my mom, my older sister, my younger sister, and I moved out to a new house in Sunfield.

We liked the new house. My older sister and I liked the school. We liked the people at the school, we felt like we fit in. We made new friends fast and were comfortable going here. But at home life wasn't as great. My mom was having a lot of problems with Jenelle's dad.(thats my little sister.) He wouldn't pay child support, he quit a fifteen an hour job so he wouldn't have to pay. My mom wouldn't let Jenelle go outside alone to play, someone always had to be with her to watch her because my mom was afraid her dad would come and kidnap her. But we made out alright. We had a nice house, a dog a lot of friends and everyone was happy. We li ved there from the time I was in fourth grade to the middle of seventh grade. Then my mom told us we had to move to Grand Ledge because of her job. We were all disappointed, even her but we had to do it.

We went to Grand Ledge house hunting and found our house we moved in and alJ of us kids started school. I hated it from day one. My older sister didn't really like it either but she only had one

year left. So she held on and did it, but I started skipping and staying home all the time because I didn't like it at all. One of my moms girlfriends moved in because her and her husband were getting a divorce. That lasted for a while but then she started using my moms car when ever she wanted. My mom got sick of her doing things like that and we moved again. We stayed in Grand Ledge though. I was in ninth grade now and didn't go to school at all. My mom had given up on me going she had tried everything she could think of. We lived there for a while then moved across town. By this time I was in the middle of tenth grade. My older sister had moved out. So it was just my mom, my little sister, and me. I went back to the high school the middle of my tenth grade year and stayed to the end of the year. I didn't go back to school until the middle of my elevnth grade year. That's when I came here and here I am.

My name is Cassandra Rochelle Phelps. I was born on Aug 6, 1979. Born in Lansing, MI at Lansing General, at 9:00pm. I have lived in Great Lakes, Illinois-Charleston, South Carolina-Delator,

III inois-then finally Lansing,MI. I love turtles, frogs, and many other animals. 1 like alternative music and 70's music. I have brown and black hair. My eyes are green and every once in a while gray. I live with my parents. I have one brother, no sisters (thank God). Right now I am in 10th grade. I have enough credits to graduate on time, and I'm hoping to stay that way. I will be graduating with my diploma, then I will take time off school for a few years. Then go to college to be a psychologist or counselor. I hope to have a family. And raise beautiful children.

Autobiography by Darragh

My name is Darragh Michael Barbour and I am 18 years old. I was born on April 19 in 1978.

I have a mom, a dad, and a sister. We have a dog and two cats. The dog's name is Abby, and the cats' names are Gizmo and Kita. I like to play guitar. The people I look up to the most are Jim Morrison, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Jimi Hendrix. They were all very good musicians. Music is very important. I will be a guitarist in a famous band someday. My favorite kind of beer is Bud Light, and it has to be in bottles to be the best that it can. My favorite kind of liquor is Jim Beam, mixed with Pepsi makes it the best. Most of my time is spent listening to good music, drinking, writing songs, and playing guitar. I like to watch good movies and someday I might make good

movies. I am a junior in high school and I go to Alternative Education in Grand Ledge in Michigan. I have lived in Grand Ledge my whole life and I was born at Lansing General Hospital. I think of myself as an intelligent, considerate person that forces himself to dissolve all despair and pain with the taste of alcohol. I don't consider it to be the easy way to live your life, in fact it is a very self-destructive act, but I consider it the fun way to live.

Memorable Moments By: Angel DeRosia

Some of my memorable moments are when Mike Lafay, Randy Miller, and I got in trouble for doing donuts in the church parking lot on break. The guy from the church got super mad and went over board. So we got out of the truck and Mike and Randy got in an argument with him then some how the hole school got involved because he called us all losers.

We all go to the park at Fitzgerald and have cook outs and play volleyball, or go for walks I think that is pretty fun. Especially when almost all the students go for walks together we all learn a little bit more about each other, and talk about other things. It's nice when everyone gets along and don't rip on each other.

Another memorable moment is when we all went bowling and had our own tournaments that was fun. Even though we never finished them.

One thing that was pretty funny was when Krystal and Tracy got into a fight in Sams room, because Kristal sat in front of Tracy and she couldn't see the movie they were both just misunderstood and not in very good moods. That one

pretty good and if you were here you probably won't forget especially when Mike Lafay had to pick Tracy up and carry her out of the room.

The poetry live thing was pretty cool, we all got to participate in it and do our own acting. The people that came to preform were funny. Especially when they called people up there. Todd was really funny to watch, but he's just funny anyway. Ken Scribner was funny to when he yelled out stuff to them so

they called him up there.

Some nick names I won't forget is Mike McFee they called him Dopey, Munchkin kid, or Lolly pop kid. Jerrod Roots nick name is Putt, and mine is Kermit which doesn't really bother me as much as they think.

Some other memorable moments are when Cayliff, and Mike would pick on me in Shawns class, or any other time I seen them, but I have to admit they came up with some good ones that were pretty funny even when they are picking on me. Right along with Mike Lafay and Randy. But I know or at least I hope they are just kid-

ding around with me.

Also Mike McFee is pretty funny when he gets Shawn going and gets

kicked out of class, and he's happy about it, he tends to make every thing into a Joke and asks 20 questions. He is pretty funny he is definatly the class clown. He also probably has the record for getting kicked out of class the most.

Memorable Moment, When we all went on the ski trip and I have never gone sking.before, the first time going up the rope pulls

and I got stuck in the middle of it for about a half an hour it felt like until Chris came up and helped me. Thank god he did I was about to go nuts. But after that I did pretty good. It was pretty scarry the first time going down I fell about 10 times the hole day. Everyone else that went did pretty good. Except I remember Jason Jenkins staying on the hill where they teach you all day. That was funny.

Look Alike Cont.

Santa seems a bit more comfortable with a baby than Sam does. Don't you think?

Teresa looking cool, yeah right. A street mugging in Chicago and Marissa checking out some tail.

:~~~@f:»~ :t~

"I'rn too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt. So sexy it hurts ... "

Dude! What did you have for lunch! !?? burning!

Cut off his hands and he'd never be able to speak again ...


Another game of Nibbles, Todd?


Leesha Rester

ha ha ha ha ha ha





















~ =-

~ ~

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha





Norma was getting nearly as camera happy as Sam was at the end of the year!

~CLje 73

This is Shawn at the Christmas party.

This is Santa Claus visiting Norma, our principal at Grand Ledge Adult Ed.

This is Nate filling his face at the Christmas party.

This is Angi and her little son at the Christmas party.

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