Office Safety & Welfare Bulletin #6 Title

Office Safety Awareness - Part 3
Electrical Safety
• Do not work on electrical equipment if you are not qualified.


Loose lying cables can cause trip incidents and electrocution, additionally if people hook onto loose cables it can result in expensive items of equipment being dragged to the floor.

• Loose cables are also untidy, if you have one please remove it or make it secure. • Defective plugs, sockets and leads cause more accidents that the appliances/machines themselves. • No unauthorized person should tamper with any electrical appliance or distribution board. • Never overload sockets, ask for a new one. • If a machine trips or cables become warm to the touch, it should be disconnected and reported. • Cables and extension cords should not be run unprotected beneath carpets, nor should they span walkways without being secured in an encapsulation device. • Never use taped joints to connect cables since they do not have sufficient insulation or protection from liquids. • Carry out your own visual inspection of plugs and leads and repair/replace them as necessary. • Look out for physical damage to cables, damage to plugs and insecure connections to plugs. • Always switch off equipment before unplugging and cleaning.

Please be observant and look out for faulty Electrical goods, it could save lives!

Prepared by: Manoj Choyal; e-mail:

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